10 Unforgettable and Cheap Paradise Destinations in the World

Every now and then we want to leave everything behind and get to some quiet place on the beach with silky white sand and turquoise waters or to stroll around an exotic town taking in the spirit of distant countries. The only problem is that it even sounds expensive. What if we don’t have the exact amount of money, which is required to spend a vacation at some well-known resorts? Wait, this is not a reason to feel disappointed, because we have made a list of 10 unforgettable and cheap paradise destinations in the world just for you.

1. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

This region of the Czech Republic features a medieval atmosphere with an impressive castle and cobblestone streets. And all these superlatives come together at the festival, which fills the air with songs and the flavor of mouthwatering food. The pleasant surprise is the following: renting an apartment here is much cheaper than in neighboring countries, so you don’t want to bother about the accommodation that much. What comes to food, a three-course meal for two will cost more or less 20 dollars. And we don’t mean the fast food at all. This small town is perfect to stroll around and chat with locals, whose ancestors have lived here for centuries.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

2. Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

This tiny island is located in southern Cambodia. The nearest city is Kep.’’The rabbit island’’ is a jungle paradise, where you can stay at beachfront low houses paying cheaper than you can imagine. The island is very quiet and is perfect for those who are sick and tired of the fussy life around them. You will never be annoyed by the crowds of tourist that occupy every inch of the beach at other famous resorts.


Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

3. Guanajuato, Mexico

The ‘’Brooklyn of Mexico’’ truly lives up to its name. It’s located in the middle of Mexico and is believed to be an intellectual city due to the large number of international students and the annual arts festival. Renting an apartment here is cheap enough to stick around even a few weeks, if you have time of course. The city is dotted with colonial buildings, excellent museums and theatres.

Guanajuato, Mexico

4. Pearl Islands, Panama

This group of islands is located 30 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama. Many of these islands are inhabited and welcome wild camping lovers. This is a great rent-free option for budget-friendly vacations. Despite the fact that many pirates used to live here until the ‘70s, most of the beaches are still untamed. The place is believed to be rich in pearls, so go check the information; you may even start a new life here.

Pearl Islands, Panama

5. Agonda Beach in Goa, India

The beach is a part of the western coast of India. Surprisingly, the place is not overpopulated compared with the rest of Goa. The place is perfect to avoid crowds of tourists and their side effects. We mean the noise and rubbish they bring to the beaches. You’ll probably meet some hippies in most cases. But be sure not to be tempted by their lifestyle, remember you are here for a vacation not to change your life upside-down. Anyway, you are the one to decide, who knows; maybe this is the end of your office routine?

Agonda Beach in Goa, India

6. Ho Coc Beach, Vietnam

This is a place that decidedly doesn’t welcome an off-the-beaten-track exploration in case you are not an experienced globetrotter. The tropical forest is not the right place to go for peace and quiet. The guided tours of course are recommended. The beach is deserted most of the week, so you’ll pretty much have it to yourself. To pay a rent you don’t need to be with a pocket deep enough. 6 dollars a day is ok.

Ho Coc Beach, Vietnam

7. Hainan Island, China

The ‘’Hawaii of the East’’ apparently lives up to this name. But the catch is the fact that staying here is not that expensive. Moreover the rent is five times cheaper, so why spend more? On top of all, the Chinese government chose a duty-free policy as a means to develop the tourism on the island. The perspective of having the largest duty-free shopping center is not just words. Local attractions also have their role in tempting foreigners, among them dragon boat race. It may be difficult to participate but who says you can’t watch and cheer on your favorite participant?

Hainan Island, China

8. Ksamil Beach, Albania

This place is on the southern tip of Albania. It has a nice Mediterranean feel, but is way too cheap in comparison with Italy for example. Can you imagine you rent a room with more or less 4 dollars? You can taste the fresh seafood from the Adriatic for about 6 dollars. The surroundings of the beach are not overpopulated, so don’t bother to be bothered.

Ksamil Beach, Albania

9. Iquitos, Peru

Having a vacation in Northeast Peru is not that expensive. The trouble is to get here first of all, especially from other continents, but it’s worth it. The unique atmosphere with native Amazonians will be a new frontier in your life. If you are ready to pay a rent of 7 dollars, than go to enjoy a new undiscovered paradise. The delicious food is available with reasonable prices. What else do you need for a perfect vacation?

Iquitos, Peru

10. Las Trancas, Chile

This winter sport paradise is cheap enough to spend a vacation here without a deep pocket. The rent for a middle ranged apartment is $10 a day. You can ski as much as you like and drink a hot chocolate at the end of the day to warm up the evenings with exotic flavors. Anyway the place doesn’t burst with attractions is summer, but there are still people who want to relax and totally chill in this remote valley.

Las Trancas, Chile