15 of The Coolest Shopping Malls In The World For Real Shopaholics

Shopping at big shopping malls is definitely something super exciting for any shopaholic. Real shopaholics know the euphoric feeling of shopping in one of the biggest malls in the world. It’s not only the fact that the best boutiques are gathered in one place and it’s easy to find what you need, but also the fact that in big shopping centers shopping turns into a fun activity! From the most popular American malls to the breathtaking shopping centers in Middle East, here is a list of some of the coolest shopping malls in the whole world!


1. Mall of America, Minnesota, USA

Website: mallofamerica.com

Mall of America, Minnesota, USA

Opened in 1992, including more than 400 stores, Mall of America is one of the most crowded shopping centers that you can ever visit. This mall was designed by Triple Five Group a company that also appears to be the owner of the shopping center. Mall of America is the most visited and the third largest shopping center in North America. The mall is divided into four different zones, each of which has its own unique designing style. Aside from the big variety of stores, the latter also stands out for its attractions among which appear to be the famous Nickelodeon Universe theme park, the aquarium and the adventure golf, as well as the comedy house.


2. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: malloftheemirates.com

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Located in Dubai, this mall is one of the latest achievements of the very touristic Dubai. Owned by Majid Al Futtaim, this shopping center officially announced its opening in November of 2005. The famous Mall of Emirates incorporates more than 500 international brands and 700 stores including boutiques of the most famous labels in fashion industry. As for entertainment centers, the most fun place in the mall appears to be the so-called Ski Dubai, which is the largest and the only indoor ski destination in Dubai, also being one of the most exciting attractions of the shopping center. Another fun place that you can explore while also shopping is the 14-screen Cinestar Cinemas and the Dubai Community Arts and Theatre, which is a complex of a huge theater and an art gallery that’s worth exploring.


3. The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas, USA

Website: grandcanalshoppes.com

The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas, USA

Everything in this shopping center reminds us of the rich culture and the unique architecture of Venice. Grand Canal Shoppes is a big shopping center that has been constructed inside The Venetian Hotel & Casino and The Palazzo on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The owner of the mall is General Growth Properties, while the developer of the mall is the “Las Vegas Sands”, which is a casino and resort operating company in the USA. Although the mall offers a big variety of works of beloved fashion designers, the most attractive thing about it is the fascinating shows that are being organized every evening. Due to its interesting style and atmospheric environment this mall is one of the most crowded places in Las Vegas.


4. Tokyo Midtown Mall, Tokyo, Japan

Website: tokyo-midtown.com

Tokyo Midtown Mall, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Midtown Galleria was officially opened in 2007. This mall stands in a complex of entertainment areas, offices as well as residential areas. The main building includes offices of important companies, including Yahoo, Fuji Xerox, a clinic by John Hopkins Hospital and the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel. As for the shopping and relaxing areas, the best service by chefs and staff with the highest qualifications is being provided to visitors.


5. Wafi Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: wafi.com

Wafi Mall, Dubai

Just as Midtown Mall, Wafi Mall is also a mixed-use development, only the latter is located in the touristic center of Dubai. This complex stands out for its themed environment and very unique style influenced by the rich cultural heritage left by Ancient Egypt. We would like to highlight the fact that it has more than 350 stores offering the best collections created by the most famous fashion labels in the industry. So Wafi is definitely one of the best places to go shopping. Note that this Mall has received awards for Best Shopping Mall, Best Restaurant, Best New Hotel, Best Spa and Best Independent Boutique. So it completely corresponds to the criteria formed by the world’s best shopping centers.


6. West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

Website: wem.ca

West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping center in North America and it’s also on the top list of the world’s largest malls. This mall was built in 1981 and it remained the largest shopping center until 2004. The mall has a theme park that used to be called Fantasyland until it was owned by The Walt Disney Company. Nowadays the name of the park is Galaxyland. Also it includes theme areas such as Bourbon Street, Europa Boulevard, and Chinatown, which by the way are always crowded with tourists. As for entertainment places, this mall has a lot to offer from indoor shooting range to a petting zoo, dinner theater and cinemas! Another remarkable fact about Edmonton Mall is that it features one of the largest indoor waterslide in the world, something that makes it very special compared to other competitor shopping centers.


7. Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: thedubaimall.com

Dubai Mall, Dubai

Dubai Mall is part of the Downtown Dubai complex. Dubai Mall was opened in May of 2009 after two delays. Dubai Mall includes more than 1200 shops including the boutiques of the most famous fashion retailers. Another remarkable thing about this Mall is that in October of 2009, world’s largest candy center was opened in the mall. Dubai Mall has achieved the world’s record for being the largest mall with a total area of 1,124,000 m² and for housing world’s largest sweet shop, the “Candylicious”. It is notable that today the mall is home to luxury hotels, 120 restaurants and cafes that are always crowded with tourists.


8. Beijing Mall, Beijing, China

Beijing Mall, Beijing, China

Listed among the largest shopping centers in the world, the Beijing Mall is one of the very first spots one must visit during his/her stay in China. It should be mentioned that the usable area of the building is about 3.4 million sq. ft.


9. Istanbul Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey

Website: istanbulcevahir.com

Istanbul Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey

This is a famous shopping and entertainment center in the heart of Turkey. Located on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Şişli district, it was officially opened in October of 2005 and the owner of it appears to be St Martins Property Group. This big shopping center includes 343 shops, 50 restaurants, 12 cinemas, as well as other interesting entertainment centers such as a private theatre, a bowling hall, etc. From the architectural point of view, we have to say that this building attracts attention due to its amazing design, unique style and amazing glass roof that is decorated with one of the biggest clocks in the world!


10. King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, USA

Website: simon.com

King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, USA

Opened in 1963 and belonging to King of Prussia Associates and Simon Property Group, this shopping center is also one of the coolest malls to visit. It houses more than 400 stores including boutiques of the most beloved fashion retailers from all over the world (Burberry, Apple, Louis Vuitton and Sephora). Also we would like to mark the fact that King of Prussia Mall consists of 8 department stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.


11. Zlote Tarasy Mall, Warsaw, Poland

Website: zlotetarasy.pl

Zlote Tarasy Mall, Warsaw, Poland

This is a commercial, entertainment and even office center that’s right next to the Central Railway Station between Jana Pawła II and Emilii Plater streets. This shopping center was opened in February of 2007 and it still functions. The total area of the building is about 205,000 m² including more than 200 shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. So no wonder why it is also one of the most crowded places in the capital of Poland.


12. Westfield London Shopping Centre, London, England

Westfield, London - Main Atrium

Westfield Shopping Centre, London – Main Atrium

This center was opened on the 13th of September in 2011 in Stratford London Borough of Newham in England. This amazing shopping center is a great marketing complex that includes 350 stores and 70 restaurants, as well as luxurious hotels that offer the best deals for a relaxing, enjoyable stay.


13. Mal Artha Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia

Website: arthagading.com

Mal Artha Gading, Jakarta, India

Located in Jakarta, this shopping center is another must-travel destination for real shopaholics. Covering 270,000 square meters and standing out for its unique and very typical architectural design this shopping center is also included on the top list of the biggest and most crowded malls in the world.


14. Mall of Asia, Pasay, Philippines

Website: smmallofasia.com

Mall of Asia, Pasay, Philippines

This is another big shopping center located in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines. It was owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings, which by the way is the largest mall chain owner in the country. Mall of Asia was opened in 2006 and it’s still functioning maintaining its special spot in the top lists of the best malls in the world. Offering the best shops and serving the best food, Mall of Asia is always highlighted as one of the best destinations for real shopaholics.


15. Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Website: centralworld.co.th

Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Owned and developed by Central Pattana, Central World is another mixed-use development that has a lot to offer to locals and visitors. This shopping center has been functioning since 1990. Located in Bangkok this shopping center has everything that you need to feel happy: clothing boutiques, beauty salons, gourmet eating places and even stores of designer furniture. Including more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants, cafes and 15 cinemas, this mall is also one of the most popular destinations for shopaholics.