10 Reasons To Visit Belize

The small country of Belize has the definition of an exotic locale with lush rainforests and a long list of attractions for tourists. If you are already tired of classic tropical vacations and nightclubs and are looking for something different, you should definitely visit this country. Belize is an ideal place to experience nature in its rawest form and explore ancient Mayan ruins. The population density is rather low and the official language is English, which is another fact to make you feel at ease. This small country offers many outdoor activities for tourist with an adventurous heart. Anyway, we have only chosen 10 reasons to visit Belize showing you the best places you can visit in Belize and the best things you can do there!

Reasons To Visit Belize

1. Lamanai

Lamanai is the right place for history buffs, because here you can explore some of the most amazing Mayan sites. Located near New River Lagoon, the ancient ruins aren’t that difficult to find. A water taxi is the easy way to get there, but there is also a land way for hikers.

Reasons To Visit Belize

2. Zip Line Through The Jungle Canopy

It’s of course an exciting experience to take a hike in the rainforest, but the zip lining is even more fascinating. It’s no surprise that the people who aren’t afraid of heights, prefer to marvel the jungle canopy from high above. So are you ready for this smell-the-fear type activity? If yes, there is no greater place to experience that.

Reasons To Visit Belize

3. Cave Tubing

Even if you are a lover of active rest, you can’t disagree that a leisurely ride through the water-filled caves is a complete bliss. The underwater caves are the favorite place for divers, but if you are not one, don’t be upset, you can still do cave tubing and marvel stalactites and waterfalls in your special way.

Cave TubingReasons To Visit Belize

4. Dive with Whale Sharks

The experienced divers would probably love this adrenaline-fueled activity. Let’s be honest, even if you are used to being surrounded by colorful marine life, swimming with these gigantic sea creatures is something beyond any similar experience. You have only to take into account that this is for experienced snorkelers only. If you are a lucky one, you’ll probably catch the sight of dolphins, and other marine animals as well.

Reasons To Visit Belize

5. Cockscomb Basin

This jaguar sanctuary is not only for big cat enthusiasts, the visitors will also see different exotic plants and animals. Undoubtedly, this place has rich flora and fauna. Quite an exciting fact for those, who want to see as many animal species or plants as possible in one place! If you are literally ready to leave your fears behind, the award will be very generous. Only in this case you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Cockscomb Basin

6. Take a Jungle Hike

Those who are sure surviving in the wild isn’t their thing, can take a simple jungle hike or a safari after sunset instead of spending a night in the jungle. The tour is of course a guided one, since the rainforest isn’t the right place for off-the-beaten-track exploration. You’ll be taught to build a shelter by yourself, to find food and natural remedies and all the techniques to survive here. However, there is still the option to come back to your cozy hotel room and enjoy all the comforts of modern living.

7. Hol Chan Marine Reserve

This Marine Reserve struggles against destructive overfishing first of all and protects the habitat and marine creatures, such as sharks and rays in the surrounding areas. Diving in the aquamarine waters with colorful reefs is well worth your time. One thing to keep in mind: you’d better not touch them, despite their friendly reaction to your visit. Believe us, they have their private reason to be interactive.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

8. Visit the Belize Zoo

There are many cases when animals are abandoned after the films or documentaries have been made. This zoo provides shelter for such animals and now it’s a dynamic educational center and gives the chance to get up close with animals in their natural habitat.

Reasons To Visit Belize

9. Explore the Lost World Cave

Belize is also famous for great caves with Mayan artifacts. Having enough pockets of Mayan history, this country offers different Mayan-history-related activities, among which a visit to the Lost World cave is set apart. Alongside other astonishing things that you will see in this cave, there are the skeletons of sacrificial victims, which date back 2000 years.

Reasons To Visit Belize

10. Explore Breathtaking Waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of the wonders of this amazing country and are highly recommended to visit. No one can remain indifferent towards these stunning natural formations high above ancient ceremonial sites. You can also swim in the crystal clear pools below after you have conquered the height.