Exploring Melbourne – The Vibrant City of Australia

If you haven’t visited this dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, then you definitely have no idea about the cultural face of Australia. The city’s present-day personality is reflected in its Gold Rush–era architecture and the stylish, arty atmosphere. Exploring Melbourne is a once-in-a-lifetime experience every globetrotter should have.

Exploring Melbourne

Food in Melbourne

The city is famous for its exquisite cuisine, which can never be understood unless you dine at Attica, one of the city’s best restaurants. Here you can try Cape Grim beef short rib with roast celery vinaigrette and garlic flowers, which is the famous dish of Peter Gunn, the talented sous chef of the restaurant. The staying power of the northern food movement is best reflected in Estelle Bar and Kitchen. With its open space for lunches, the bar is a nice place to sip a cup of coffee and marvel the luscious garden of edibles. The Press Club with its A La Carte menu and new exciting ways to prepare dishes is a fine example of inventive molecular gastronomy.

Attica Restaurant

The Yarra Valley is highly recommended to visit. It’s a short drive from Melbourne, which will actually take an hour and a half, but it’s fair to spend time to get world-class wines, artisan cheeses and the best handmade chocolate ever. Another great option for a fantastic pastime is visiting the rooftop bars. Actually the rooftop bar scene is considered the invention of this city. The ultimate adult playground Emerson Sunday alongside Black Pearl with its creative cocktails is crucial to the fabric of Melbourne. Soak up the unbeatable vistas of the city with rooftop views of Madame Brussels or Rooftop Bar & Cinema.

Sport in Melbourne

Sport takes somewhat religious nature here. Australia’s sporting capital hosts some of the world’s best international events. Cheer at world-famous sporting events like the Australian Open Tennis championship and the FORMULA 1 (TM) Australian Grand Prix. The locals are especially obsessed with AFL football (‘footy’), cricket and horse racing. A great time to visit this sport-crazy city is spring, when the country’s most prestigious racing event, Melbourne Cup Carnival begins.

Sport in Melbourne

Shopping in Melbourne

The crazy mix of local and international designers is a strong reason for shopaholics to visit Melbourne. You can find everything edgy by Australian designers like Alistair Trung on Little Collins Street, or hunt for international brands and innovative concept at flagship stores of Emporium. The city is stuffed to the gills with good markets. Soak up the hustle and bustle of local markets and pick up some fresh local produce. Queen Victoria Market is probably the most touristy one in the city, Here you can find handmade crafts, secondhand treasures and of course gourmet dishes. The South Melbourne Market is the right place for vintage shopping.

Shopping in Melbourne

Architecture and Culture in Melbourne

Wallow in the city’s atmosphere strolling around its beautiful arcades, eclectic laneways and Heritage Listed buildings. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the sheer grandeur of St Patrick’s Cathedral and another famous Victorian landmark:

St Patrick’s Cathedral


St Paul’s Cathedral, which adds charm to the historic face of the city. Another great thing to keep in mind is that you can enjoy all this wonderful stuff without opening your wallet. History and culture fans will appreciate old advertising paintings and futuristic structures. The annual Open House event attracts many visitors, who have the unique chance to peep inside many architectural highlights of the city.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The National Gallery of Victoria with an expansive collection of international art, including decorative arts collection from India to Japan, the Heide Museum of Modern Art with its inspiring collection of current century and the educational and entertaining Australian Centre for the Moving Image make up the city’s present-day cultural personality.

Outdoor Activities in Melbourne

This surprisingly European city is famous for its fun-centric living and is under the radar in terms of tourist attraction popularity. Running and cycling are the favourite outdoor activities of the residents. The green spaces of the Royal Botanic Gardens provide the opportunity to organize picnics and to stroll through the myriad paths not leaving the city. The circuit of the gardens is the favorite place for fitness lovers, who jog the so called tan track almost every morning.

Royal Botanic Gardens

St Kilda beach will be a nice discovery, particularly for travellers exploring the region. The waves are absolutely gorgeous and many windsurfers come here for exactly that purpose. You can also experience the oldest operating roller coaster in the world as well as the full complement of amusement rides in Luna Park.