10 Of the Best European Cities To Visit In Your Life

Europe… The heart of the world and home of the ancient civilization! It develops day by day and lets everyone be proud of it. How thankful we should be to this powerful continent for its great culture and influential countries. It gave us a lot of famous artists, sportsmen, scientists and is considered the centre for literature, arts, entertainment, trade and finally, for luxury life. Sure, it’s everyone’s dream to be in all the famous countries of Europe. Many of us prefer to travel to Europe, as all the famous and developed countries are located there. Well, if you can’t concentrate on which country is exactly for you, this article will help you find yourself in one of these old capitals and major cities of the ancient world. Here are 10 of the most famous and incredible European cities you should visit at least once in your life.

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most developed cities in the world and the capital city of Germany. It’s famous for its great history and its exceptional variety of attractions. It is the world’s center for culture, science and art. Hence, you can find a lot of important attractions in Berlin. Contrasts between historical buildings and modern architecture make the city really amazing and attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. You can start your tour from the Brandenburg Gate to the Federal Chancellery and they will tell you the entire story of a great nation. Don’t forget about the seat of the German Parliament and the Reichstag building. In addition, you can find a lot of museums and universities there. The Germans differ from all other nations with their punctuality. Besides, they are very hospitable and you will feel very comfortable even if you don’t know any word in German.

Best European Cities To Visit

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most colorful and picturesque capitals of the world. The bright light of the city astonishes the visitors and attracts them to its side. It gets more developed day by day, so you can find a lot of interesting sighs there, such as the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum. Besides, it’ll provide you with an interesting time full of adventure. You can find a lot of little coffee shops in every corner of the city. The city is known for its Red Light District and other colorful streets full of bikes and flowers. Even when you’re looking right at old historic monuments, you’ll feel the modernity of the city. Thus, almost 4 million visitors come here every year to feel the real breath of new Europe.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3. Florence, Italy

This magnificent and wonderful city attracts all the people with its unique history and unrepeatable architecture. It is the capital city of Tuscany and home for many titans, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. This incredible city was built in the Renaissance spirit and is considered the centre of art and culture. The most famous building and also the symbol of Florence is the incredible Santa Maria del Fiore, a great example of the early Renaissance. When visiting this ancient city, don’t forget to see the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the Palazzo Strozzi, the Uffizi Museum and the Piazza della Repubblica.

Florence, Italy

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is considered the ninth largest city by population in Europe. This artistic city gave us many famous musicians, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert. This cultural city is also full of amazing buildings coming from different centuries. You can see a lot of modern buildings, such as the Imperial Palace, the Kirche am Steinhof, the State Opera House and the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Vienna, Austria

5. Prague, The Czech Republic

Another cultural city is Prague, located in the Czech Republic. It’s one of those unique cities, where you can see the synthesis of the greatest architectural styles, such as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Classical styles. That’s why the city attracts almost 4 million tourists every year. The most important destinations of the city are Old Town and Josefov, New Town, Museum of Decorative Arts and The Prague Metronome. By the way, visiting Old Town you’ll see the most amazing Astronomical Clock of the world.

Prague, The Czech Republic

6. Rome, Italy

Well, Rome is among the most famous and most visited destinations for all the tourists over the world. Everyone hurries to see the most famous Colosseum and other ancient buildings built in unique Renaissance and Baroque styles, such as the Vatican Museums. The Colosseum is really the most incredible building of the city, as it is the most famous and largest amphitheatre in Italy. Therefore, Rome is a great idea to spend the holidays, as you can also feel the spirit of the classical period and learn about the ancient history of Italy through the numerous incredible museums.

Rome, Italy

7. London, The United Kingdom

London is the largest city of the United Kingdom, where history collides with art, education, fashion, finance and food. There are too many famous attractions there to visit, so, it’s really hard to name or count them. Anyway, some of them are really worth mentioning, such as the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum and so on. If you plan to visit this unique city, you should always remember about the famous parks of London, such as Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Kensington Gardens. London is also famous for its historical places, such as Abbey Road, especially for the Beatles fans, Platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter’s fans and Baker Street, 221B known as Sherlock Holmes Museum.

London, The United Kingdom

8. Venice, Italy

Venice is the most artistic city on Earth also known as a museum in the open air. And it’s really appropriate to its name, as it assembles the most incredible branches of arts together. You can see a lot of architectural masterpieces there when walking through the streets and listening to the most famous works of world known musicians, such as Antonio Vivaldi. Well, talking about the famous buildings, it’s worth mentioning St. Mark’s Basilica and, of course, The Grand Canal of Venice, which is also the main symbol of the unrepeatable city.

Venice, Italy

9. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s greatest historical and cultural treasure full of many magnificent monuments and destinations. It is one of the world’s most beautiful cities founded by Peter the Great in 1703. It is known for its incredible architecture and considered Russia’s cultural heart with more than 200 museums and 40 galleries. When traveling don’t forget to visit the world famous Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, where are exhibited a lot of famous paintings and sculptures of the greatest artists. Among the famous destinations we can mention Mariinsky Theater, State Russian Museum, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Pushkin Museum and so on.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

10. Paris, France

When talking about love and romance, everyone automatically remembers about the city of romance. Paris is the most popular city in the entire Europe. It attracts tourists with a great amount of attractions and sights, such as the symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower, some cultural treasures, such as the Museum of Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Paris is so desirable with its amazing parks and gardens, incredible cafes and restaurants and lovely atmosphere that everyone falls in love with it at once. It’s one of the liveliest cities, where you can see more than 28 million tourists every year. They all come to try the world known Paris Culinary and take part in incredible life of Paris fashion.

Paris, France