5 Things You’d Better Never Do When In Rome

No matter in what country you plan to spend your vacations, you should learn basic information about its customs and traditions, as well as codes of conduct not to make mistakes, which may spoil your pastime. If you plan to visit Rome soon, take a look at our selection of 5 things you’d better never do when in Rome.

5 Things You'd Better Never Do When In Rome

1. Never Try to Swim in the Fountains

The crazy ones, who have decided to swim in the Fontana Di Trevi, should have extra 500 euros on their hands to pay a fine. Though the legend says that everyone who swims in this fountain will be young forever, it’s still a substantial amount to make you think twice before you jump into the water. Anyway, if this were true, no one would resist the temptation. 500 euros is not a big deal if you consider the benefit.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

2. Beware of Taxi Drivers

If you take a taxi somewhere in the center of Rome, you are to pay 92 cents for a kilometer, but beyond the center, there is another system, according to which a kilometer costs 1.50 euros. Most of the taxi drivers try to take the advantage and require more than you are to pay, so look at the display before you pay.

3. Don’t Count on Free Services

There are usually lots of Italians around the famous tourist attractions in Rome wearing historical costumes of gladiators or Roman patricians. To have a photo taken of you with them costs from 5 to 10 euros. Even if you want to take a photo with a few of them at once, be ready to pay each one.

4. Are You Aware of Coperto?

Very often tourists are surprised because of extra bills at restaurants. In Rome, this happens almost without an exception. If you have decided to dine at a restaurant, take into account the coperto or cover charge, which is 1-3 euros required per person for the service. Avoiding this is a no go.

Italian Pizza

5. Always Try to Cut Down the Costs

The special tourist-cultural card is worth buying when you intend to visit lots of museums all around Rome. Both tourists and interested residents can purchase the card and benefit from various discounts and services. This makes it easier and cheaper to enjoy the splendors of Rome. You get a free entry to the first 2 visited museums and a free use of the city’s public transport network for three days.

Another useful thing to do is book your tickets online before you travel using 365tickets.com.

Roman Coliseum

Roman Coliseum