5 Reasons To Visit Malta

If you want to choose a perfect summer holiday spot, then you should definitely visit Malta. The Mediterranean climate and delicious food are not the only trap for visitors. There are at least 5 reasons to visit Malta. And here is why.

Reasons To Visit Malta


1. Sun-and-Sand Experiences

The Maltese Islands are a famous destination to turn a few shades bronzer, especially in July or August. During these months, the temperature is almost 40°C, but if you plan your visit earlier, you can avoid the heat and enjoy the mild temperatures around 31°C. However, with appropriate clothing and sunglasses, you can see the best of Malta. Amazing beaches with turquoise waters and silky sand are found all throughout Malta. Snorkeling amongst colorful marine life is an amazing experience. The epic rock caves, near-tropical lagoons are heavenly spots to spend hours. And finally, the famous Azure Window provides the best views ever.


2. Country with a Culinary Genius

Due to its location, Malta boasts the most delicious and fresh seafood. The Maltese cuisine has all the flavors of the Mediterranean food. The coriander flavored sausage, local goat cheese, pastries, olive oil and smooth local wine are the indispensable part of the local cuisine. The Italian influence on the Maltese cuisine is obvious due to the variety of ice cream flavors. You can find exceptional Gelatarias pretty much wherever you are. You can easily find the Italian ‘’gelato’’ all around the islands. The Maltese crackers and biscuits are a nice alternative to the above-mentioned ice-cream if you have had enough of them already. Spanish- style tapas bars are also a favorite place for the visitors.


3. The Island’s History

The fantastic mix-match of culture in Malta is the result of the Arabic influence in architecture, the historical connection with Britain and the rich heritage from the Middle Ages. This diversity of culture and style is also reflected in the everyday life of the local people. Mdina provides a head-spinning view and priceless information about the Knights of Malta. The medieval city Valletta retains much of this elegance and is a most concentrated historic area in the world.


4. Crazy Night-Outs

The slow paced life of the islands results in accumulating a lot of unused energy. The best way to spend it is to dance the night away at the ‘’club city’’. The fans of chill out atmosphere and amazing cocktails can spend the evenings at classy cocktail bars. St. Julians is set apart from the districts of the same kind, for it is the most tourist-friendly. You’ll probably find yourself amongst party-keen travelers and have the best time ever if you are a fan of ravine clubs.


5. The International Fashion Sense

You’ll find every kind of style and brand in this multicultural island, with an international fashion sense. The only problem you’ll have is the limited space in your suitcase. The low-priced places offer unique accessories and anything you want to spoil yourself with. The shopping night out is also possible, because some shopping centers are open until late evening. Plaza Complex is one of the best places to shop, but not the only one.