10 Beautiful Canal Cities You Might Love To Visit

An artificial waterway isn’t enough to call the city a sibling of Venice. Here are 10 beautiful canal cities you might love to visit.

1. Tigre, Argentina

Traipsing around Buenos Aires, you’ll find it surprisingly European. And if you want to experience something even more exciting, head about 35 km northeast to find yourself in the city of Tigre – an eco-tourism hub with latte-colored waters. Take a boat ride into the delta of jungle streams and marvel both untouched nature and colonial mansions at the same time. Other water related activities are available all along the shorelines.

Tigre, Argentina

2. St. Petersburg, Russia

The canal system of Russia’s imperial capital never fails to amaze. Though it cannot be defined as a warm, sun-kissed canal city, it is still every bit as marvellous as Venice. The Orthodox cathedrals are other tourist magnets, but the charm of the city is in its sheer grandeur, of course.

St. Petersburg, Russia

3. Suzhou, China

The delicate beauty of the garden in this canal city and the stone bridges are enough to make Suzhou an alluring destination for many tourists. Despite the recent reconstructions and the stream of modern architecture, this city still retains enough pockets of charm and a heritage of high culture and elegance.

Suzhou, China

4. Stockholm, Sweden

This vibrant city of sleek designs and world-class nightclubs is also famous for its numerous bridges that link 14 islands. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you can hope to get e gorgeous suntan, since the city is mist-enshrouded most of the time. Sure, you can stroll around the picturesque canals and enjoy this city of aesthetic delights.

Stockholm, Sweden

5. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Here is a city with beautiful canals where you can enjoy the year-round sunshine. This busy cruise-ship port features top-notch restaurants and a system of Venice-like waterways. Here you can take boat rides along the Las Olas boulevard or dine and shop in riverfront districts.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

6. Bruges, Belgium

This fairy-tale medieval town with cobbled lanes and dreamy canals boasts an impressive collection of architectural masterpieces. It’s more preferable to visit Bruges midweek to avoid other foreign weekenders and to have the town almost to yourself. Stroll around its soaring towers, historic churches and old whitewashed almshouses and enjoy the fabulous floodlighting in the evenings.

Bruges, Belgium

7. Giethoorn, Netherlands

The Dutch Venice is unique in its own right. Instead of eight-lane roads the city has only canals, walking paths and bike trails. The idiosyncratic waterways are a popular destination, especially for sentimental tourists. Renting an electric boat or a canoe isn’t a problem if you are ready to pay 15 euros or 8 euros respectively.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

8. Birmingham, UK

The canals of Birmingham were of paramount importance during the industrial revolution. They served as the main means to transport goods, but now they have pretty much aesthetic meaning for both tourists and locals. gastronomic restaurants and waterside bars, outstanding museums and galleries are the main attractions of the second largest city of Britain.

Birmingham, UK

9. Cape Coral, Florida

All the superlatives come together in this flat peninsula. Most of the visitors come here to let go of worries and winter. The stunning beaches with sand as fine as powdered sugar and dockside restaurants are enough to feel the happiest of all. Cruising the canals of Cape Coral is another favorite attraction for crowds of tourist who seek the Venetian hedonism in the South Beach.

Cape Coral, Florida

10. Alappuzha (Allepphy), India

The home to a vast network of waterways is a very romantic destination for those who want to leave the urban life behind. More than 1000 houseboats cruise the nearby backwaters creating a kind of chaotic city with modest canals. Float along the disappearing into a watery world of villages and spend hours gazing over rice fields. What can be more soothing to the senses?

Cape Coral, Florida