10 Of the Most Inaccessible Restaurants In The World

Restaurants have a great importance in the culture of every country. That’s why all the developed countries do their best to create as luxurious restaurants as possible. While some of us are happy for visiting a common fast food cafe, there are a lot of people, who prefer luxurious restaurants. Still, there are inaccessible restaurants in the world that offer a crazy atmosphere, yet require lots of efforts from you to visit them. The most relaxing atmosphere and unmatchable scenery surrounding these remote restaurants are really worth your efforts and fears. Discover the most inaccessible and unique restaurants in the world, which definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted!

Most Inaccessible Restaurants In The World

1. La Mesita de Almanza in Argentina

This unique restaurant is situated on the island of Tierra del Fuego, which is actually the southernmost tip of South America. In Spanish, Tierra del Fuego means “Land of Fire” and it’s quite often related to the end of the world. Keep in mind that getting to the Tierra del Fuego is really tough, as there are a lot of restrictions that make the island even more inaccessible than you could ever imagine. Anyway, if you have the courage and will to dine in this remote restaurant, you will have a chance to get some delicious food that will make this experience even more memorable.

La Mesita de Almanza in Argentina

2. Tampu Restaurant in Peru

Of course, it’s easier to get to Machu Pichu by a minibus or a train ride, however, since you should pass through some difficulties to earn your meal, it’s advised to stick to the hiking tour through Peru’s popular trail, which may actually take you almost 4 days. Moreover, you should book the hiking trip months in advance to enjoy this unique experience. Note that it is not permitted to hike the trail alone or with a small group, as you should be guided by a specialist provided from the tour agency. Although visiting the Tampu restaurant is a long and costly journey, you won’t regret for the efforts and time spent when enjoying the delicious food and the outstanding views there.

Tampu Restaurant in Peru

3. Fäviken Restaurant in Sweden

Fäviken is a unique place, where only twelve visitors can be served per night. A man called Magnus picks up all the ingredients with his group needed for preparing the dishes. It takes a six-hour drive to get to the restaurant, which is actually an isolated site, surrounded by lakes and mountains.

Fäviken Restaurant in Sweden

4. The Three Chimneys Restaurant in Scotland

Another inaccessible restaurant is located in Scotland in the Isle of Skye. The Three Chimneys restaurant has been serving its visitors for almost thirty years despite the fact that it’s one of the most difficult restaurants in terms of accessibility. You can reach there from the nearest airport of Glasgow, which is a six-hour drive. Reaching the restaurant, you can taste fresh local food and you’ll immediately understand that all your efforts to reach there were not in vain.

The Three Chimneys Restaurant in Scotland

5. Nordasti Hagi Restaurant in The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an isolated site situated halfway between Norway and Iceland. Note that getting to the Nordasti Hagi restaurant is really difficult, as you can reach there either walking for almost 20 minutes or catching an off-road vehicle. The restaurant is located in an ancient rustic farmhouse, which is over 100 years old.

Nordasti Hagi Restaurant in The Faroe Islands

6. The Furneaux Lodge in New Zealand

The Furneaux Lodge is another famous inaccessible restaurant, found in New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. It also houses the Furneaux Bar. You can make it to this place only by boat, because the site is really isolated. The place is unique and breathtaking with its wild nature and the numerous outdoor activities offered, such as mountain biking or hiking.

The Furneaux Lodge in New Zealand

7. Christians Café in Pitcairn Island

This restaurant is located on the most remote inhabited island in the world. You can get there only by boat, as it’s situated in the center of the South Pacific Ocean. The prohibitions on the island have been removed to encourage tourism, letting you find there a café and a bar called Christian’s Café, where you can have a unique and memorable experience.

Christians Café in Pitcairn Island

8. Ithaa Restaurant in The Maldives

You’ve all probably imagined having dinner under the sea at least once in your life. Now it’s possible in the world’s first underwater restaurant, Ithaa, designed by M.J. Murphy. Ithaa means “mother of pearl” in the native Dhivehi language. The restaurant is located fifteen feet under the surface of the sea. There you can have dinner surrounded by the beautiful underwater life and amazing fish, such as shark, tropical fish or sting rays. The Ithaa is inaccessible because of its location and price. The restaurant is rather small and can host only 14 visitors at a time. Thus, it’d be better to get your reservations in advance.

Ithaa Restaurant in The Maldives

9. The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

This amazing restaurant attracts with its beauty first of all. It takes only a moment to understand that no one can create such beauty, but only Mother Nature. This incredible restaurant was founded in 2010, and rises on a rock not far from the shore of Michanwi Pingwe beach. You can get to the wonder only by boat, enjoying a meal in the middle of the clear waters.

The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

10. Mount Huashan Teahouse in China

Nothing can be so pleasant as drinking tea in Huayin, China. You just should be a courageous person to take the gondola ride followed by the awe-inspiring hike through the side of the mountain. As you see, you should do really a lot to drink a hot cup of tea, but you’ll never forget about the adrenaline you experienced when reaching the teahouse.

Mount Huashan Teahouse in China