10 Underrated Spanish Cities Worth Visiting

Passionate and famous for fun-centric living Spain is a country more diverse than you have ever imagined. The capital of the country together with Barcelona is one of the most visited cities not only in Spain but also in Europe generally. But besides these two metropolises, there are cities, which may seem left in the shade at first sight, but they hide many delights for random visitors. Here is our list of 10 underrated Spanish cities worth visiting.

Underrated Spanish Cities Worth Visiting

1. Segovia

This legendary city is believed to have been founded by Hercules and is old enough to be considered a tourist attraction. The city with a warm terracotta hue penetrates into the soul of a foreigner pretty fast and stays there forever. The city’s castle and historic aqueducts are a marvel that makes a head-spinning impression even on experienced travelers.




2. Mérida

The former capital of a Roman province is famous for many ancient ruins that appear in the most unlikely corners of the city. The Roman theatre is not just a structure in ruins. It’s well preserved if we take into account the fact that it dates back to 15 BC. It’s very impressive up to the point you have optical illusions in the form of gladiators on the arena of the coliseum.


3. Burgos

Being on the way from Madrid to Bilbao this city doesn’t take much effort to get there, especially when you drive. The visit is worth your time if for nothing else but the gothic cathedral. And finally the chance to taste the delicious blood sausage is to be taken. The city is among the places, which reward a deeper exploration.


4. Salamanca

Salamanca is a city of a rare beauty. Renaissance style sandstone buildings are illuminated to a stunning effect at night. The Salamanca University hosts students from all parts of the world. This gives a youthful vibrancy to the city. Plaza Mayor and the city cathedral are enough to make the city a tourist destination. After all, the cheap prices will be a nice surprise for you.


5. San Sebastian

The Bay of Biscay has fantastic beaches, but for some reasons they seem somewhat undiscovered compared with the beaches of Barcelona and along the Costa del Sol. The mouthwatering tapas can be found in every bar, but an even better option is to choose a bar in the old town, where you can spend a nice time especially in the evenings.

San Sebastian

6. Logroño

This city is the capital of La Rioja province and is famous for its specific wine. Logroño is a city of hidden corners and quaint buildings and is well worth a visit. It’s a city where you feel contented everywhere you go and it’s not just the wine. Its culinary genius is getting a reputation to rival anywhere in Spain.


7. Ronda

This city with a majestic view seems straight out of a postcard. It’s a perfect place for travelers who seek Andalusian aesthetic. Due to its southern feel and dramatic location Ronda should be high on every traveler’s list. Its old town was an important cultural center during Islamic times. The city has also a very romantic past, which is reflected in Spanish folklore.


8. Ourense

The main reasons why tourists visit the third-largest city in Galicia are hot springs. The pools of geothermal water and the labyrinth of a historic part of the city will please every traveler, the city also pulses with modern beats, so the new generation of tourists will find places to enjoy the nightlife.


9. Cáceres

Being landlocked Extremadura definitely lacks a rating. As most of the tourists come to Spain for turquoise waters and silky sand beaches, Cáceres remains out off the beaten track very often. But the towers and buildings from Arabic times are enough to make the city as attractive as other places in Spain. A medieval wall surrounds the city and seems to have locked it inside. The narrow cobblestone streets take you back into the Middle Ages especially at dusk.


10. Setenil de las Bodegas

This overgrown village is burrowed into the caves close enough the River Trejo. It has a good sense of Andalusia anyway and like all Spanish towns boasts delicious food that will make you hang around more than you intend. Bar and restaurants in former cave-houses are something unique and have a very romantic atmosphere.

Setenil de las Bodegas