10 Breathtaking Cable Car Rides In The World

No matter how prudently you describe cable cars, there is still a great deal of risk when you take one across a gorge or a deep canyon. But it’s still worth experiencing, because the award is very generous: panoramic views of a wonderful scenery. Some of the cable car rides are really a smell-the-fear type activity for daredevil travellers. Here are 10 breathtaking cable car rides in the world, that offer spectacular views.

1. Hua Shan Cableway, China

Max. height: 6,845ft

Total length: 13,816ft

Hua Shan Cableway, China

This cable car line links the Northern and Western peaks of the Hua Shan mountain. These peaks offer a serious challenge to even experienced climbers. Those who don’t want to endure the climb, choose another option to enjoy the stunning views without taking the risk: the cable car ride.

2. Ngong Ping Cable Car, Hong Kong

Max. height: 904ft

Total length: 18,700ft

Ngong Ping Cable Car, Hong Kong

Taking a ride in these glass-bottomed gondolas is a once-in-a-lifetime thing to do. The so-called “Crystal Cabins” provide a killer view of the South China Sea in the distance. The 25 minutes of the ride will make an indelible impression on every traveller with an adventurous heart.

3. Timber Trail Cable Car

Max. height: 5,000ft

Length: 5,906ft

Timber Trail Cable Car

This part of the world seems straight out of a postcard and attracts lots of visitors from all around the world. There are many reasons to visit this tranquil place, but the Timbler Trail Cable Car is beyond comparison. Providing aerial view of the beautiful mountains, this cable car ride is exactly for those who know how to estimate the natural beauty.

4. Stanserhorn Cabrio, Switzerland

Max. height: 6,233ft

Length: 7,612ft

Stanserhorn Cabrio, Switzerland

This cable car ride is unique in its own right, since it provides a panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape from the open upper deck. Stanserhorn Cabrio provides a new experience for visitors who have already been in a cable car and now need something even more fascinating.

5. Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi

Max. height: 12,605ft

Total length: 53,478ft

Téléphérique de l'Aiguille du Midi

The jaw-dropping scenery of the Alps is available not only from a private helicopter, but also in Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi. The 20 minutes of the ride are enough to take in the stunning views and plan to come back here again.

6. Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway, Switzerland

Max. height: 7,300ft

Total length: 19,918ft

Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway, Switzerland

If you take a ride in this cable car in winter the view will be snow white, while in summer you’ll have an emerald green one southing to the senses. The main purpose of this cable car is to ensure a direct access to the sky region high in the mountains and to extend this winter sport season.

7. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Cape Town

Max. height: 3,500ft

Total length: 2,310ft

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Cape Town

Reaching the peak of the Table Mountain isn’t an easy task, especially when you are breaking much of a sweat. So the cableway is a must. It will also provide a picture perfect moment for those who appreciate the photos of their holidays as much as the vacation itself.

8. Masada Cableway, Israel

Max. height: 951ft

Total length: 2,953ft

Masada Cableway, Israel

The world’s lowest cableway is located at the ancient fortress of Masada. Most of the travellers prefer to hike the way up to this plateau-top site, but there are still groups of people, who choose the easy option taking the cable car. Sometimes the temperature is really hellish, so don’t hesitate to join the group.

9. Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

Max. height: 1,732ft

Total length: 8,340ft

Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

This cable car ride provides an expansive look high above the golden beaches and lush mountains. The head-spinning view of the vibrant metropolis is beyond comparison. The only fear is to miss this experinece right after your feet are firmly planted back on the ground.

10. Ba Na Hills Station, Vietnam

Max. height: 4,230ft

Total length: 16,500ft

Ba Na Hills Station, Vietnam

Lots of globetrotters visit this place to enjoy the refreshing cool weather. If this didn’t sound perfect enough, the opportunity to marvel the gorgeous countryside views from above is accessible. The ride provides a truly spectacular trip over dense jungle.