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Founded in 2015, Trip Rules is an informative website about travel destinations, travel tips and the most beautiful places to visit around the world. It features interesting articles about the magical world of exotic islands, leading hotels, metropolitan cities and hidden resorts across the globe, enabling its readers to plan their dream trip and experience new vibrant emotions. From the noisy and colorful world-famous festivals to the best amusements parks, museums and city sights, we over it all on our website, also giving you tips about the best places to live, study and work. We have amazing travel tips for budget travellers, as well as those looking for luxury travel ideas, we provide details about the best and the weirdest restaurants, cafes and unique travel experiences that you can live and make your life much more colorful and brighter.

At TripRules.com we are obsessed with everything connected with the world and travelling, including food, drink, clubbing, adventure tours and much more. Travelling has always been the best means of broadening one’s horizons, getting one closer to the wonders of the world and letting you freeze the most breathtaking and beautiful days in your life in your memory forever. Trying to cater to the travel interests of both the globetrotters and those who haven’t managed to discover any countries yet, we strive to be the best travel publisher that will inspire you to live life to the fullest and to travel “fiercely”.