10 of The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

Nature is God’s second flawless creation only after human beings. He tried to bring heaven to the Earth and let people live in peace. Thus, it’s really hard not to feel at peace when you’re surrounded by the wonders of nature. That’s why people create incredible parks, where you can relax after a hard working day. These wonderful gardens will let you see the heaven on Earth and have a good rest surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature. Here are 10 of the world’s most beautiful gardens you can visit when you travel.

1. The Garden of Cosmic Speculations, Scotland

This garden was created by Charles Jencks and his wife Maggie in 1989. It’s surrounded by man-made lakes and full of mathematical and speculative forms, which let you imagine various speculations by yourself. The garden’s located in Portrack House, Dumfries, Scotland.

Beautiful Gardens In The World

Beautiful Gardens In The World

Beautiful Gardens In The World

2. Versailles Garden, France

This garden is a work of the best architects and landscape-designers. They did their best to make it incredibly beautiful. It was founded by French King Louis 14th during the 17th century. This magnificent garden is surrounded by small-sized trees, fountains and canals for the flowers. It’s a really suitable place for a calm rest and picnics. Go and enjoy the work of the best designer Andre Le Notre, who did his best to make you relax while enjoyinh the beauty of the world.


Versailles Garden, France

3. Butchart Gardens, Canada

Located near Victoria, this magnificent garden really reminds of the paradise. It has been created by one of the most famous designers, Robert Pim Butchart. The garden is full of various colors, which makes it really special. There you can hear the sound of nature and feel peace in your soul.

Butchart Gardens, Canada

4. Royal Botanical Gardens, London

This exciting garden is one of the huge ones in the world. It encompasses 132ha and more than 50,000 various species of plants. Besides, this huge garden has some incredible buildings, such as Palm House, the Pagoda and the Temperate House. Thus, if you want to explore all the interesting attractions there, just a single day is not enough to see all these wonders.

Royal Botanical Gardens, London

Royal Botanical Gardens, London

5. Ryoan-Ji Garden, Japan

This garden is a really suitable place for loving couples. It’s one of the most beautiful gardens on Earth, especially during spring or autumn, when trees are blooming or the leaves are falling. The garden has been made in the dry architecture style. You’ll immediately feel Japan’s atmosphere due to blossomed trees with pink flowers. It’s a really great place to relax and enjoy the silence.

Ryoan-Ji Garden, Japan

6. Viceroy Palace Garden, India

If you have a chance to be in India, you should certainly visit this paradise. Of course you’d like to see the Presidential House, so you can go and see the garden in its territory. Maybe you’ll feel the atmosphere of Britain and it’s really possible, as the garden was created by the British colonials during the 20th century. The garden is surrounded with fountains and various beautiful plants. You just should know that this wonderful place is open only twice in the year: in February and in March.

Viceroy Palace Garden, India

7. Villa Lante, Italy

As you know, Italy is one of the most interesting countries on Earth due to its incredible history. Thus, if you are familiar with the Italian architecture, you’ll probably know that it’s mostly based on the ancient times. You can see buildings with columns or sculptures of ancient Gods everywhere. So, Villa Lante garden is not an exception either. It’s located in the heart of Italy and created with ancient breath. The garden is full of fountains and statues from where the water is spurting. Therefore, you’ll be fully relaxed and won’t regret your time spent there.

Villa Lante, Italy

8. Monteiro Garden, Brazil

This wonderful garden is one of the exotic ones. At first glance, it seems that the garden is a part of an endless forest, so you’ll feel the strong energy coming from it. The colorful trees and plants make the garden differ from the forest, but at the same time they make it more beautiful and exotic.

Monteiro Garden, Brazil

Monteiro Garden, Brazil

9. Liu Yuan, China

This garden has a long and old-time story. It was built during the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644 AD. Liu Yuan garden is also known as Lingering Gardens, which is its original name. It’s a really huge place created with a special Chinese atmosphere. Therefore, it’s worth being there, as you’ll surely experience new emotions there.

Liu Yuan, China

10. Kirstenbosch, South Africa

Kirstenbosch really deserves being the best-known one in the world, as it truly differs from other gardens with its natural reserve. It’s one of Africa’s national botanical gardens and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hence, it’s really worth visiting it, as you’ll immediately fall in paradise as soon as you step on its huge territory full of various incredible plants.

Kirstenbosch, South Africa