8 Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

Horror films, especially the ones with classic brain-scratching scenes overcome almost every cultural gap and have a world-wide popularity no matter they contain admittedly effective jump-scares or claustrophobic atmosphere and sensation of dread. Horror film fans really would like to hang out with their favorite characters and that’s the reason why some bar owners have taken this idea way too far, designing some establishments completely with the theme of horror. For most of them horror genre and alcohol are a good combination for those who seek a creepy atmosphere and hunt down horror movie details. Here are 8 horror movie inspired bars serving up beer flavored with weirdness.

1. The Lovecraft, Portland, Oregon

The Lovecraft is a horror themed dance bar, a home to a Goth Halloween party in Portland, Oregon all year long. Here you can get down to DJ music and metal bands on the dance floor with a giant pentagram hanging over, drink in honor of the ferocious Cthulhu, a popular monster in H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction. Besides honoring the world of horror in all its dimensions, you can also enjoy ritual performances and weird old movies in the atmosphere of horror art memorabilia.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

2. Cambiare, Tokyo

Cambiare is located in one of the busiest spots in Tokyo and is designed in the theme of the motives of Dario Argento’s horror film Suspiria. The varnished glass window, the entrance outlined with neon lights, the dominant red color of the bar and the chandelier truly recreate the atmosphere of this film. When it comes to the soundtrack by Goblin, it’s somewhat relaxing and transcendent at the same time. The menu basically consists of Italian appetizers, beer and coffee.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

3. Silencio, Paris

The bar is designed by American film director David Lynch. It’s a revolutionary type of a club to exchange ideas with creative people and resembles the medieval Parisian literary salons. The bar includes also a photo gallery, a library and a small cinema. The cultural events here reflect the current cultural situation in France and abroad. It’s not meant to be a horror themed bar for the name comes only from Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive, where the visitors of Club Silencio listen to a woman whisper ‘’silencio’’. To acquire a membership you have to be ready to go through an application process and pay not a cheap price. The non-member public can also enjoy the cultural atmosphere of this bar after midnight only.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

4. The Slaughtered Lamb, NY City

This bar got its name from the 1981 horror film, the 2 heroes of which visited a village pub, called The Slaughtered Lamb on their way. Despite the precaution of other pub-goers, a werewolf attacked them. The pub is famous for different types of beer with creepy names, like Full Moon Ale or Red Wolf lager and of course with affordable prices. They also serve traditional English snacks like fish and chips and burgers. Good choice of drinks and friendly service along with plenty of interesting things to look at or read on the walls are the guarantee of the good time you’ll have here.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

5. H.R. Giger Bar, Switzerland

The interior of the H.R. Giger Bar is very unique due to its resemblance to a medieval castle, the upper interior surface of which is decorated with double arches of vertebrae. Entering this bar is similar to being swallowed by a mutated prehistoric beast. The bar was built by Swiss artist H.R. Giger in Château St. Germain and contains other works of arts by Giger, who got an Oscar for his visual effects for the film Alien. On one hand the bar opens early, but on the other hand it closes around 8:30, indeed rather early for a bar.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

6. Nosferatu, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

This bar is named after the vampire character of Nosferatu from F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film inspired by Dracula. The club decorated with skeletons, religious emblems, coffins and red lights truly has the atmosphere of Dracula’s castle, which every year hosts a Hallowen party with lots of visitors wearing gothic costumes and enjoying good choice of drinks.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

7. Frankenstein, Edinburgh, Scotland

The bar named after the iconic character of the monster created by Frankenstein boasts interesting party nights and crazy games in Edinburgh. The cocktails with characteristic names such as Dr. Frankenstein, Bloody Mary Shelley, the full food menu and the unique interior are the reasons why the visitors come back again and again. The bar also has a mini show with music and awesome light effects, which accompany the Frankenstein monster as he comes down from the ceiling of the bar. During the weekends from 8 pm the visitors can enjoy DJ live music, karaoke nights and can even try themselves as bar top dancers.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World

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8. Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, Minneapolis

Because of the fierce winters in Minneapolis, the city resembles a post apocalyptic space where even in case of a zombie attack the dead would still look fresh for a long time. The idea according to which Donny Dirk’s was designed is to provide a shelter in case of the zombie threat. When there’s no more room in hell and the dead walk the Earth, this will be an ideal safe place for the humans, who can take ‘’immunization shots’’ with zombie poison cocktails and just for force majeure cases use the chainsaw behind the glass counter.

Horror Movie Inspired Bars around the World