20 Of The Best Cities to Visit for Street Food

Real travelers know how exciting it is to try all kinds of street food in the city they visit. Besides, while on a trip most of us don’t really want to spend too much time on eating, as there are many other fun (in some cases even extreme) activities to get involved in. One of the best things about street food is that you get to see the ritual of the preparation of the food. According to our reliable sources, China is among the most famous countries from this perspective. Let’s see whether it’s true, flicking through these 20 of the best cities one should visit for street food!

Best Cities to Visit for Street Food


1. Cartagena, Colombia

There are so many interesting dishes to taste in Cartagena that it’s kind of hard to concentrate on one. Well, definitely not the best place to visit if you’re on a diet! Of course, experienced travellers know that going on a trip while on a diet is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The cuisine of a country can provide us with a lot of information about the culture of the civilization. On the list of the typical Colombian street foods you’ll find delicious empanadas, arepas, exotic shrimp cocktails as well as fresh juices. And of course, you may also like to try Colombian kebab.


2. Singapore

Whether it’s officially considered a country or is being recognized as a city-state, one thing is sure: Singapore stands out for its delicious street foods. It is notable that Singapore offers the cheapest street foods. Among the most affordable and the most interesting dishes of Singapore appear to be dumplings, curried fish heads, bak kut teh (which by the way is meat bone tea), oyster omelets and duck rice.


3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Well, Brazil is famous for its exotic heaven-like beauty and very hot climate as well as the very characteristic Brazilian parade. It turns out that Brazil also stands out for its unique and super tasty street food. In Rio you can taste Pão de queijo cheese balls or find delicious fried savory pastries offered by vendors. Also you’ll get the chance to taste tapioca crepes, kebabs, and acai. Also, while there, don’t forget to refresh yourself with smoothies as the weather might get too hot.


4. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its Anatolian cuisine. However, Istanbul was under the influence of Greek Culture for years in the era of the rise of Byzantium. So it is not surprising that Turkish cuisine offers a very special menu for locals and visitors. Focusing on street food, we would like to highlight the most interesting foods found on the streets of beautiful Istanbul. The most characteristic street food in Istanbul appears to be the so-called lahmacun, which seems to be an Eastern approach of our favorite pizza, known as “Armenian pizza” or “Turkish pizza”. Also, foods such as alik ekmek fish sandwiches and traditional kebab are very characteristic of the country’s cuisine.


5. Bangkok, Thailand

Seafood! Yes, it’s one of the best places to explore the rich types of seafood. As for street food in Bangkok, we would suggest tasting curries, noodles, the very characteristic roast duck, as well as fried or boiled shrimp.

Cooked food in a Thai market


6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Surprisingly Iceland also has some street food offers that are worth tasting. Well, it turns out Iceland serves the best hot dogs in the world. In fact, the name of the meal, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur means “the best hot-dog in the world” when translated, so needless to state one more time that you should definitely try hot gods in Reykjavik.


7. Mumbai, India

India is another country that differs from other destinations due to the uniqueness of its cuisine. There are so many things to taste in India that one might need years to master in Indian cuisine. Our list of the best street food found in Mumbai includes fried pani puri dough balls, yogurt-marinated kebabs, vada pav fried potato dumplings burger and biryani masala rice.


8. Portland, Oregon

Everything is tasty in Portland, it’s a proven fact! We don’t know how they do that neither do we know their secret recipes. What we know about Portland is that eating street food has become a lifestyle for locals there. From the most usual to the most unusual dishes you can basically find anything on the streets. Among the best foods are foie gras burger, octopus balls, burritos, fried pies Mauritian curry, wood-fired pizza, sushi etc.


9. Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica is like heaven on earth! Rich nature, exotic weather and, of course, delicious food! It should be noted that among the most common Jamaican street foods are jerk chicken or pork embellished with scotch bonnet peppers, onions, scallions, thyme, and spices. YUMMY!


10. Mexico City, Mexico

Latin America is all about spices! Whether it’s street food or a dish offered at a fancy restaurant, one thing is sure: spicy dressings can’t be avoided. If you’re allergic to spicy food, Mexico is probably not the best place to visit. In all other cases not only should you visit the country, but you should also try super tasty street food in Mexico City! Such foods include street corn, al pastor tacos, gorditas, and churros.


11. London, Great Britain

Britain stands out for its unique and very rich cultural background. However, very few of us have ever heard of classic British street food. Well, that’s ok as what British chefs actually do is explore recipes from other cultures, showing the British interpretation of them. So it is not surprising that from tacos to lobster rolls you can find everything offered in the heart of Britain.


12. Tokyo, Japan

There are two ways of serving street food in Tokyo: the classic vending machines and the very famous Tsukiji market. As for the street food offered the list of the best includes Okonomiyaki pancakes, raw oysters and other kinds of delicious seafood.

Japanese sushi


13. Berlin, Germany

Surely Germany is well known for its tasty beer of high quality. However, there are also some interesting street foods that a visitor must taste to get a full picture of German cuisine. Also, it should be noted that the first thing that will steal your attention in Germany is the super cool food trucks on the streets. Among the best street food in Berlin, we would like to highlight currywurst and fresh pretzel due to the magical taste that they have.


14. Marrakesh, Morocco

Not only is Marrakesh one of the best travel destinations due to its cultural and architectural background, but it also seems to be serving the most delicious street food. In Marrakesh, you can enjoy having a full meal with Maakouda potato fritters, tagine or take a break with steaming snail soup finishing your menu with a fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice.


15. Shanghai, China

As we already mentioned street food is very typical of China. From the most interesting meals to the very characteristic Asian and particularly Chinese foods you can find everything offered on the streets. The best street foods to try in China are Xiaolongbao soup dumplings and xiao long xia crawfish.

Chinese Grandmother at Foodstall


16. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Asian cuisine stands out for its unique recipes. Also, we have to mention that sauces and spices are evaluated in Asian countries. Referring to street foods we have to admit that there is a big variety of must-eats in Vietnam. The list of the best includes Bánh mì, bánh xèo pancakes, pho, com suon grilled pork chops, each of which is just too good not to try. So maybe it’s a good idea to taste them all!


17. Manila, The Philippines

With a cup of Halo-Halo, you’ll help your body cool down fighting against the humid and hot weather of the Philippines. Halo-Halo means mix and it’s named that way as it appears to be a mixture of red beans, coconut, syrup, and fruit. It’s being served cold topped with ice-cream.


18. Warsaw, Poland

It’s crime to leave Poland without having experienced the deliciousness of Pierogi. It must be highlighted that there is even a huge festival dedicated to this famous dish. So it also has a deep cultural meaning for the locals.


19. Rome, Italy

Italy is usually being associated with pizza or spaghetti. Well, it turns out that Italy is filled with venders who offer delicious Gelato ice-cream. You can found one almost in every corner of the country. Gelato stands out from the well-known options of ice-cream, as it’s less fatty and it also comes in classic flavors of Pistachio and Stracciatella.


20. Valencia, Spain

Speaking of Europe let’s not forget about the delicious Spanish Churros. Flavored with cinnamon, sugar or hot chocolate these super tasty fried sticks are something that you have to experience at least for once in your lifetime. They are especially good in Valencia, and if you decide to visit the city in March, you’ll find churros all around, as it’s one of the main street foods during the “Las Fallas” festival of the city.