10 Breathtaking Flower Festivals In The World

Flowers are the best examples of how beautiful the world can be if you pay attention to some little things. How many flowers attracted the hearts of girls and how many problems and confusions they solved… Thus, people love them and always try to make some wonders with flowers. One of those wonders can be a flower festival when you can see the heaven on Earth, surrounded by various flowers. Everyone hurries to take part in those beautiful events to feel happiness even for a day. Well, if you need a good rest and break away from the problems, this theme is for you, because now we’re going to discuss the most famous and wonderful flower festivals on Earth. Here are 10 of them, let’s begin.


1. Spalding Flower Parade, Spalding, England

Spalding is a famous town in Lincolnshire, England. It’s more beautiful especially in spring, because just then the world famous festival takes place every year. The festival has been running there since 1959. It gathers different people from all over the world. The main flower of the festival is tulip because of the cold weather. Thus, you’ll see magnificent flowers, dancing and singing people everywhere. The festival lasts as long as two local authorities refuse to pay for it.

Spalding Flower Parade, Spalding, England


2. Festival of the Flowers, Medellin, Colombia

Feria de Las Flores is the most beautiful event of Medellin. It gathers people from all around Colombia to the crazy city of Medellin. This amazing festival takes place every year during the month of August and lasts for almost 25 days. People come to this event for amusement and fun. They take part in some interesting attractions, such as orchid competition, trail ride on horses or music festivals. The Feria de Las Flores starts and ends with fireworks.

Festival of the Flowers, Medellin, Colombia


3. Pasadena Rose Parade, Pasadena, California

Pasadena Rose Parade is America’s New Year Celebration and one of the most favorite events for Americans. It has more than 100 years of history and has a lot of importance for the locals. They start the first day of the year with a sea of fun. They decorate the streets with beautiful flowers and start to sing, dance and have fun in the company of flowers.

Pasadena Rose Parade, Pasadena, California


4. Genzano Inflorata Flower Festival, Genzano, Italy

During May and June, Italian towers get crowded with many people from all around the world. They all come to take part in such a beautiful event as Inflorata Flower Festival. You can see local artists in the streets of Genzano, who come to cover an entire street with amazing flower carpets, inspired by many well-known paintings and famous artworks. The festival ends just on the third day when children come to play and destroy the colorful carpets.

Genzano Inflorata Flower Festival, Genzano, Italy


5. Battaglia di Fiori, Ventimiglia, Italy

Battaglia di Fiori is a parade of floral floats that is held once every two years in Ventimiglia in the second half of June. It lasts for two colorful days to celebrate the arrival of the warmer weather. People create enormous figures made of more than 80,000 flowers to compete with each other and be judged at the end. The first day of parade goes on with dancing and singing. The second day, float girls climb aboard their communities’ entries and move forward with music. Then, people start showering the streets with flowers and the festival ends with fireworks.

Battaglia di Fiori, Ventimiglia, Italy


6. Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This colorful festival is Thailand’s greatest flower show. It takes place in Chiang Mai, known as the Rose of the North, because of its blooming into flower in February. The festival takes place every year during the first weekend of February. It seems like when Chiang Mai blooms, as you can see colorful flowers in every corner of the city. During the Flower Festival Parade, you can also see bloomed girls in colorful costumes and with flower decorations. Moreover, you can take part in Thai dances, after which you can hand out colorful roses to the spectators.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand


7. Jersey Battle of Flowers, Channel Island of Jersey

The Jersey Battle of Flowers takes place every year in Jersey on the second Thursday of August. The festival begins with covering the floats with flowers, then, the fun starts. You can see people dancing and singing in every street. The main part of the festival is competition, during which people start throwing different flowers at each other. And, at the end of the parade, you’ll be a witness to the beautiful fireworks.

Jersey Battle of Flowers, Channel Island of Jersey


8. Batalla de Flores, Valencia, Spain

La Batalla de las Flores is a summer celebration, held in Valencia, Spain. It is celebrated to mark the end of the month-long Feria de Julio, every year at the end of July. The festival starts with a long parade of huge and gorgeous floats pulled by horses and filled with Valencians dressed to the theme of their flower float. Then, the participants start to have fun by throwing flowers at each other and involve artwork with flowers.

Batalla de Flores, Valencia, Spain


9. Brussels Floral Carpet, Brussels, Belgium

August is the most wonderful month for Brussels, considered as the month of wonders, such as Brussels Flower Carpet festival. Every summer, at the weekend of August 15th, a huge floral carpet lays on the Grand Place in Brussels. It is made of up to a million flowers and created to gather all the people of the world to the Brussels Town Hall.

Brussels Floral Carpet, Brussels, Belgium


10. Bloemencorso (Flower Parade), Netherlands and Belgium

This incredible parade is one of the most world known flower festivals. It’s a method to break away from all the negative emotions and have a full fun on the first Sunday in September. Every participant competes for the title of the best float. They decorate everything with colorful flowers and do their best to build the most dazzling floral floats to win the competition.

Bloemencorso, Netherlands and Belgium