7 Must-See Sights In Tbilisi That Will Amaze You

Tbilisi boasts old history, which dates back centuries. It has a dramatic location, which adds more charm to this modern and yet traditional city. Before visiting this vibrant city, take a look at our selection of seven must-see sights in Tbilisi.


1. Narikala

Must-See Sights In Tbilisi

This spectacular fortress has a huge historical value, though a part of it is crumbling. Many unique frescos are found inside the fortress, which represents some historical events of the country. Scenes from the Bible also found their place among the frescos. This construction was renovated several times by the Mongols and other foreign conquerors, serving as a citadel for them. Though it may seem difficult to climb the stone tower, it’s still worth it, because the reward is a panoramic view of the city.


2. Old Tbilisi

Must-See Sights In Tbilisi

The old town is located at the narrowest part of the valley and features a labyrinth of romantic streets and brick homes stretching along riverside walkways. Old churches and other religious buildings like synagogues and mosques are found in the old city too. Those who are interested in buying the famous Georgian wine can find some wine shops too. The art lovers can visit the galleries, which dot the area. Above all, you will appreciate many photo options in this romantic part of the city.


3. Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths

The name of the city derives from the words “hot springs” in Georgian. The city is famed with its sulphur baths, which have therapeutic benefits. You can find many offers of comfort with affordable prices at mineral springs in the northern part of the Old City. The Blue Bath is set apart due to its unique façade of blue mosaic tiles. The healing properties of the baths attract many people with arthritis and skin problems. If you don’t have any health problems, you can just go there to relax and have a tranquil back-to-home experience. The baths used to be venues for meeting people with different social backgrounds, but there are also options for those, who prefer privacy.


4. Dry Bridge Market

Must-See Sights In Tbilisi

You’ll be amazed strolling around the Dry Bridge Market, because it has so many interesting offers for tourists who want to take unique souvenirs with them.
The market is especially crowded on weekends, but the bazaar is open every day. You can haggle here as in many eastern markets and buy all sorts of antiques,
silverware and other curious things with convenient prices.


5. Turtle Lake



This place is loved by both the locals and the visitors. If you seek fresh air and woodland scenery, visiting this lake is a must. Cafes and bars along the lake have a chill out atmosphere and a long list of cocktails.


6. Open air museum of Ethnology

Open air museum of Ethnology

Tourists should visit the open-air museum of Ethnology to have a basic understanding of the life in different eras of the country. You’ll find houses with an Eastern design or watchtowers from different parts of the country. The historical constructions, which represent the rural life of Georgia come to life in full-color and life size. An hour isn’t enough to look through all the collections of crafts, pottery, carpets and ethnic house ware.


7. Mtatsminda Park


This amusement park, which is located atop Mount Mtatsminda is a must see. The fantastic waterslides and a roller-coaster ride will keep you busy many hours. You can also marvel the panoramic view from Ferris wheel at the edge of a hill.