10 Amazing Places to See In Germany

Germany is one of the most hospitable countries in the world. Thereby, thousands of tourists choose Germany to spend their holidays. There are a lot of interesting occupations there to attract the tourists. So, if you plan to travel to this European country, you should certainly visit these 10 places in Germany.

1.  Heidelberg

Heidelberg is one of the most amazing travel destinations in Germany. It is located in the Neckar river valley. The picturesque houses, narrow streets, ancient castles and fortresses remind of the breathtaking baroque epoch. If you decide to be there, don’t forget to visit the famous Heidelberg Castle.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

2.  Cologne

You have a chance to see Germany’s most important architectural monuments in Cologne. One of Germany’s gothic masterpieces is located there, the Cologne Cathedral. Its construction began in 1248 and finished in 1880. So it took more than 600 years to complete. Cologne has been attracting many tourists for many years. Besides visiting the monuments, you can also taste their beer made in an exclusive style.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

3.  The Romantic Road

German Romantic Road is one of the most famous destinations for tourism. It is located in the southern provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. So it starts from the River Main and stretches to the Alps, including the Neuschwanstein Castle at the end.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

4.  Lake Constance

This unrepeatable attraction in Germany is really worth visiting, as it is one of the most interesting places in the world. Lake Constance is one of the longest rivers in Europe. By the way, the lake’s water is drinkable and it is a source of drinking water for southwestern Germany.

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Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

5.  Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin is really worth visiting, because of its interesting historical treasures, such as Brandenburg Gate, built in the 18th century. Millions of tourists visit Berlin to see the wonders of Germany.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

6.  Frisian Island

If you need a peaceful rest, the most correct choice is the Frisian Island with its panoramic views and calm beaches. The Frisian Island is the most famous place for holiday destination in Germany. In addition, it binds Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands together.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

7.  Black Forest

Do you remember the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales? Now we’re going to talk about the setting of countless tales. The land is famous for the invention of cuckoo clocks, outlandish traditional garb and cherry gâteaux. Sure, you can find a lot of interesting occupations here, such as skiing, hiking or camping.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

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8.  Dachau

Dachau is an interesting place known as camp for political prisoners. Dachau is also known as “Path of the Prisoners”, so you can feel all the horror of the wars being there for only 5 minutes.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany

9.  Neuschwanstein

This unique fairytale castle is one of the wonders of Germany, located near the border of Austria. At first sight you will remember the Disney castles, as it was the inspiration for many of them.

neuschwanstein castle

10.  Munich

Have you ever heard about Bavarian beer? You should know, it’s really worth testing it, because it is the best beer in the world. Being in Munich during the Octoberfest festival, you will be invited to drink the Bavarian beer and have an unforgettable holiday in Germany.

Amazing Attractions to See In Germany