Amazing Travel Destinations for Those In Their 30s

The 30s of everyone’s life is considered to be the best decade, because the uncertainty of the 20s is gone and there is a new frontier in life. Everything you do at this phase of your life turns up many times better than the things you did before, including travelling. To honor this best decade of your life here are amazing travel destinations for those in their 30s.

Amazing Travel Destinations for Those In Their 30s

Fez, Morocco

The oldest Imperial city of the country has everything to be considered a tourist attraction. Though it is somewhat underestimated compared with Marrakesh, which is believed to have the best portion of glory in Morocco. Fez is steeped in culture and history, which makes the city so attractive for the visitors that they stick around here for many days. The ‘’Old Town’’ is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To discover all the beauties of this picturesque city you need more than a few days. But in case, you are here just for a weekend, you’ll definitely have to visit Merenid Tombs. These medieval tombs provide a perfect view from above. Fez awards confident travelers with an adventurous heart.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Most of the travelers give all the accord to Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras. But the city has more to offer, especially to the visitors who are already above their 30s. You can always choose a cheaper version for your accommodation and this means booking a stay in Airbnb is advised. Garden District offers some pretty homes with affordable prices. If you want to explore deeper, you had better stroll around Uptown and Warehouse District neighborhoods. Louisiana cuisine is something worth spending time and money. The cozy jazz bars may not interest the youngsters, but the grownups usually enjoy the chill out atmosphere there.

Nice, France

Paris gets all the glory of France, but there are cities, which have some distinct features that attract so many visitors and most of them should be in their 30s to appreciate it. Nice is the vivid example of such kind of cities.
Promenade des Anglais is a perfect place to walk in the afternoons. The shops and restaurants line the streets and offer the best of France. The old part of the city has romantic alleyways and charming shops and if you are on the hunt for unique souvenirs or unique touristy fluff, these shops are exactly for you. Musee Matisse welcomes the art lovers. And this is only an example among many.

Napa/Sonoma, California

You should definitely visit Napa and Sonoma, which are less than 2 hours from San Francisco, if for nothing else but the top-class restaurants. These places are famous for wine and the romantic atmosphere and are even called an adult Disney World. If you want to relax and do nothing more than eat, drink the best wines and take the advantage of the many spas, than these destinations will be perfect for you. You’ll probably appreciate all these more than if you were in your 20s.

New York

This majestic city is exactly for the ones who really know what they want. If you are still an indecisive teenager, you’ll probably marvel this amazing city, but that’s all. When you get older and wiser the city decidedly takes on a different tone. Discovering the quirky neighborhoods of the city will seem more interesting to you than the downtown full with tourist traps. To get inside tips about bars, shops or restaurants visit SpottedbyLocals. Spending a day in Brooklyn is also a good option to get new impressions.