12 Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Rides In The World

When traveling to any country, you expect to have a fun time there. Some people may enjoy their time by doing shopping in the new places or going to museums and other beautiful places. However, exploring the country is the main reason for most of the people. You can explore the country in different ways and one of the most remarkable ways to get to know the beauty of the country you visit is by taking hot air balloon rides. This experience is very fun and you will remember it forever. However, you should consider several factors before taking that trip, such as phobias, price, not sleeping and so on. But at the end of the day, it is really worthy. Well, if you’re interested in this theme, let’s talk about the most incredible hot air balloon rides in the world.

12 Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Rides In The World

1. Napa Valley, California

As California’s magnificent vineyards brought Armenian writer William Saroyan back to his motherland, Napa Valley can take you far away in your dreams. The harmonious coexistence of these vineyards and the surrounding mountains will also bring peace to your soul. These wonderful landscapes could better be seen during a balloon ride for at least $215 per person, including breakfast and tender wine.

2. Serengeti, Tanzania

What can be more beautiful than the wild nature observed from the sky? Surely nothing! Serengeti gives you that opportunity to see its incredibly beautiful nature, full of numerous wild animals, such as hippos, tigers, lions, zebras, kangaroos and many other animals. Just take a hot air balloon ride there and enjoy that pleasure, which is not cheap, over $529, but this cost includes an English breakfast and of course, champagne.

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Picturesque view of the cloudless sky of New Mexico full of colorful balloons is worth watching in person, not as a picture, as many of us have done. This annual event brings together around six hundred air balloons to wonderful journey organized within Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. To enjoy this experience, you can spend about $345 and have a glass of exceptional champagne after the ride.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

Istanbul is the most visited place in Turkey due to its numerous incredible attractions. It’s known for its unbelievable beauty, which is better to see during a hot air balloon ride. The best proof of its awesomeness is Rock erosions, which are more beautiful and could be seen well from the sky. You just have to pay $242 for a 90-minute hot air balloon ride, full of incredible emotions. The ride begins at dawn and also includes an amazingly tasty breakfast.

5. Letchworth Gorge, New York

Letchworth Gorge is a real paradise on Earth, located in the east coast of the United States, New York. It’s amazing with its magnificent nature, including three wonderful waterfalls, breathtaking rocks and running river. Letchworth Gorge is more beautiful during fall, when the whole place is covered with colors and falling leaves. That’s why it’s advised to take a hot air balloon ride especially during that season.

6. Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar welcomes you with its mysterious history and fascinating sightseeing, such as ancient city of Bagan, located in the Mandalay Region. A visit to Bagan opens up a whole new world and gives a lifetime experience. Memories from Bagan can be unforgettable if you take a hot air balloon ride, which will cost at least $320, including coffee or tea before the departure.

7. Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most beautiful and developed cities in the world. It’s also one of the most visited destinations, because of its incredible attractions, such as torrid deserts, oases, numerous shops, worldwide hotels and so on. Despite these attractions, Dubai is also known for its amazing nature. Well, if you plan to visit Dubai, we advise you to take a hot air balloon ride to see the largest deserts and the wild nature of the country. Believe it, it’ll be the most remarkable part of your vacation spent there.

8. Gstaad, Switzerland

What can be more wonderful than spending your holiday in Swiss Alps and wandering around Gstaad village welcoming streets? The International Balloon Festival in the same village! The hot air balloon ride gives you an opportunity to see the all the secrets of Alps from high above. White Alpian picks and cultured sky is what you don’t want to miss. Don’t miss your chance!

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Probably you have already been acquainted with the amazing beauty of Cambodia from the movies. The best Cambodian attractions are the most incredible temples of Siem Reap. It seems that temples rise into the skyline and intersect with the sun, during the sunrises. That’s why we advise you to take a hot air balloon ride, as the ancient temples are more amazing to admire from the heights.

10. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The next destination in our list is Grand Canyon, which can be seen without any uncomfortable circumstances. If you take a hot air balloon ride, you will be able to explore the 277-mile long canyon, which includes also the Colorado River. Even though it may sound weird, but it is better to take this ride during winter because the snow on the brownish red stones will stay in your memory forever. So, if you can afford paying $1,400 to be in the air, 18,000 feet above the sea lever, from two to five hours, then you should definitely do it.

11. Luxor, Egypt

Egypt is one of the most visited destinations in the world and it’s considered the most wonderful ancient country on Earth. Undoubtedly it is, and the best proof of this fact is the complex of the ancient monuments, such as the pyramids, statutes and especially the Sphinx. Well, when talking about the antiquity, it’s worth reminding of the most wonderful open-air museum in the world, Luxor. If you want to see all the wonders altogether, it’d be better to take a hot air balloon ride and see the city from the sky.

12. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe is one of the deepest and most beautiful lakes in the United States. It’s especially beautiful during winter, when the snow covers all the mountains and makes the lake a great place for skiing. The ride also lets you see some other nature wonders, such as Yosemite and Emerald Bay.