20 Unbelievably Pretty Streets From Around The World

The best way to explore the world we’re living in is through traveling and discovering its hidden treasures. Although tourists usually concentrate on attractions and historical places of the city they visit, there are also some special places including the quiet streets that can tell you so much about the lifestyle and history of the city. Today we would like to draw your attention to the most beautiful streets from around the world. From European corners to exotic places, here are the prettiest streets in the whole world!


1. Via Galuppi, Burano, Italy

Via Galuppi, Burano, Italy

Venice! The exciting city of love and romance… Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon famous for its vibrant colors and cozy streets. Burano attracts visitors with its famous street known as Via Galuppi, which stands out due to its multicolored buildings that make it look unique and otherworldly. Besides we all know how bright colors boost up one’s mood. So to enjoy a positive day that will get you energized throughout your stay in Burano, you have to visit Via Galuppi! An interesting fact about this street is the legend behind its colorful buildings, according to which those colors were chosen in order to help locals distinguish one family’s property from others in bad weather when there was thick fog.


2. Vila de Gracia in Barcelona, Spain

Vila de Gracia in Barcelona, Spain

Vila de Gracia seems ideal for street parties due to its unique style and exciting nightlife. It is notable that this part of the city is very old and has a cultural and historical meaning for locals. The street is always crowded with tourists and locals. It should be noted that open-air concerts with live music played on the street are very typical of Vila de Gracia.


3. Bregagh Road, Ballymoney, Ireland

Bregagh Road, Ballymoney, Ireland

This is the best place to visit to escape from the stressful atmosphere that big cities have. A dark, inspiring atmosphere and a magical place that reminds us of fairy-tale like scenes from fantasy films! All that is just a part of the picturesque view that you’ll enjoy strolling along Bregagh Road. Note that this avenue is one of the most photographed places in the world. Well, no wonder why!


4. Cracked Stones Street in Enschede, The Netherlands

Cracked Stones Street in Enschede, The Netherlands

This street is also one of the urbanest corners of the Netherlands, and an attractive and fun place to visit when in Enschede. Irregularly cracked stones seem to be floating on the surface of the water along the asymmetrical street that widens and narrows along the way. Isn’t that amazing?


5. Rua Luis de Camões, Águeda, Portugal

Rua Luis de Camões, Águeda, Portugal

Seriously, where did Mary Poppins go? Undoubtedly, this is the first thing that pops out in our mind when we look at the colorful umbrellas that have been designed to embellish the Rua Luis de Camões street of the city. This fun and creative artwork appear to be the result of a project launched by Sexta-Feira, and it is the so-called Umbrella Sky Project. Colorful umbrellas are secured on the cables along the street protecting the visitors from the unbearable heat and harmful sun rays, while also injecting a big dose of color into this old road.


6. Molyvos Street, Lesvos, Greece

Molyvos Street, Lesvos, Greece

This is an old-fashioned yet stunning location that will inspire and awaken the lyrical, poetic side of you. Molyvus is one of the best-traveling destinations for a full relaxation and a ”getting closer to nature” experience.


7. Rue Targui, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Rue Targui, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Whether it’s because blue is the color of the sky or a color that has relaxing effects, one finds so much relaxation when strolling along the Rue Targui Street in Morocco that seems to have been soaked in bluing. That is the main reason we suggest visiting the beautiful blue street with the jaw-dropping architecture in Chefechaouen. Some say that the aqua blue color chosen for the buildings in the Blue City wasn’t accidental, as it was chosen to repel mosquitoes. Others say that the tones of blue were symbolizing the color of the sky and the heaven, and such an architectural approach was introduced by Jewish refugees.


8. Nafplio Street, Peloponnese, Greece

Nafplio Street, Peloponnese, Greece

Nafplio used to be the capital of Greece in the old times. So from the first day of your arrival, you’ll notice that the city is filled with places with historical value and monuments. However, a special corner of the city appears to be Nafplio streets. The city attracts with its typical narrow streets with red blossoms hanging on the walls and cozy coffee places in the traditional Greek style that prove the greatness of the Hellenic culture.


9. Church Street, Pretoria, South Africa

Church Street, Pretoria, South Africa

Jacaranda trees have an irresistible magical beauty due to which they always attract the attention of visitors. Their height and their beautiful lilac flowers give a fairylike look to the streets of exotic Africa. Thus to enjoy the clouds of blossoms and capture the magical view opening from the purple haze of the streets you need to visit Church Street in Pretoria.


10. The Pink Street in Lisbon, Portugal

The Pink Street in Lisbon, Portugal

We have the pleasure to admire Lisbon’s Pink Street due to José Adrião, who collaborated with Lisbon’s City Council and Cais do Sodré Association to apply this interesting and very abstract coloring to the street, creating a jaw-droppingly beautiful spot in the heart of Lisbon. So, think pink while walking down the streets of Lisbon!


11. Trengganu Street, Singapore

Trengganu Street, Singapore

Visiting the unbelievably beautiful Chinatown of Singapore is a lifetime experience for every tourist traveling to Singapore. The main characteristic feature of Trengganu Street appears to be the decoration with red lanterns, which are the symbols of the Chinese culture. Also, the street stands out with the unique architecture of its buildings and the so-called Victorian style houses. Note that only the color combinations made for the design of this road make a great background for a beautiful photo shoot.


12. Ninen-Zaka, Kyoto, Japan

Ninen-Zaka, Kyoto, Japan

Ninen-Zaka is one of the most attractive neighborhoods of Kyoto! Ninen Zaka and Sannen Zaka have a historical value for Japan, as they are old streets preserved from the past. Filled with the very characteristic shops, as well as wooden houses and traditional restaurants, Ninen Zaka and Sannen Zaka are must-visit spots for those of you who are planning to visit Kyoto.


13. Geometric Streets in Vercorin, Switzerland

Geometric Streets in Vercorin, Switzerland

The view is especially beautiful when you look at it from a high point. However if you get closer, you’ll also notice how great the idea was to add a pop of color to the old streets of Switzerland. That’s not all! Only the color combination is enough for us to accept that Geometric Streets in Vercorin are must-see spots for tourists! Also, we would like to mark especially the fact that the houses located on this street are very old, and this was one of the best ways to create a big contrast that screams modern art.


14. Post Alley, Seattle, WA, USA

Post Alley, Seattle, WA

Probably you wouldn’t show the best reaction if we suggested visiting a street that’s covered with chewed gum. However, Post Alley is one of the most crowded streets in Seattle just because of that fact! The whole thing started from impatient people who got nervous while waiting for their turn to get tickets to the theater and started sticking chewing gum on the wall. So once you get there, don’t forget to follow the ritual and stick gum on the famous colorful bubblegum wall.


15. Lin Chu Pi Kapok Road, Tainan, Taiwan

Lin Chu Pi Kapok Road, Tainan, Taiwan

The fiery red haze will make you feel like you’re in paradise! Lin Chu Pi Kapok Road is one of the best places in Taiwan for biking or walking along its beautiful trail embellished with the red blossoms that create a miraculous view you have to see in reality to value it.


16. La Rue Française, Istanbul, Turkey

La Rue Française, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the European corner of Turkey, and as you know, it has been under the influence of Hellenic and Roman culture for many years. So this city stands out for its unique architecture and historical value. However, we would like to focus your attention on a particular area in Istanbul, being the famous La Rue Française Street. This street is distinguishable due to its cafes, pubs and pastel-colored marble buildings in the classic French style. Also, the live music played on the road all day long is another reason this street is always crowded with tourists.


17. Knock off Street in Wuxi, China

Knock off Street in Wuxi, China

We have to admit that we love the creative idea of creating a street filled with fake shop signs of brands that do not exist. What makes this street so special is the fact that it gives the impression of being locked in a video game or something like that, as all the ”brands” names seem familiar even though they aren’t real. Imagine how cool it would be to speak about having fun and shopping in China while showing off pictures taken in front of ”H&N” or ”Sffcccks” coffee house.


18. The Carpet Streets in La Orotava, Canary Islands

The Carpet Streets in La Orotava, Canary Islands

Usually, the streets of La Orotava are being decorated in early summer, most likely in June. The architecture of the houses built there is very typical of the 17th or 18th centuries while the streets decorated with flowers are in the name of Corpus Christi celebrations. They say humans have destroyed the nature to build their civilization. However, places such as the flower carpet streets in La Orotava prove the opposite. Have a look at the ”carpets” created with the most beautiful flowers and let the facts prove us right.


19. Savoy Court Street, London, UK

Savoy Court Street, London, England

There are so many places to visit in England and so many things to see that it’s hard to focus only on one. One thing we suggest seeing in London is the beautiful Savoy Court Street. A notable fact about Savoy Court Street is that it’s the only street in the United Kingdom where vehicles drive on the right. How interesting!


20. Lombard Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Lombard Street, San Francisco, USA

Stealing attention due to its Victorian-style houses and green landscapes, Lombard Street in San Francisco also stands out for its incredibly asymmetrical structure. It should be noted that Lombard Street is also well known as the one-block section with eight hairpin turns due to its arrangement. The design of Lombard Street was done by Carl Henry. Originally it had a 27-percent grade, but it has been reduced to 16 percent, which is something to be happy about as it makes transportation much easier than it used to be.