9 Places Where People Live the Longest

Almost everyone thinks about the possibilities of living a longer and a healthier life somewhere on the Earth. In fact, the length of people’s life mostly depends on the country they live in. In 2012, Central Intelligence Agency made the list of countries where people live relatively long. Looking through this list helps to conclude that the reason why some countries are conducive to longer lives is the political and economic stability alongside the available health care systems and the high level of education encouraged by the government. As if that didn’t sound perfect enough the population of these countries also uses healthy and fresh food and leads a healthy lifestyle. Natural geography also occupies a central place in this list of factors. The World Health Organization annually releases its statistics and data on the life expectancy around the world. Those who are interested in living longer can check our statistical-based list of 9 places where people live the longest. Of course, we don’t advise to actually move to one of these countries, but you can, at least, follow the lifestyle of the people living there.

9 Places Where People Live the Longest


1. Singapore

In terms of the average number of years the residents of Singapore live, it is constantly in the top lists of different organizations that are interested in the statistics relating life expectancy. The quality of health care, the reasonable hours people spend at work and a high GDP affect the life span of the population in a positive way. Singapore is also considered to be an extremely clean place to live in, compared to not only other Asian countries but also other wealthy countries with the highest life standards in the world.


2. Scandinavia

There is a reason why Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Norway, and Sweden – are ranked as the safest places to live in. That is the high standard of living first of all. Higher education is free in these countries and this makes a positive impact on life expectancy of course. No one can deny that the more educated you are, the higher your chances are to get a good job and consequently paid vacations or parental leaves are guaranteed. Longer life expectancy is influenced by the active lifestyle too. It’s not a secret that in these countries sport takes on something of a religious nature.

BASE Jumping off Trolltunga in Norway

BASE Jumping off Trolltunga in Norway


3. Italy

Though many Italians are heavy smokers, they still live relatively long due to the Mediterranean diet. It’s not a secret that olive oil combined with fresh vegetables and fish contributes to people’s healthy lives. The level of education here is also high enough to have an excellent medical system. One of the secrets of Italian’s long life is the fun-centric living above all.


4. Australia and New Zealand

Due to the stable political system, Australia is among the countries, the population of which has a long life expectancy. The government supports raising public awareness of healthy lifestyle and goes ahead with the struggle against obesity and smoking. The life expectancy of the population in neighboring New Zealand is also high and is increasing constantly. However, the indigenous people who lived here long before it was populated by Europeans, mostly the Maori, have a lower life expectancy compared with the rest of the population.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Australia


5. France

The French women are famous for their healthy lifestyle due to which they are the second on the list of longest living women. By the way, Japan is the leader, but we’ll speak about it a little later. The easy access to healthy food and the balanced lifestyle are the reasons why the life expectancy of the people living here is so high. The active struggle against smoking and alcohol also had its positive results and above all France boasts an excellent medical system.


6. Iceland

Iceland seems a perfect place for men to live in because men have the longest life expectancy in the world. The prosperous economy of the country ensures a financial security for many families. The people here are famous for their tranquil lifestyle. Above all Iceland provides an excellent social safety net and a high level of education.

Crystal Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland

Crystal Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland


7. Japan

To prove the fact that the Japanese enjoy a real long life expectancy, it’s enough to say that the world’s oldest man and woman currently live in this country. Basically Japanese women live the longest among all the nations. Seaweed, high in iodine, fresh fish and vegetables are the indispensable part of their daily meal. And finally almost all the people here practice yoga and other spiritual exercises.


8. Macau

Because of its Portuguese colonial past, Macau has a unique Mediterranean feel. This country with a small population has indeed a developed economy. The population consists of people with British, Portuguese, Malaysian, American or Chinese origin. The cuisine influenced by many culinary traditions is surprisingly healthy. People lead a relaxing lifestyle here, despite many casinos, which are probably meant to attract foreigners mostly.


9. Monaco

This gloriously messy small country is famous for its luxury lifestyle. It’s not even surprising that the citizens live almost 90 years due to the best doctors and state-funded health care. The inhabitants are used to healthy Mediterranean diet and lead the most relaxed lifestyle possible for a country so wealthy and prosperous.

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