10 Beautiful European Style Cities Outside Europe

Nowadays it’s easier to travel and explore every corner of the globe than it used to be years ago. Regardless of what culture a person is going for, the wish to travel and experience something new exists in everyone. People who crave a new frontier in experiencing Europe outside Europe can check out our list of 10 beautiful European style cities outside Europe.


1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vibrant and colorful Buenos Aires is rightly considered the most European city in the entire territory of South America, boasting its sensual and romantic tango, energetic nightlife, romantic restaurants and unique European style architecture. The history of the city dates back to the 16th century, when the Spanish conquerors brought the breath of their civilization here, although only two centuries later the city started to get its full appearance and splendor. Argentina’s beautiful capital beckons to millions of tourists from around the world attracting them with its famous square Plaza de Mayo, the stunning building of the National Congress of Argentina, the Water Company Palace, the splendid Teatro Colon, and why not the famous Florida Street, which has become the dream shopping destination of Latino Americans.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


2. Montreal, Canada

This Euro-styled city attracts everyone with its cobblestone-covered streets, extremely beautiful parks, picturesque facades of buildings and seems to be a piece of Europe across the ocean. The city is well known for mouthwatering food and fun-centric living of the locals. Besides being unique and different it also has many things in common with Europe no matter the population accepts it or not.

Montreal, Canada


3. Melbourne, Australia

With people who go beyond any borders Melbourne is the creative center of Australia. No one would think that a city which is a thousand miles away from Europe would carry the spirit of the old continent up to the point that it would sometimes resemble a European city with padlocked footbridges, inviting terraced cafes and romantic tree-lined boulevards.

Melbourne, Australia


4. Boston, MA

Boston seems to be a city of contrasts between old and new and is described with somewhat big words, which may even seem pathetic for such a mid-sized city. But one thing cannot be disputed: it has definite European features. On one hand, there is its rich history, world famous academic and cultural institutions; on the other hand, there are the revolutionary ideas such as abolitionism, feminism and transcendentalism, which began developing here thus deserving its fame as a Cradle of Liberty.

Boston, MA


5. Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato with its cobblestone streets and colonial style buildings resemble a late medieval Spanish town. The narrow streets, which result in a very slow city traffic and churches, which are outstanding examples of Baroque architecture are also reminders of European influence. Like a European city it has a youthful vibrancy due to the numerous cultural activities and art festivals held every year.

Guanajuato, Mexico


6. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec has decidedly very strong French features, which can be attributed to the Baroque architecture first of all. But buildings with Victorian facades are also important to the fabric of the city. This history-soaked city is also a sophisticated one with truly vibrant people. Late medieval constructions and churches, and finally stunning Château Frontenac give this city its strong European feel.

Quebec City, Canada


7. New Orleans, LA

A former French colony New Orleans, which later was ceded to Spain, has the influence of both countries Here you can find French style buildings with wrought balconies and Spanish cottages typical for Caribbean cities. It’s a city that begs to be explored and a total stranger can get a taste of it at first sight.

New Orleans, LA


8. Puebla, Mexico

The historic centre of Puebla is famous for up to 70 churches, which remind the Catholic conservatism and the colonial past of the city. This university town is surprisingly European and is also famous for its long culinary history, which can be easily discovered at every restaurant or food stall.

Puebla, Mexico


9. Leavenworth, USA

The largest city of Leavenworth County in Washington seems to be tiny Germany in the USA due to its unique German architecture and the Bavarian Village style shopping area. Surrounded with the white snow-covered Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth is a picturesque city that has a lot to offer to adventurous travellers interested in skiing, biking and hiking. Moreover, this European style city outside Europe also follows German traditions by hosting the world-famous Oktoberfest festival, which is traditionally celebrated in Munich, as well as organizing annual Bavarian Christmas celebration. At typical German restaurants you can taste famous German dishes, while from the souvenir shops you can get the perfect “German” gift that will keep your memories about this lovely Germanized American city bright for a long period of time.

Leavenworth, USA


10. Macau, China

Although China seems to be an entirely different world when compared to Europe, it still has a lovely European style city that attracts travellers from around the globe. Located 65 kilometers to the west of Hong Kong, Macau is now famous as a gaming destination, often regarded as “Vegas of the East”, as well as a lovely Portuguese style city that boasts unique ancient fortresses, churches and other architectural sights so peculiar of Portugal. Even the street signs are bilingual and you can also taste traditional Portuguese dishes in Macau. The city center that harmoniously blends Chinese and European cultures and traditions is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Macau, China