10 Wonderful Travel Destinations Near Barcelona


One can live in the capital of Catalonia for weeks, but there still will be lots of amazing places and bars worth visiting and dishes worth trying in Barcelona. However, besides the metropolis area, there are little towns and stunning landscapes nearby, unique in their own right and highly recommended to visit. Here are 10 wonderful travel destinations near Barcelona, the touristic potential of which is still relatively untapped.

1. Girona


This city is 30 minutes drive to Costa Brava, which is a well known coastal area, with white sand beaches and crowded nightclubs. Most of the visitors come to this town exactly for that purpose, while the other half of the visitors are attracted to the town’s rich history and music festivals. From the famous Jewish Quarter telling the history of the Jews to the ancient ruins of Monastery Sant Pere de Rodes, as well as the breathtaking Passeig de la Muralla providing the visitors with majestic views and Girona Cathedral, this little cozy city has lots of interesting sights to keep the tourists entertained throughout their stay. No matter what your reasons are to visit Girona, you’ll definitely remember your time spent there long after the visit.


2. Figueres


This little town is undoubtedly embedded with the typical French atmosphere. The hometown of Salvador Dali is worth visiting if for nothing else but the extraordinary Dalí Theatre-Museum, a unique muesum built in the surrealistic style. This red castle-like building houses paintings by the master of surrealism, exceptional “jewels“ designed by Dalí and made by specialists in New York.

3. Montserrat


This mountain of rounded rock pillars, which by the way are natural formations, is located one-hour North West from Barcelona by train. It is the most popular outing from Barcelona due to the natural beauty and the significant religious importance of the monastery. The Funicular of Santa Cova, the Montserrat Benedictine monastery and the black statue of the Virgin known as “La Moreneta” call thousands of tourists from Spain and around the world to this majestic sight.

4. Vilanova i la Geltru

Vilanova i la Geltru

This provincial city of Catalonia is a major fishing port, which has now embraced new technologies for generations. You can visit wonderful wild beaches not far from the city or enjoy the seaside promenade in case you decide not to leave the city. The beaches aren’t very well-known, so you can avoid the crowds of tourists and have them more or less to yourself.

5. Sitges


This lovely fishing village not far from Barcelona is now a famous resort with long and sandy beaches and tapas bars and upmarket restaurants. During the summer months it turns into one big beach party, while off-season it’s rather quiet. Those who are interested in modern art can visit the center of the village to see a range of exquisite buildings and house-museums.

6. Montblanc


An easy way to get here from Barcelona is by train. Montblanc is hidden beyond medieval battlements and is a unique town in Tarragona worth visiting. It’s better to begin your excursion early in the morning to manage visiting all the three monasteries and the Gothic royal mansion of the town.

7. Tarragona


This port city features narrow cobbled streets, medieval alleyways and a typical Mediterranean beach life. The city still retains enough pockets of Roman history, which makes it an alluring destination for history buffs. A better option is to start the visit with the Roman amphitheater and the forum and then head to the National Archaeological Museum to see what the city was like in the Roman times.

8. Collserola


This extensive park in the hills is the favorite place for the Barcelonians, who want to escape from the city for the weekends. The Romanesque country chapels, a medieval castle, various lookout points dot the park alongside the farmhouse, which is used as an environmental-educational centre. The center provides valuable information about the lives of rich farmers during the late middle ages.

9. Colonia Guell

Colonia Guell

Though it’s an unfinished work, this church is Gaudi’s another big project. Gaudi’s hand is visible in the design of the pews and brick-clad columns. Cute brick houses, which are still inhabited and shops dot the area. The story of the church and manufacturing suburb is displayed with audiovisual materials, so if you need additional information, you can take the advantage of the above-mentioned interactive materials.

10. Vic

Vic Barcelona

This multicultural town features Roman remnants and medieval leftovers, which attract lots of visitors annually. It’s a great day trip from Barcelona, but our advice is to slow down and wallow in the town’s atmosphere.