Best Places Where You Can Eat Cheap In Paris

Let’s be honest, Paris has never been a cheap city. So not all the tourists can afford everyday meals at those famous Paris restaurants. File away this list of the best places where you can eat cheap in Paris, if you plan a visit to this city of love soon.

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine is the right place for a hungry tourist. The restaurants in this quarter are among the cheapest in Paris and offer classic French meals with affordable prices. Paying as little as 10 EUR, you’ll be able to taste famous French dishes here. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably have to pay for the water, which is meant to be cheap still.

Montmartre Paris



On the hill of Montmartre there are many different Parisian bars, cafés and restaurants, which are not only cute, but also rather affordable for eating something delicious. These places are especially famous among tourists, because the prices aren’t that high like in other restaurants in the French capital. Here you can cut down the cost of your meal, but there is no guarantee that it will be delicious. On the other hand, there are also expensive amazing old-school restaurants here with a long history, Italian pizzerias and cafés which serve exotic dishes.



Flunch Cafeterias

It’s always more preferable to enjoy a leisurely dinner at a nice restaurant, but it’s a matter of time and money of course. The Flunch Cafeteria chain is the golden middle between exclusive restaurants and fast food. You can visit one of the branches of this self-service cafeteria chain near the Pompidou Center art museum and choose the meal you want at an appropriate food station, like chicken, fish, or grill.


Trying French Crepes

The traditional French crêpe is everywhere in Paris. You can buy them either in Parisian crêperie restaurants or at numerous stands along the streets. These thin pancakes with different fillings are the favourite snacks of both the locals and the foreigners.

French Crepes and strawberries


Grocery Shops

Paris is the ideal picnic location and if you want to have a snack in a very special way not spending much money, picnic is just for you. Our advice is to buy some French baguette, cheese, olives and fruit at a grocery shop, chose one of the famous picnic destinations, like Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, Canal Saint-Martin or Palais Royal and soak up the sun while enjoying your glass of wine.

French Baguette


The Chinese Cuisine

As in most cities of the world, you can enjoy delicate Cantonese cooking or fiery Sichuan delights in Paris too. Another great thing about the Chinese restaurants are the affordable prices. You can actually find Chinese food very easily, but there are two main areas for South East Asian eating: Belleville and Chinatown.

Chinese Food


Bastille Area

This most historic piece of soil is now famous for its classic Parisian nightlife. Lots of cafés, bars and restaurants are located here. The streets located to the north and east are particularly strong on good yet affordable food.