13 of the Most Luxurious Cafes In The World

Everyone visits cafes for different reasons such as meetings, conversations, and just for having fun. People usually choose cafes because they are relatively cheaper than restaurants and also it is more convenient to have a talk around a cup of coffee. Even though the first café originated from Europe, most of luxurious cafes are spread in the Middle East and Asia. There are also designer cafes and they have brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Some people may not like going to luxury cafes and spending a lot of money; however, there are people who won’t spare their money for a good time at a luxury café. In our list, we will discuss the top 13 most luxurious cafes in the world that are unique in some way, whether they are named after a brand name or not.

13. Ralph’s Coffee, New York.

As we have mentioned earlier, brand name cafes has become famous and Ralph’s Coffee in New York is a good example. After they their successful cafe at Tokyo, Ralph Lauren, which is a famous designer, decided to open their cafe at 5th Avenue, New York as well. They do offer Italian style coffee as well as snacks and pasties. The light coming from the big windows makes the interior exceptionally cozy and beautiful, a wonderful place, where people can enjoy their time.

Ralph's Coffee, New York.

12. Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aries

We all know that Buenos Aries is famous for its tango and steak, however, not everyone knows about their coffee. Cafe Tortoni is one of the most luxurious cafes in Buenos Aries, which was opened in 1858. Nowadays, there are some events organized in the cafe such as live music and tango milongas. However, it still has the great atmosphere for an afternoon coffee.


Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aries

11. Gucci, Tokyo

Another famous brand cafe is the Gucci cafe in Tokyo, which is more visited by businesswomen. The interior has a relaxing design that gives the cafe an expensive and luxurious feel. An espresso is around $9 and a box of chocolate with a Gucci logo is about $26. So if you happen to be in Tokyo, consider having a coffee at this unique coffee shop.

Gucci, Tokyo

10. VOGUE Cafe, Moscow

VOGUE cafe is located in the capital of Russia, Moscow. The cafe was opened in 2003 and since then it has been a very successful venue. They mostly specialize in Russian and European food. The food wouldn’t taste good without a gorgeous interior, so the interior decoration is appropriate to its name. Fresh flowers, unique patterns, and crystal wineglasses will make your time spent there unforgettable.

VOGUE Cafe, Moscow

9. Oriole Cafe, Singapore

Singapore is famous for its shopping and eating places, and there you can find the largest concentration of malls. Continuing the list, Oriole Cafe is the next famous thing there. The cafe is famous for its strong coffee and delicious pastries. The interior has the vibe for a coffee shop including warm lights, trendy music, and dark wood panels that give the cafe a luxurious look. Despite its luxuriousness, it is affordable for people.

Oriole Cafe, Singapore

8. Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

Anitco Caffe Greco is the second oldest cafe in Italy. This cafe is also one of the most famous cafes in the entire country. It is said that even Casanova has been to this coffee shop. The coffee will cost you around 10 euros but the price is not in the coffee itself, but in the history of the cafe.

Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

7. Café Gambrinus, Naples

Cafe Gambrinus is another famous cafe located in Naples, Italy. This cafe is has one of the most stylish interiors of all the cafes from our list. The architecture reminds of the dreamy Belle Epoch and the cafe also has prices that are really fair. Gambrinus, where a cup of hot chocolate is about ten euros, was once a favorite place to visit for Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway. The cafe is still a great place for the elite, and the coffee is one of the greatest there.

Café Gambrinus, Naples

6. Emporio Armani Caffé, Dubai

Continuing the list of brand name cafes, we reach the Emporio Armani Caffé, which is located in Dubai. This cafe, which is in world famous Dubai Mall, is more concentrated on simplicity and elegance. Emporio Armani Cafe is not as expensive as the cafes in Italy, however, it is still very luxurious and offers great coffees in a nice interior.

Emporio Armani Caffé, Dubai

5. Roberto Cavalli, St. Tropez

Not lagging behind, Roberto Cavalli opened his designer cafe in St. Tropez. The cafe has interesting an feature of changing its suit during the day. They offer different dishes and coffees during the different times in a day, also offering a DJ during the happy hour. If you are ever in St. Tropez, do not miss the chance of visiting this cafe and enjoying the food and drink in a great atmosphere.

Roberto Cavalli, St. Tropez

4. Cafe de la Paix, Paris

Cafe de la Paix is very famous in Paris and it is situated just across the Opera house. It is not considered a cheap place but it is really worth a visit. A regular breakfast will cost you around 85 euros but you will enjoy your food certainly. The fact that Emile Zola and Guy de Maupassant liked this place will make you feel exceptional when being there.

Cafe de la Paix, Paris

3. Bulgari, Tokyo

We have already talked about a brand name coffee shop in Toyko (Gucci), but it is not the only one there. Bulgari’s IL Bar, Terraza Lounge offers even higher prices, but it is also better in quality. If a box of chocolates costs around $26 at Gucci Cafe, only one slice of an expertly crafted and detailed chocolate will cost around $16 at Bulgari. After paying a lot of money for your order, you will be able to relax in a luxurious interior embellished with neutral tones.

Bulgari, Tokyo

2. Bloomsbury Cafe, Dubai

Again, we travel to the great city of Dubai that is famous for its luxurious places. Now, we explore Bloomsbury Cafe that is even more luxurious than Armani Cafe that we mentioned above. This place is unique with its world’s most extraordinary cupcakes that cost around $1000, which is also the most expensive one in the world. The cupcake is gold-infused and complete with real edible gold that can be a great symbol of luxury.

Bloomsbury Cafe, Dubai

1. Cafe Florian, Venice

Cafe Florian has been serving its customers since 18th century. It is one of the only early coffee houses that served female clients as well. The cafe is partially a museum where you can find great artworks, which are an important part of the history. After walking in, you will be able to notice the soft lightning interior with gilded ceiling that gives a smooth mood to the cafe house. If you would like to explore some history while drinking a coffee, this place is just for you.

Cafe Florian, Venice