10 Amazing Secret Travel Destinations Around The World

We can be in many famous countries, visit the most popular travel destinations in the world, but never think that there are a lot of incredible places where we can discover new experiences and adventures. Well, do you want to be one of the firsts who’ll visit those wonderful secret tourist destinations? Then this article is for you, since we’re going to explore the top 10 amazing secret travel destinations around the world.

1. Tasmania, Australia

Certainly, when visiting Australia, you’ll find a lot of amazing destinations there, but now it’s time to discover secret places of Australia. Tasmania is an island state located in the southern cost of Australia. It’s not a very famous place, but believe me, it’s one of the most wonderful places on Earth. At first sight, you will think all the things surrounding this place are created by hands of people but it’s not so at all. Everything you’ll see there is a natural phenomenon.

Tasmania, Australia

2. The Pyrenees

If you are a great fan of nature, this incredible place is for you. Located between Spain and France, it includes the smells of both the countries. The wild nature of the Pyrenees will let you break away from your negative mood and feel relaxed with all your soul. It’s like heaven on Earth due to its native clean flora.


The Pyrenees

3. Bartolome Island, Galapagos

Another interesting place is Bartolome Island, one of the most visited islands in Galapagos. This place is unique due to its wild nature. There you can see amazing animals, such as penguins or lions. Even looking in the depth of the water, you can see different types of astonishing fish, such as shark or jellyfish. Therefore, this place is considered the most photographed island in Galapagos.

Bartolome Island, Galapagos

4. Mano del Desierto, Chile

The “Mano del Desierto” is a large-scale sculpture of a hand. It’s located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The sculpture was built by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal. He uses the human figure to express emotions such as loneliness, injustice, helplessness, pain and torture. Thus, you’ll feel all these impressive emotions even looking at the sculpture from far away.

Mano del Desierto, Chile

5. Leptis Magna, Libya

If you’re keen on historical places, this artistic city is for you! It was one of the most incredible cities of the Roman Empire and was embellished by Septimius Severus. You’ll see a lot of ancient buildings when visiting Leptis Magna, such as Severan Basilica, Hadrianic Bath, some public monuments, storehouses and so on. There are no words to explain the feeling you will experience there, so it’s really worth visiting.

Leptis Magna, Libya

6. Wrangell-Kluane Wilderness, Alaska

This is a wonderful place in Alaska that is famous for its unique nature full of amazing animals and plants. The Wrangell-Kluane Wilderness is an interesting place where you’ll never be bored, as you can find any occupation there for you, such as kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing and so on.

Wrangell-Kluane Wilderness, Alaska

7. Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Have you ever heard about the Moses Bridge? If you haven’t, you have lost a lot, as it’s a really amazing place in the Netherlands. The long narrow bridge divides the waters in two parts. So you can easily cross the Red Sea and feel a strong adrenaline during passing the “RO&AD architecten” bridge.

Moses Bridge, Netherlands

8. Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil

The Pantanal is one of the world’s largest wetlands. Of course, it is not as famous as the Amazon Rainforest but believe, it’s a really magnificent place where you can dream about a miracle via its calmness and peacefulness. The place is full of amazing animals; about 1 000 bird species, 9 000 invertebrates, 300 mammals and some rare types of animals.

Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil

9. Gruner See, Austria

One of the most mystical places on Earth is Gruner See in Austria. Every spring this unbelievable park disappears under the water. It turns into a literal swimming pool where you can swim instead of walking through the park. It’d be better if you go there in summer, as you won’t see the beauty of the park in winter due to the snow.

Gruner See, Austria

10. Tuamotu Islands

This amazing place attracts with its unbelievably clear water and its unique beaches. It’s an excellent travel destination especially for the couples, as even the island has a shape of a heart. This is a brilliant place where you can have a good rest with your family or beloved one. Well, we’re not going to explore all the secret places there, as it’d be better to go and see those attractions by yourself.

Tuamotu Islands