11 Of The Easiest Countries for Living And Working Abroad

No matter what country you live in, you always have the wish if not to live, but at least to work for some time in a foreign country, to experience something new and see exotic places. Working overseas is not that difficult, you just have to choose the right destination. Take a look at our selection of 11 of the easiest countries for living and working abroad.

Easiest Countries for Living And Working Abroad

1. Germany

Germany is famous for its strong economy and is a top destination with a high standard of living for those who intend to find a job in the sphere of biotech, IT or renewable energy. However, other spheres may also be open for international work transfers. So if you have already decided to leave your old life behind and make the big step, take these facts into account.

2. Canada

The Europeans, who seek for a smoother transition without cultural shock, can choose Canada as a perfect destination, if they want to find a job in the hi-tech gaming industry, hospitality, oil industry and so on. Decent French language skills will help you find a job more easily. Anyway, English may seem enough for those who intend to leave for Toronto.

3. Singapore

Singapore is a leader in terms of financial centers. Thousands of multinational companies hire employees, who seek career advancement. English is widely understood and western ideas are welcomed. Accommodation costs may be expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

4. Switzerland

Getting a residence permit is rather difficult in this country, because you have to prove the position you are applying for cannot be taken by a national. However, for many experienced expats Switzerland is a place to look. The job opportunities, winter sports, convenient location are among the factors, which make the country an alluring destination. IT, biotech is the spheres, where expats can find jobs easy enough.

5. Australia

The mining boom created a fertile playground for international work transfers to Australia. The jobs on sheep farms are also available, and plus the accommodation is often provided by the farm owners.
Depending on if you want to rent an apartment in the centre or not, the cost of living can be more or less £800. As you see the cost for accommodation is rather high, so take this fact into account.

6. New Zealand

The outstanding quality of life in New Zealand is a kind of magnet for international expats. The rents for accommodation are more or less affordable, the crime rate is very low and it’s believed to be a warm and welcoming country. Those who try to get closer to Mother Nature will feel like in heaven, because the country boasts some of the most fascinating landscapes all around the world.

7. United Arab Emirates

The wealth of this country lives up to its name, and it’s not surprising, that the country is famous for its high-paying job offers. On the other hand the codes of public conduct are extremely conservative, so those who are used to vibrant countries, which pulse with tropical beats have to look somewhere else. Another difficulty is the language, which is definitely not among the easiest ones.

8. The Netherlands

Getting along in the Netherlands is really easy for many foreigners, because the English language is of common use and the locals are very friendly. The location of the country is a positive factor to take into account. Finance is the largest sphere to look for a job. Food processing is also a convenient sphere to work in.

9. Ireland

Ireland may seem too remote and isolated for expats from the southern hemisphere, on the other hand it has a convenient location for the Americans or people who come from Western European countries. The positive thing about this country is the low crime rate, which is of course very important for newcomers. Outstanding health care and the tech boom created a fertile playground for techies from around the world to find jobs here.

10. Spain

This vibrant country is in high demand for its gorgeous weather, delicious food and hospitable people. Everyone will feel at ease here, especially the expats with western ideas and hot temper. The only problem you’ll have is the wish to stay here forever. However, teaching English is the only job you’ll find more or less easily, because of the financial problems the country faces now together with some countries from Southern Europe. The other option is to settle your own business, which will make the process of getting a residence permit really easy.

11. Hong Kong

Yes, you are right, Hong Kong isn’t actually a country, but the difference from China is obvious. The lovers of eastern culture and lifestyle are easily integrated, the salaries are high enough and finding a job is relatively easy for the concentration of corporate headquarters is the largest in all of Asia. Finance and banking are booming here, which means you’ll get more job offers in these spheres.