10 Of the Best Museums In Barcelona

When thinking of Spain, you’ll immediately imagine the great architecture of the country, which is more obvious in the capital of Catalonia, the most incredible city – Barcelona. This magnificent city is the largest city of Catalonia and is famous for its unmatchable beauty and ancient history. There you can see the combination of the Gothic and the modern architecture, which makes the city differ from all the other European cities. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and continues to be an important cultural and touristic center. You’ll be amazed with the incredible buildings created by the famous architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech.

Best Museums In Barcelona

You’ll hardly ever be bored there, as you can find a lot of interesting occupations, such as visiting the museums, churches, galleries and so on. Besides, the city is full of restaurants, cafes, shops and outdoor markets where you can easily get everything you want. This colorful city is one of the liveliest and the most dynamic places on Earth. It gets more developed day by day and it’s always full of tourists from all over the world. Being there just once in your life, you’ll certainly fall in love with the city forever. The crazy and cheerful atmosphere will let you relax and have an unforgettable holiday there. But if you want to get more acquainted with the history of the city, you’d better visit the numerous museums of Barcelona. There you can see the ancient achievements and wonders of the city and make your journey more interesting. You’ll get lost in time and you will feel that you are falling in ancient times of Barcelona, where everything was different from now. Well, it’s time to explore 10 of the most famous museums in Barcelona you can visit when travelling.

1. Joan Miró Foundation

The Joan Miró Foundation is one of the most famous museums in Barcelona, located on the mountain Montjuic. It has been open to the public since 10 June, 1975. There you can see the famous works of one of the most talented Spanish artists, Joan Miró. You’ll be amazed with the colorful works of the painter done in surrealism. Sure, they will make a great influence on you and you won’t ever forget about this incredible artist.

Joan Miró Foundation

2. Barcelona Music Museum

If you’re keen on music, this museum is certainly for you. There you can find a great amount of rare instruments from all around the world and even feel the unforgettable sounds flooding off them. Besides, you will get acquainted with the history of music and also experiment with the instruments.

Barcelona Music Museum


Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most important destinations in Barcelona, as you can find Catalan and Spanish art collections there. Sometimes the museum hosts different exhibitions of famous Spanish artists and organizes various events devoted to them.


4. Blau Museum

This famous museum is eye-catching with its interesting deep-blue-colored exterior. It features the permanent exhibition about the evolution of life and the Earth. You can get important information about the animals, plants and other natural creatures using the latest display technologies.

Blau Museum

5. Frederic Marès Museum

The Frederic Marès Museum is one of the most famous and important sculpture museums in Spain. It presents a great collection of the sculptor, historian Frederic Marès, including some collections of religious artifacts, stonework, theatres and some other strange and important gatherings from the 12th to the 19th centuries.

Frederic Marès Museum


The National Art Museum of Catalonia is located in the National Palace of Montjuic, which was built for the International Exhibition of 1929. In 1934 the Art Museum of Catalonia opened its doors to public surprising with the big medieval collection. The museum aims to show artistic expression without Catalan chronological limits, and also to generate new knowledge, the result of research and work with other institutions.

National Art Museum of Catalonia-mnac

7. Aquarium Barcelona

Sure, everyone dreams of seeing the underwater world and feeling the adrenaline when being surrounded with dangerous water creatures. Well, Barcelona gives you that extraordinary opportunity to be in abyssal of the sea and see that wonderful world. If you think about the danger, you may certainly be calm, as you will walk along the glassed tunnel, through what you’ll see the most frightening fish of the Mediterranean.

Aquarium Barcelona

8. FC Barcelona Museum

Even if you have never been interested in Barcelona, sure you’ve heard about their soccer club, as it’s one of the most famous soccer team ever. So, if you’re interested in soccer, especially FC Barcelona, this museum is just for you, as you can find there their uniforms and trophies and get more acquainted with the history of the team. And finally, you’ll understand what has made the team so special and successful.

FC Barcelona Museum

9. Gaudi House-Museum

Barcelona is known for its amazing architecture created by famous architect Antoni Gaudí. In the late nineteenth century, he designed a private park in Barcelona, known as Park Güell. Therefore, the Gaudi House Museum was founded thanks to the work carried out by the friends of Gaudí. There are exhibit furniture designed by Gaudí, sculptures, paintings and objects and documents relating to the architect.

Gaudi House-Museum

10. Picasso Museum

It’s a crime to be in Barcelona and not to visit the museum of the greatest artist ever, Pablo Picasso. There you can see almost 3500 works by Picasso and learn about the artist’s interesting life. Believe it, you’ll get a huge energy being there, as all the works of Picasso will have a great influence on you.

Picasso Museum


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