10 Of the Most Luxurious Hotel Chains In The World

Hotels have a great importance for the development of the country’s tourism. When travelling, many of us prefer a common boutique hotel, but some people can afford spending their night at a luxurious and expensive chain hotel. Of course, they are safer and more comfortable and undoubtedly they will satisfy all your needs. Thus, there are some expensive hotel chains, which have their large number of hotels across the world. You’ll feel the warmness of these hotels just when you see the greeting of the hotel’s stuff. Well, if you want to explore these hotels, here we are to help you. Here are 10 of the most luxurious hotel chains across the globe that you might love to spend a night at.

10 Of the Most Luxurious Hotel Chains In The World


1. Shangri-La

One of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world is Shangri-La, which has been welcoming its guests since 1939. The most amazing Shangri-La hotel is located on the Seine River, which has a beautiful view from the windows. It’s also an architectural wonder with luxurious interior. It can be found in many countries, such as Italy, India, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, etc. By the way, it considered the best hotel of Paris in 2013 by Forbes Magazine and it’s really worth its price.


2. J.W. Marriott

This amazing hotel chain is named after the founder, John Willard Marriott and is considered one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world. The calm atmosphere and the comfortable interior will let you have a full rest. J.W. Marriott can be found in almost 75 famous cities and countires in the world, such as New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and so on.


3. The Four Seasons

This luxurious hotel is one of the Canadian chains. This five-star hotel can be found in almost 98 places, such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Seychelles, St. Louis and so on. You can guess from the name that this hotel is full of interesting activities appropriate for each season of the year, such as golf, sky diving and so on. It’s also worth mentioning that it offers the most comfortable beds of the hotel, which cost from $2,199 to $2,999, depending on the size of the mattress.


4. Ritz-Carlton

Another example of luxury is the Ritz-Carlton, which is partly owned by Marriott. You can find this luxury hotel in 29 countries. Remember about it when visiting New York, Los Angeles, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Aruba. The advantage of the Ritz-Carlton hotels is their relaxing spa centers that every tourist would love to spend a time at.


5. Peninsula Hotels

This luxurious hotel can be found in only nine cities. The first Peninsula Hotel is located in Hong Kong, which opened in 1928. The other locations are in New York, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Chicago, London, Bangkok and Shanghai. The hotel is known for its extraordinary transportation. They can even provide you with helicopters, which will let you avoid traffic in the city.


6. Mandarin Oriental

These magnificent hotels are a world known luxury chain, which is proved by the list of visitors, including many celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Jerry Hall, Lucy Liu and Sigourney Weaver. Besides, it’s one of the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s favorite hotels. It’s worth mentioning about the hotel’s developed spa centers with numerous treatments, such as fourhanded massages and Thai Yoga Massages. The hotels can be found throughout Asia and the Middle East, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Boston.


7. Aman

The luxury chain of Aman hotels is popular with the hotel’s incredible interior, reminding of the ancient times. The hotels differ from all others with their unique service. Can you just imagine that four staff serves only one guest? Besides, you can find a lot of interesting occupations there, such as skiing and golf. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the most important spa and fitness services. These hotels can be found in Morocco, Bora Bora, France, Montenegro, Turkey, the Turks & Caicos, Italy and Greece.


8. Rosewood

This incredible hotel was founded in 1979 by Caroline Rose Hunt and is one of the world’s fastest growing hotel chains. It’s known for its unique cuisine destinations, such as Jumbo Bay Antigua and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Menlo Park and San Martin California. You can find 11 Rosewood hotels in 9 countries. Moreover, you can also find 7 resorts in different locations. They all give you a variety of choices beginning from spas, diving and golf courses to yachting.


9. Jumeirah

Translated from Arabic, Jumeirah means beautiful and the word truly captures the incredible architecture of the hotels. The main locations of the hotels are the Maldives, Rome, Istanbul, London, Frankfurt and some cities throughout the Middle East. You will find the world’s most beautiful spas exactly there with excellent beauty treatments offered.


10. InterContinental

InterContinental is on the list of the very first luxurious hotel chains in the world. A stay at an InterContinental hotel is more than just an unforgettable experience. The most famous locations of the hotels are Mumbai, Bora Bora, New York, Beverly Hills, Monterey, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and Paris. The most expensive InterContinental hotel is in Hong Kong, where you should pay almost $13,000 per night.