Experience the Thrill of an All-Inclusive Overwater Bungalow in the Caribbean

Most people have seen the pictures of the overwater bungalows in Bora Bora, but few have experienced them because of the distance and expense of travel and accommodation. Now that has all changed thanks to Sandals. In November 2016 you can experience the delights of overwater accommodation that is much more affordable.

Sandals has created the first all-inclusive overwater bungalows in the Caribbean. They are located at Montego Bay in Jamaica, close to popular beaches such as Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach.

Sandals Jamaica OWS


Luxurious over-the-water suites

The Caribbean’s first over-the-water luxury suites are Tahiti–style bungalows hovering over the turquoise sea against a backdrop of white sandy beaches.

You can gaze on the beauty of the ocean from your floating water hammock, your private infinity pool and Jacuzzi with outdoor shower. You don’t even need to step outside to appreciate the Caribbean’s best crystal-clear waters. With see-through glass floor, and lights to illuminate the water, you can experience the sea and rich marine life from the comfort of your luxurious suite anytime day or night.

Sandals Jamaica Over-Water Suite


What do you get in an all-inclusive Sandals package? Included is accommodation, eating at any of the Sandals restaurants, premium drinks, premium house wines. You can stay at one resort and play at any other. Also included are: your own personal butler, Club Sandals, best beaches and captivating pools. Plus, you can enjoy private boat transfers to and from the resort.



Things to do around Montego Bay

You may never want to leave your beautiful overwater home – but if you do feel adventurous, what is there to do? You can, of course, spend many hours at the other Sandals Resort on the mainland – but you can also visit the nearby Rose Hall Great House and Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, or venture further afield to some of the other attractions on the north coast of Jamaica, e.g., Blue Hole Falls, Dunns River Falls, Falmouth Old Town and Dolphin Cove, or explore the interior of the island to visit Bob Marley’s birth place in Nine Mile.

Dunns River Falls on a one hundred Jamaican dollar bill

Dunns River Falls on a one hundred Jamaican dollar bill


Rose Hall Great House was the home of Annie Palmer, known as the “White Witch of Rose Hall”. According to the legend, the her spirit haunts the grounds of of the Hall. The story states that she was born in Haiti to an English mother and Irish father and spent most of her life in Haiti. When her parents died of yellow fever, she was adopted by a nanny who taught her witchcraft and voodoo. She moved to Jamaica and married John Palmer, owner of Rose Hall Plantation. Annie murdered Palmer along with two subsequent husbands and numerous male plantation slaves, later being murdered herself by a slave named “Takoo”.

Rose Hall, Jamaica

Rose Hall, Jamaica. Photo: D Ramey Logan


Doctor’s Cave Beach Club has been one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica for nearly a century. It is noted for its crystal-clear, calm, turquoise waters and near-white sand. Dr. Alexander James McCatty had founded a sanatorium in Montego Bay in 1880. He allowed his friends, including several doctors, to bathe at his small beach, which was entered through a cave. In 1906 he donated the property to the community, and the private members club was formed, which continues to this day.

Doctors Cave Beach

Doctors Cave Beach. From Wikipedia. By User: Op. Deo


How to get to Sandals Resort Royal Caribbean

Montego Bay is served by Jamaica’s largest airport, the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport. The airport has the distinction of being the busiest airport in the English-speaking Caribbean, serving 3.8 million passengers in 2015.

The airport is served by several North American and European airlines, connecting the island with the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and South America. Flights from the US city of Miami take only 70 minutes, whilst non-stop flights from Charlotte, Houston, Atlanta, and Tampa take less than three hours.

A member of the Sandals Resort Royal Caribbean team will meet you at the airport and usher you to a free transfer to the resort.

Jamaica Sunset


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