9 Family Travel Ideas for 2015

In this article, we’ll help you to choose one of the most inspiring options from 9 family travel ideas for 2015. Enjoy your time with your family getting closer to Mother Nature in the most unforgettable way possible! Also, don’t forget to check out our tips on packing when travelling with kids.

Family Travel Ideas for 2015


1. Discovering Wildlife Safari in Namibia

Etosha National Park with its dreamlike landscape and a wide variety of animal species is a great choice for a family self-drive safari. Admiring wild beasts in their national habitat will make an unforgettable impression on both children and adults, thus giving you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge of wildlife. This destination isn’t only for privileged anymore, so you’ll find accommodation which suits your family budget and needs easily.


2. British Museum Creative Activities in London

The generation gap between those who used to marvel at exhibits traipsing around a museum and those who look through rarities and works of art using online resources can be easily bridged due to the creative activities held by the British Museum in London, UK. The British Museum does an exceptional job to give the children a ‘’first hand’’ experience of historical events and the cultures of the world with the help of free digital workshops and fun activities. Join one of these free family events and enjoy your day sharing the fun of learning.

British museum (London)

British Museum (London)


3. Island-Hop Through the Archipelago in Australia

The calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef can be an ideal destination for your family holidays. The pristine beaches, rich nature, and picturesque views are the reason why so many people spend their summer here. Among the popular activities are skipping a sailing boat and exploring uninhabited islands, snorkeling among dream like marine life and sunbathing on white beaches.


4. Marveling at Ancient Frescoes, Dordogne, France

Learning about ancient rock art has never been so funny. Regardless of what culture you are going for petroglyphs of Grotte de Lascaux are always cool, because they take you to the ages where our ancestors were much more alike. Here in France, you have the unique opportunity to see colorful frescoes painted between 15,000 BC and 10,000 BC.


5. Horse Riding Expeditions in Wyoming, USA

Those who crave a new frontier in family activities may find it attractive to experience mountain wilderness on horseback in Wyoming, USA. Otherworldly landscapes in Yellowstone National Park will ignite your imagination and will leave you with indelible memories. Getting off the beaten track and leaving other tourists behind you’ll definitely experience more than just fishing and hiking in this dreamlike environment.


6. Volunteering at Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Volunteering at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary is especially memorable for all family members, because it’s not only an educational and inspirational holiday option but also reveals the complex relationship and competition between animals and human beings for natural habitat. Basic cabins with cold-water showers may resemble spartan conditions, but paying for such accommodation will definitely help to fund the mission of Sukhothai sanctuary.


7. Universal Versions of Hogwarts, Orlando, USA

For those who have read or watched Harry Potter series visiting the wizarding world of Hogwarts in Universal Studios is a must. Play acting like your favorite hero in this truly realistic environment and mapping your roller-coaster ride is among many attractions on the agenda. The experience is also open at Japan’s Universal Studios.


8. Diving with Stingrays in the Cayman Islands

Snorkeling among the colorful marine life of Cayman islands, marveling at neon fish and stingrays in coral gardens is a fantastic experience for families. You will also have unique sensations feeding stingrays with morsels of squid directly from your hands in the shallows. But be careful with this exhilarating experience, because these fearless marine animals are still dangerous.


9. Whizzing Between Mountains Around Sacsara Valley, Peru

If you are eager to experience an adventure beyond any comparison strap yourself into a flying fox together with your child, who must be over six and enjoy the mind-blowing scenery of the Sacsara Valley from bird’s eye view. Kayaking on the Santa Teresa River is also available for the families who have older children. Preparatory courses and camping accommodation are provided by the tour organizers.