10 Of the Best Cities to Visit In 2015

Travelling is the best way to get more developed and educated; moreover, you can find your place in this big world only when travelling. World gets bigger day by day and even if you travel a lot, you won’t be able to visit all the corners of the world. Of course, when thinking about travelling, all of us will probably prefer the most famous cities, but have you ever thought about the secondary cities, which are as interesting and incredible as all the other famous ones? For example you can visit Madrid, Spain, get acquainted with the culture of the city, but you’ll miss one of the most incredible places, Cuba, where you can meet the same Spanish culture. In addition, you can taste the most famous Spanish drinks and cocktails, which can be found only in Cuba and which are really unique. Well, 2015 is the best year for travelling and you can go on exploring the greatest cities of the World. Let’s explore the best cities to visit in 2015, which are more actual and improved this year.

Best Cities to Visit In 2015

1. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is one of the most improved travel destinations for 2015. It’s known for its hospitable locals, who fill the atmosphere with positive energy. You’ll be amazed with their lifestyle. You’ll meet happy musicians in every corner, dancing groups in the streets and finally the lively people, who drink, sing and dance in every cafe. People come to these cafes after a hard working day to drink and relax. By the way, you can taste the world known tequila and mojito there, which differ from all the drinks you’ve ever tried.

Havana, Cuba

2. Montreal, Quebec

Another perfect destination for 2015 is Montreal, where you can spend your holidays and never forget those days until the end of your life. The happy atmosphere reigning there will let you forget about all your worries and try to relax with all your soul. Walking along the streets, you’ll meet different types of restaurants everywhere. The city is more interesting at nights, when all the people hurry to the crazy nightclubs to drink and dance till the morning. Probably you have already heard about this city, as it’s home to world known Montreal Canadiens hockey team. Thus, you can easily imagine how many occupations you can find there, especially in winter. But don’t even think that the city is more interesting in winters. The summers are just as breathtaking there, as a lot of interesting festivals are organized during that season. Moreover, the craziest summer atmosphere will be provided by famous DJs and dizzy drinks.

Montreal, Quebec

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

2015 is especially important for New Orleans, Louisiana, as the city is going to mark its 10th anniversary with a great fanfare. After the horrible disaster, which happened a while ago, the city is going to commemorate the victims of Hurricane Katrina and all the people will do their best to show the world the rebirth of New Orleans and shake the people with its strong character. It’s even impossible to imagine how many festivals and shows are going to take place in 2015.

New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Milan, Italy

Of course, we all agree that the best monuments of Italy are located in Rome. But if you plan to visit Italy in 2015, you’d better start from Milan, as the world known Expo is going to take place exactly there. If you visit Milan between May and October, you’ll meet people from 130 different countires, who are there to participate in the famous event. You’ll also get a chance to see all the historical attractions that have made the city so popular.

Milan, Italy

5. Danang, Vietnam

Danang is one of those cities, which are really worth being in this list of 2015 travel destinations. It is considered one of the most developed cities of Vietnam, due to its good location on the central coast of Vietnam. It’s known for its incredible airport, which is really developed, as all the travelers who want to visit Hoi An have to pass through Danang airport. The city is known for its unique food, which is really worth experiencing.

Danang, Vietnam

6. St. Kitts, West Indies

If you’re fond of music, St. Kitts is the most suitable destination for you. 2015 is a special year for the city, as there are a lot of planned music festivals, which are going to take place exactly this year. Moreover, the city can satisfy all your needs of staying there, as it’s full of incredible and developed hotels. You can spend your free time at amazing beaches and lavish resorts, which will turn your holiday into a paradise.

St. Kitts, West Indies

7. Durban, South Africa

Durban is one of the most beautiful travel destinations known for its incredible beaches and resorts. You can visit this city all year round and never think about the weather, as it’s rather warm during every season of the year. The city is popular with its unique cuisine, where you can experience the most incredible Indian delicates at numerous magnificent restaurants. Thus, if you’re interested in this city, this year is the most suitable time to visit it.

Durban, South Africa

8. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is a great place to get acquainted with Colombian culture. The city is known for its amazing architecture and sculptures, which are situated in every street and park of the city. The most famous destination in the city is the Biblioteca Espana located in Santo Domingo and created in the modern style. The city is full of modern buildings, including schools and parks. Don’t forget to visit the famous Museo de Arte Moderno, where you can find the most wonderful samples of modern art.

Medellin, Colombia

9. Adelaide, South Australia

2015 is the perfect year to visit one of the most wonderful cities in South Australia. Adelaide is known for its incredible beaches and magnificent wines. Now you’ll ask, “Why we’ve chosen exactly this year to visit Adelaide?” Well, many festivals are going to take place in 2015, such as Adelaide Festival, SALA, WOMADelaide and the world known Adelaide Film Festival. Furthermore, you can taste the most incredible Australian food there at numerous modern restaurants.

Adelaide, South Australia

10. Caceres, Spain

If you want to visit an incredible architectural city, the most appropriate version is Caceres, located in Spain. There you can see the mixed styles of architecture, such as Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish and Roman. Moreover, this city is especially for food lovers, and as 2015 is the year of the art and the food, Caceres is the first on our list. If you’re interested in this city, we recommend you to stay in the most incredible modern hotel of the city, Atrio, where you can experience stunning Spanish dishes and the most outstanding Spanish wine.

Caceres, Spain