10 Lovely Hello Kitty Inspired Travel Destinations

Hello Kitty is a world famous cartoon character that a lot of people love. Since the character is very loved by people, the brand was created. Hello Kitty brand is very popular and many people spend a lot of money on their products. Due to its demand, there are a lot of different Hello Kitty inspired travel destinations around the world. In such places, you can find different types of products, accessories, and clothes. Now, we are going to explore the top 10 Hello Kitty travel destinations in different countries.

10. Harmony Land in Japan

Lovely Hello Kitty Inspired Travel Destinations

The Hello Kitty theme park, located in Japan, is sponsored by Sanrio and it can be a great choice for families. The park has an outdoor amusement center, so if you go with your children, they will definitely love it. This park has 12 attractions, which includes Hello Kitty spinning teacups and Hello Kitty Ferris wheel. In addition, your children will really like the Kitty Castle, which has live shows every day.


9. Hello Kitty Sweety House Cafe in Malaysia

Lovely Hello Kitty Inspired Travel Destinations

Have you thought that there is a Hello Kitty Cafe? As you can see, there is, and it is located in Muar, Malaysia. The Hello Kitty cafe has the appropriate atmosphere for the cartoon character lovers. You will feel the “smell” of the brand at the very first sight. The interior is mostly decorated with different pink accessories, which will make you feel you are in the authentic Hello Kitty world. The tables will even add that feeling and you will enjoy your time there.


8. Hearts Dental Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

Hearts Dental Clinic

Well, not all destinations will be about the pleasure. Hearts Dental Clinic in Tokyo, Japan is another interesting place for Hello Kitty fans. This destination can be really helpful for children. Probably every parent has experienced how the children are afraid of clinics, especially of dentists. So, here is the solution. Being in a room that is decorated with Hello Kitty imaginary, every patient will forget about their problem and enjoy the time. As usually, pink is the dominant color for both the interior and exterior coloring. Also, there are different rooms for different purposes; Kitty Pearl, Kitty Ruby and Kitty Diamond.


7. Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital, Yuanlin, Taiwan

Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

Going on with the list of clinics, our next destination is Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital located in Yuanlin, Taiwan. This hospital was built in 2006 and it is the first maternity hospital in the theme of Hello Kitty. Most of the women are afraid of the pain when giving a birth to the child. So, this can be really a good present from the husband to the wife. Being in a room where everything is cute will decrease the stress level. Nurses, who are dressed in Hello Kitty pink uniforms, will try to make your experience comfortable and pleasurable.


6. Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise in Japan

Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise in Japan

Another great theme park from Hello Kitty is located in Japan. The Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise, situated in Odaiba district of Japan, is an indoor park that has a theatre that shows Hello Kitty cartoons. In Addition, there is a restaurant that serves Hello Kitty pancakes. A great destination for a family!


5. Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Themed Aircraft in Taiwan

Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Themed Aircraft in Taiwan

Going to these destinations can be much more fun when you decide to travel by Eva Air’s Hello Kitty themed Aircraft. Yes! There are aircraft specially designed for Hello Kitty lovers. The jet’s exterior is decorated with Hello Kitty themes and the interior is even better. All the crew members are wearing Hello Kitty aprons and passengers will definitely be very excited. Everything served in the plane is in the Hello Kitty style. Moreover, there are duty-free products from Hello Kitty for the passengers. These planes serve cities including Taipei, Fukuoka, Narita, Sapporo, Incheon, Hong Kong and Guam.


4. Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in Beijing, China

Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in China

If you are in Beijing, China, then you should not miss this destination. Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant is one of the best places to have a romantic dinner. The amazing interior decoration will make the dinner unforgettable. The employees are dressed in Hello Kitty style as well as you can see the Hello Kitty images almost everywhere. The perfect news about this restaurant is that it will cost you only $25 per person.


3. Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan

Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan

When travelling, having a hotel room is essential. If you decide to go to Taiwan, then you should live in the Hello Kitty house. The Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan is adorable; it is entirely painted in pink. As always, you will see the Hello Kitty styles inside of it too. In addition, a special Hello Kitty designed Van will be there to welcome you!


2. Hello Kitty Hotel Suite in Beverly Hills, USA

Hello Kitty Hotel Suite in the USA

Here is another opportunity to live in the Hello Kitty House. Hello Kitty Hotel Suit located in Madison 140 in Beverly Hills, USA is the chance for US tourists to feel the dream. It is all decorated with Hello Kitty images including fully customized bathrooms with special wallpapers.


1. Hello Kitty Beauty SPA in Dubai, UAE

Hello Kitty Beauty SPA in the UAE

In this destination, you will probably have the most restful time. Hello Kitty Beauty SPA in the UAE is another great institution for Hello Kitty fans. Every woman is welcome here regardless of her age. Kitty-cure manicure and Toe-Tally pedicure are special services for the guests. In addition, you can receive different kinds of massages and treatments. It is really worth to travel to Dubai in order to have a fantastic day at this SPA.