10 Things To Do While In Corsica

Corsica is admired for its otherworldly landscapes, glittering hidden coves, quaint harbor towns and turquoise waters. This world-in-one-island is one of the most romantic destinations all around the world. If you have planned a visit this jewel in the sea, check out our priority list of 10 things to do while in Corsica.

1. Enjoy the Azure Waters

Things To Do While In Corsica

Most of the visitors come to this sun-kissed island to enjoy the Mediterranean climate first of all. The endless stretches of powdery sand and the warm waters tempt to enjoy the limitless activities, like snorkeling, windsurfing or kayaking. This slice of paradise is perfect for both families and couples to join the slow-paced life and have a tranquil back-to-home experience. Tourists are advised to rent a boat and explore the towering cliffs along the coastline and catch a glimpse of dolphins. The untouched beauty of the southern uninhabited islets will take your breath away.

2. Explore Bonifacio

Things To Do While In Corsica

Once you are in this quaint city, seize the opportunity of strolling around and taking its charm in. The Citadel is a must-see attraction here. It’s located atop the harbor on the cliffs. This fort has a distinct medieval feel and a dramatic history and is the testament of the city’s antiquity.

3. Enjoy a Coastal Drive

Enjoy a Coastal Drive

If you have some time and money on your hands going on a coastal drive is a wonderful experience. The coastal road stretches almost 900 km and every inch of it is so picturesque. You can experience the local life of port villages on your way and admire the golden granite cliffs, especially when the sun is directly above them.

4. Visit Napoleon’s Ancestral Home

Napoleon’s Ancestral Home

Retracing the roots of one of the most outstanding historical figures will be a worthy experience for history buffs. Bonaparte’s ancestral home is located along Rue Saint-Charles. Here he spent the first nine years of his life. This site later became a place of pilgrimage for those who approved the French revolutionaries.

5. Take in the Local Spirit

Things To Do While In Corsica

No one will deny that the ethnic music is the key to the souls of the locals. It’s a nice way to get acquainted with them through listening live vocal by various local performers. During summer months there are festivals dedicated to Corsica’s tunes. Seize this unique opportunity too.

6. Become a History Buff

Things To Do While In Corsica

Visiting the prehistoric site of Filitosa, you’ll see the Mediterranean version of Easter Island. Neolithic stone heads whisper the legends of the ancient times, which are mainly about mysterious warriors who struggled against Egyptians.

7. Take a Hike

Things To Do While In Corsica

If you want to get off the beaten track hiking through the mountains is the best option. This is a heaven for rock climbers with nearly a hundred peaks. Exploring granite outcroppings will be a lifetime experience. The tranquil lifestyle of the locals is the charm of this island, which has so much to offer beyond classy holiday-residential zones.

8. Do the GR-20

Grande Randonnee (GR) 20 route is famed as one of the most difficult
hiking trails in the world. This may take weeks to complete, but the award is great. You’ll pass mountains and villages, taking short rest stops and at the end of your hike you have the impressions, which will stay for you forever.

9. Try the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

The island has a culinary genius which makes you stick around more than you planned. Needless to say, that Mediterranean diet is a delight that doesn’t do any harm to the organism, moreover, it is considered to be a secret of long, healthy life. The local food has been influenced by both French and Italian cuisine and features an incredible mix flavors. Goat cheese, fresh herbs, wine and delicious seafood are the core ingredients of local dishes.

10. Marvel the Art at The Musee Fesch

The Musee Fesch

This museum is a must-see if for nothing else but the wide array of Italian paintings. Here you can see works of Botticelli in person. This fine collection of old masters is worth your time. No matter how busy you are with the outdoor activities and the delicious food, but the food for soul is also vital. Interestingly, this museum is the initiative of Bonaparte’s uncle and houses lots of paintings by anonymous artists, but they are still excellent works of art.