10 of the Most Fairy-Tale Like Amusement Parks In Europe

Europe’s amused people with its wonders for centuries. There are a lot of places of interest, which will help you go away from reality and let your fantasy work for a while. Of course you always can choose historical places, cultural monuments, or other breathtaking places to visit, but if you really want to go away from your negative mood or you want some adrenaline in your veins, parks for entertainment will be your best choice. If you think you’re old for those amusement parks, you’re really wrong! There are too many versatile parks for both your children and for you. It’s time to choose which of them is for you, maybe some family friendly ones, or crazy rides? Anyway, we’re going to present the top 10 amusement parks in Europe. You should just choose which one would you like to visit.

1. Alton Towers in UK

One of the most adrenaline giver amusements is Alton Towers, located in Staffordshire. Alton Towers park has ten different sections. It has both roller coaster and vertical drop roller coaster. Besides, you can find two comfortable hotels to organize some events and festivals. So, it’s a unique park, especially for family travel.

Alton Towers in UK

2. Gardaland in Italy

Gardaland is one of Italy’s most famous parks. It’s a unique place to spend your time with family. There are a lot of amazing attractions both for children and for adults. This park also has a hotel. In addition, you can visit the new amazing SeaLife aquarium, where you can find almost all the species of fish.

Gardaland in Italy

3. Legoland Billund in Denmark

It’s time to let yourself be in a fairy tale spending your time in this incredible place where everything is made of Lego bricks. It’s located in Billund, Denmark. You’ll find a lot of interesting places there, such as Miniland, Imagination Zone, Knights’ Kingdom, Pirate Land, Legoredo Town, Adventure Land, Duplo Land and Lego City. This park is one of the liveliest places and one of the best destinations for Denmark’s tourists. Surely, you’ll have an interesting and beautiful day, as the park always organizes various festivals and shows to keep its visitors energized and amused.

Legoland Billund in Denmark

4. Futuroscope in France

This incredible park is one of the most interesting places in Europe. It was opened in 1987 and has kept its uniqueness till our days. You’ll be amused especially with the design of buildings. The park is full of gigantic 3D screens and amazing attractions, such as the “Arthur, the 4D adventure” imagined by Luc Besson, “The Time Travel Machine” with the Raving Rabbids, iMagic (a unique magic show), “Eyes Wide Shut” and finally “Dance with Robots”. Thus, you’ll be pleased with your family day, as it’ll be unforgettable both for children and for adults.

Planete Futuroscope in France

5. Mini Europe in Belgium

It’s a pity not all of us can see the whole of Europe. But, for our surprise, now it’s possible! Belgium’s Mini Europe Park includes almost all the wonders of Europe in one place. You can see almost 350 most famous European monuments at a 1:25 scale in a single day. So, you’ll simultaneously be in all the countries of Europe.

Mini Europe in Belgium

6. Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

Denmark doesn’t cease to amaze with its amusement parks. Tivoli Gardens is one of its wonders. You can see one of world’s oldest roller coasters there. There are some hypotheses that this incredible land was a main inspiration from the Disney Parks.

Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

7. PortAventura in Spain

PortAventura is a theme Park located in Salou, Spain. This is one of those places where you can experience adventures. The excitement you’ll get there will stay with you forever. This incredible park is divided into five different sections. Dragon Kahn is one of the most interesting parts. It’s located in the Chinese themed section and has a lot of amazing attractions, such as corkscrews or roller coaster with loops. PortAventura offers you everything for your fun. The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is one of its famous destinations. Besides, it offers you some great hotels for your events.

PortAventura in Spain

8. Efteling in the Netherlands

Do you want to be a hero from fairy tales? Then this unmatchable place is for you! You will feel all the emotions of fairy-tales being in Efteling. The park is full of different cartoon characters, such as ghosts and elves, fairies and giants, witches or princess and so on. This park has four different realms. Each of them has its own face and features. The Fairy Realm, the Alternative Realm, the Adventure Realm and the Travel Realm are parts of this cheerful place. So, it’s time to believe that the fairy-tales are real!

Efteling in the Netherlands

9. Europa Park in Germany

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Well, Europa Park in Germany is one of the most interesting places in the world, as it holds the strangest attractions ever. It has 54 rides including 4 amazing water rides and 9 incredible roller coasters. You can enjoy the rides during Children’s World event. Besides, there are a lot of attractions about the winter, such as “Magical Winter Weeks”. Hence, this place is full of adrenaline and really worth visiting.

Europa Park in Germany

10. Disneyland Park in France

It’s everyone’s dream to be in Disneyland at least once in the life. And it’s really worth dreaming, as it’s the most incredible attraction park in the world. The Disneyland Park in Paris is always open for everyone, who wants to feel the magic flying in the air. The main building is composed in the gothic style, which gives it a fairy-tale complexion. The park is composed of two theme parks and seven fairy hotels, where you can hold your events. It’s the best way to get rid of a negative mood and have a fully relaxation. Thus, you won’t even notice how the time is flying away.

Disneyland Park in France