10 Of The Best Party Islands In America

Are you a party animal? You cannot imagine how your weekends would be like without parties? Well, guess what! The warm weather and the arrival of the spring/summer season speak of one thing: it’s time to have fun on a party island! Ok, maybe you don’t really know what’s so special about party islands but don’t worry because we are about to reveal the secret! Check out our list of the best party islands in America and see what you shouldn’t miss this spring or summer!

Best Party Islands In America


1. Key West, Florida

One of the best places to party all day and all night long is in Key West! The island has one main street, Duval Street and that’s where you can find all the clubs that you need to have a wild party. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the island is filled with bars that are always crowded and all kinds of events are organized especially in the summer season.

For budget priced accommodation in Key West try Seashell Motel and International Hostelicon. For slightly more upmarket accommodation try Colors on Whiteicon, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriotticon and Ibis Bay Resorticon.


2. Oahu, Hawaii

Partying in Oahu means having the time of your life! We bet this island was created by Gods for unforgettable moments and big parties. The most intense parties are usually thrown in Honolulu, particularly in Waikiki. It is worth mentioning that the island is filled with bars where the best DJs are responsible for the great music that’s usually the reason for the crowded dance floors. Partying in Oahu is a lifetime experience that one has to have in order to understand the effect of it.

When you’re not partying, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center Visit to explore the authentic villages and mingle with natives from six Pacific cultures as they demonstrate their arts, or book their island tour, and finish off with a royal feast fit for a king at the Ali’I Luau buffet and then watch the evening show. For accommodation at very reasonable rates, check Polynesian Hostel Beach Club, HI – Honolulu University Hostelicon, Waikiki Beachside Hostelicon and Holiday Surf Hotelicon.


Polynesian Hostel Beach Club


3. South Padre Island, Texas

As you know ”everything is big in Texas” and even parties are big and crowded in Texas. The state is very popular for its festive spirit and the uniqueness of the lifestyle of the locals. Take a pause to remember the crazy music festivals thrown in Austin. Now imagine the same only on heaven-like Texan island. Doesn’t it sound like a living dream? Well, make it a reality, as it’s all in your hands!

For accommodation at very reasonable rates, click on Blue Bay Inn and Suites, WindWater Hotel, Beachside Inn and Suites and Ramada South Padre Island. The price is also reasonable with three or more people sharing an apartment at Peninsula Island Resort & Spa.

Beachside Inn and Suites


4. South Bass Island, Ohio

It is possible that you’ve never heard of the noisy parties thrown within the borders of the state but once you experience it you’ll understand what’s the big deal. South Bass is located in the Western Lake Erie and it appears to be the third largest island in the Lake Erie Islands. South Bass is more popular with the name ”Key West of Lake Erie”. This place is considered ideal for bachelor’s and bachelorette parties. Pool parties, all day and all night long parties and crazy nights are just a small part of what you’ll experience during your stay.

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Put-in-Bay Condos

Put-in-Bay Condos



5. Puerto Rico

The biggest swimming parties usually take place on Noche de San Juan (St John’s Night). Such parties are annual and are held on June 24th. This party comes with a ritual according to which all participants have to dunk their heads underwater seven times to honor St. John the Baptist. It’s supposed to bring you good luck. So if you’re brave enough to soak your head in water you don’t have to give it a second thought but just start packing for this summer!

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La Capitana Old San Juan

La Capitana Old San Juan


6. Fire Island, New York

Parallel to Long Island this place is also ideal for crowded, crazy parties! Parties held at Fire Island are the cases when you sleep somewhere and you wake up in a whole other place. So before you head to Fire Island, be prepared for a wild night that you’ll remember for a long time after.

Accommodation on Fire Island can be hard to find as the few hotels on the island get fully booked well in advance, but try: Fire Island Hotel and Resort and Seashore Condo Motel.


7. Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach is one of the best places in the USA for partying! This place is where the high temperature isn’t seasonal, but is due to the wild party atmosphere existing on the island. Miami Beach is a very popular party island as it’s filled with hot strip clubs and regular bars. Also pool parties are very typical of the island. Oh and let’s not forget about the awesome DJs, who can guarantee a crazy night!

If there’s only one or two of you, then Beds n’ Drinks or Miami Hostel might be reasonable choices, but if there’s four or five people then try one of the apartments at Art Deco Drexel ApartmentsPeninsula Island Resort & SpaWashington One Bedroom or Lincoln Road Suite. For six people, a two-bedroomed apartment at Drexel Suites by Rentals is worth checking.

Miami Beach Sun Rise

Miami Beach Sun Rise


8. Big Island, Minnesota

There are so many myths about this party island, all created to somehow explain the party animal spirit of the locals. We have to highlight the fact that all parties are usually held in Lake Minnetonka. Pool parties, drunken nights are just a part of the whole fun each summer.


9. Block Island, Rhode Island

They say that the best parties usually take place at Captain Nick’s, Ballard’s and McGovern’s Yellow Kittens. Note that these two are among the most popular local bars and they are always crowded with visitors. One of the best things about this island is that here all the bars are close to each other. So you can go crazy by partying all night long, going from one bar to another!

Accommodation gets booked early for the summer, but try Dodge Cottage, Dewey Cottage & Anchor House and if there are three or more of you try Island Manor Resort by VRI resorts.

Yellow Kittens

Yellow Kittens, Block Island


10. Party Cove, Missouri

A cove near Lake Missouri is the place where most of the wildest noisiest parties usually take place! Lots of drinks, cute girls, Brazilian dances and exciting boat rides, what else do we need? No wonder the temperature here hits maximum level during the summer season!

Accommodation is reasonably priced, but book early. Depending on the number in your party and your personal requirements, the following can be good options: Kapilana ResortScottish Inns MotelTown and Country Motel, and WorldMark Lake of the Ozarks.