10 Extreme Destinations for Getting Married

No one will deny that the wedding day should be memorable and unique. Thus, most brides and grooms decide to hold their wedding ceremonies in the weirdest places to impress their guests and to have fantastic photos of the big day. Nowadays, many venues offer wedding packages tailored to the needs of every couple. Here is our overview of 10 extreme destinations for getting married.

1. Southwest America


Some private companies in America offer the couples to really ‘’be in seventh heaven’’, organizing wedding ceremonies in hot air balloons. These kinds of ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, because the sky over the Sonoran Desert or Carson Valley opens fantastic scenery, which will decidedly make the wedding special. To make their marriage vow over breathtaking landscapes the couples even choose remote places on the Earth like Australia. The unique photographs are of course guaranteed. The only shortcoming of such ceremonies in the air is that the room for guests is too limited. Actually, two witnesses are the lucky ones to be there. The other guests often wait on the ground to join the celebration.

2. At the top of Everest



If you both are experienced climbers, why not to exchange vows in the roof of the world? But you will have to limit your time on the top of Mount Everest, because oxygen masks are a must at that height. The guests should of course wait somewhere else to congratulate and celebrate this wonderful occasion. Starting your life together in such an extreme way will be a good sign for your future life.

3. An underwater wedding at Maldives

An underwater wedding at Maldives

Have you ever imagined that there would be fish in the background of your wedding photos? That sounds crazy, but weddings surrounded by colorful marine life are getting more and more popular. Though it is a challenge to catch the breath under the water, but the perspective of an extremely unusual wedding is worth taking the risk. The scenic locations in Thailand, Hawaii or Bali are the right place for the ones who are looking for unique options to tie the knot. But the wedding package offered by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort is often more preferable for the couples who decide to stay dry. The Ithaa underwater restaurant is a perfect option, especially for the brides who want to be with their makeup on and not to ruin the hairdo.

4. In zero gravity


We are afraid in this case creativity isn’t enough. This kind of wedding packages cost a lot, but if you are ready to pay any price to have a fantastic wedding, this option is for you. Hosting a “zero-gravity” wedding will make you feel absolutely weightless. The pilots will make aerobatic maneuvers, which will take you to an out-of-this-world environment and make your wedding as special as possible.

5. At a fan convention


If the mountain climbing or zero gravity isn’t exactly for you, then the wedding at fan conventions will definitely please you and your guests, ensuring the joyful atmosphere of your celebration. The bride and groom together with the guests dress up in costumes of their favorite sci-fi characters and an outer space wedding ceremony is guaranteed. Simply enough, easy to get and unique at the same time!

6. A bungee jumping wedding in Belgium

A bungee jumping wedding

Including a bungee jumping in the wedding ceremony is a crazy idea for a freshly married couple. You can leap off a platform, which is lifted high into the sky right after you have exchanged your vows. The guests can snap unique photos and join you after you are firmly back on the ground. For the couples who are conservative enough to add any extreme to their ceremony can just choose dinner in the sky in Belgium, which is safe enough compared with the above mention option.

7. At a haunted castle at midnight in UK

At a haunted castle at midnight in UK

The couples, which try to make their ceremony mysterious enough, are welcomed to Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. Due to its dark past and former owners’ biography this castle is considered to be a really haunted one. If you aren’t afraid of a few uninvited guests, and are a lover of ghost hunting adventures, why not?

8. In Antarctica

wedding In Antarctica

If you are literally ready to go to the ends of the earth for each other, you can choose Antarctica as an option. Some companies are ready to arrange weddings in the frozen continent. It would be better to plan your expedition in November or December. These are the months of the Antarctic summer and are relatively warm. The ceremony can be held in a small Russian church, which will accommodate up to 30 people.

9. In a tree house, Scotland


The couples that are willing to merge their childhood fantasy with their big day are welcomed to Loch Goil, Scotland, where they can hold their ceremonies in a tree house. This place is good enough for nature lovers, who’ll enjoy the scenic Scottish lake and then have a nice dinner afterwards.

10. McDonalds in Hong Kong

wedding in McDonalds

This is a very budget-friendly option for couples that don’t intend to spend crazy amounts of money to have a special wedding. The most recognizable restaurant chains in the world welcome couples on their big day and offer a catering well enough for fast food lovers. Above all McDonalds in Hong Kong offers wedding packages, which include decorations, gifts and a wedding “cake,” comprised of single-serving pies.