10 Quirky Hotels in the World to Spend a Night At

Many years ago a hotel room in an ice cave or underwater might seem something from science fiction while now this is not nonsense anymore. Every year the number of tourists who seek unforgettable impressions or mind blowing experiences in exotic places is increasing and the demand for adventurous quirky hotels is rising respectively. Similarly, standard rooms with common furnishings and boring design are a no-go. Here are 10 quirky hotels, which boast individuality while being weird at the same time and are perfectly tailored to the needs of adventurous travelers.

1. Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, USA

Madonna Inn Motel – San Luis Obispo, USA

The Madonna Inn was opened in 1958 for business purposes and offers its visitors 110 unique rooms with different themes, such as Matterhorn room, Oriental room, Jungle Room or Paris room. Each room has its own charm, and carved wood, waterfall shower, and crazy décor make this hotel a fun whimsical place for the visitors and their families. Coming here, you’d love to stay in almost every room for at least one day. If you are not up for something different and quirky then this is not the place for you, because you also have to have a sense of humor to enjoy this location, where one can hardly find a boring corner.

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2. Sala Silvergruva, Sala, Sweden

Website: salasilvergruva.se

Sala Silvergruva, Sala, Sweden

Sala Silvergruva is a mine, which also contains a shop, museum, and restaurant, giving a unique opportunity to the visitors, who don’t suffer from claustrophobia, to spend a night in the Mine Suit. The elevator down the 155-meter shaft is a fantastic experience, which is complemented by the impressive acoustics of the mine. The underground room has a cool temperature, so be ready to feel a bit chilly sometimes. It’s also amazing to know that everything was made by hand, inch by inch and if you are interested in the local history, then this is a fun option for a night stay. Alternatively, stay nearby at Hotel Tinget or in a One-Bedroom Holiday home in Sala and take a tour of the mine.


3. Hotel de Glace – Quebec City, Canada

Website: hoteldeglace-canada.com

Hotel de Glace – Quebec City, Canada

Hotel de Glace is a unique attraction at only 10 minutes from downtown Quebec. It impresses the visitors with its 44 rooms, which resemble Eskimo igloos built from blocks of ice and are decorated with dazzling ice sculptures and fur. Here you can even sleep on beds of pure ice, of course, right after the information session, which will help to avoid discomfort. The outdoor activities, saunas, and spas are a fantastic option to relax and have fun in this unusual location.


4. Propeller Island – Berlin, Germany

Website: propeller-island.com

Propeller Island – Berlin, Germany

The artsy factor of this weird hotel in Berlin is very catchy and if you have a sense of humor to ignore any discomfort when you actually stay here, you’ll enjoy the unique charm of the hotel without any doubt. Every detail about this hotel, including cages and coffins instead of beds, is way too strange and it makes you believe that you’ve lost your mind in a very artistic way. The artsy music, though not very melodious, is one of the characteristic features of the hotel and is a truly impressive part of German art. Every room in Propeller Island is amazing and is worth the money you pay, because what you get is really beyond any comparison.


5. Hang Nga Guesthouse – Dalat City, Vietnam

Website: crazyhouse.vn

Hang Nga Guesthouse – Dalat City, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam, famous as ‘’The Crazy House’’, is truly the peak of Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga’s creative fantasy. The dream-like environment of the guesthouse is inspired by the works of Disney and the art of Salvador Dali. The design of each room is based on a different animal. The location of the hotel is very convenient as it is only 2 km far from the city center and the easy access to the city’s other attractions is guaranteed.

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6. 727 Fuselage Home – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Website: costaverde.com

727 Fuselage Home – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The 727 Fuselage Home in Costa Rica boasts popularity among those who are obsessed with planes and jungle or ocean views. For the newcomers, however, it’s a nice chance to change their understanding of planes, staying at vintage Boeing 727 fuselage furnished with hand-carved furniture from Indonesia. The terrace with the best view ever is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails or morning cups of coffee. Be sure only you are aware of your tree top neighbors, including the playful monkeys, toucans, and sloths.


7. Magic Mountain Lodge – Panguipulli, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel – Panguipulli, Chile

The Huilo Huilo Montaña Mágica Lodge (Magic Mountain Lodge) is named after a fantasy novel and has rooms with names of local species of birds. Nature lovers will feel like in heaven because this hotel has a magical location just in the heart of the Chilean jungle. Due to its moss covering and a cable bridge, which leads to the front door, it resembles a hobbit home from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The hotel is shaped like a volcano and a water cascades down the roof to complete its otherworldly design.

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8. Au Vieux Panier Hotel – Marseille, France

Website: auvieuxpanier.com

Au Vieux Panier Hotel – Marseille, France

Au Vieux Panier Hotel is decidedly a perfect place for street art lovers. The owners of this hotel have chosen a unique way to attract lots of visitors. Seeing a graffiti art in subways and abandoned buildings is normal for everyone, but what can you say about hotel rooms? Street art and graffiti-lined walls in your hotel room are enough to make your head spin, aren’t they? And good news – most of the art here is for sale just in case you decide to obtain any.


9. Atlantis The Palm Hotel – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Atlantis The Palm Hotel – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Regardless of what kind of hotels you are going for, you’ll definitely be impressed by Emirate-level luxury at Atlantis The Palm Hotel. Besides the main rooms, the underwater suite with all-glass walls opens a new frontier for a once in a lifetime experience. Staying in a suite, where you can marvel the stunning view of the ocean marine life, not even going out, just through the transparent walls of your room is not from the genre of fantasy anymore.

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10. Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea

Website: ryugyonghotel.com

Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea

The construction of this hotel was launched in 1987 and was supposed to be finished in 1989. The main point was to build a 105-storied construction, which was meant to be the tallest of its kind in the world. However, the process didn’t even end until 1992 because of the hard economic situation in North Korea. Even then, the building stood without windows or even interior fittings. Since 2008, the North Koreans have begun the work on Ryugyong Hotel again, but the end isn’t in sight. The funny part of all this is that North Korea has a very insignificant tourism industry and the pyramid-shaped hotel with more than 1000 rooms is not a must anyway.