10 Helpful Tips to Explore Paris On A Budget

Travelling to Paris is one of those amazing experiences in life that cannot be overrated. The first thing that comes to mind about this dazzling and spectacular city, is its historical heritage and romantic atmosphere. However, you should keep in mind that Paris is one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. We offer a list of 10 helpful tips to explore Paris on a budget.

Helpful Tips to Explore Paris On A Budget

1. Renting a car or using taxi services can be rather expensive in Paris, so if you want to save some money, you should buy Paris Visite Pass. This is a special travel card, which gives you an opportunity to use all public transport services in the center, some suburbs and airports. There is also a bonus: discounts at museum and other attractions.

2. Another useful card is the Paris Museum pass, which costs €12, but it’s really worth buying it, because 60 museums in and around Paris will be available without paying any additional fee.

3. There are special days from October to March, when you can visit Louvre free of charge if you are under 26. So if you are in Paris at this time of the year, take this fact into account and save the entrance fee on Friday evenings and on the first Sunday of every month.


4. When you book your hotel room, try to avoid the options with breakfast. Instead of paying extra €10-12 for a cup of coffee with a piece of toast, you can spend your early morning at a café and have breakfast, which is a good value.

5. Have you ever tried to find accommodation on Airbnb? If not, give it a try and you’ll see that renting a room or an apartment through this site is much cheaper.

6. Eating out in Paris is way too expensive, so if you have some time to enjoy your meal at a scenic spot, buy some delicious olives, cheese and fruit from a street market and organize a nice picnic somewhere with a picturesque view.

7. If you have already spent a few days in Paris, you definitely have some extra calories to burn (no one can actually resist the delicious food here). Walking up the Eiffel Tower is the best option, since it’s also cheaper than the elevator ride.

Helpful Tips to Explore Paris On A Budget

8. Visiting Paris between November and April will be a wise decision, because you’ll avoid the crowds of tourists and will find accommodation much cheaper.

9. Try to visit cafés with a “Happy Hour” to buy beer with a half price, because alcoholic drinks are rather expensive in Paris and it’s nearly impossible to cut down the costs if you want to have a drink at a bar or a café.

10. There are some free WiFi spots, like libraries or town halls throughout Paris, where you can surf the Internet without paying.