Exploring Qatar Or Getting Closer To The Arab World

Qatar is an awesome combination of amazing landscapes, long desert safaris, sandy beach holidays and sports. In short, here everyone will find something corresponding to their tastes and interests. The country is surrounded by land from one side, and the waters of the Persian Gulf from all the remaining sides. This is why the most interactive means of time spending there is water sports. Another option of active leisure in Qatar is definitely cruising or motor-boating. If you’re into water sports, then you might also encounter diving as a cool way of spending your time in this sunny land.

Exploring Qatar

Boating is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in Qatar. Here a large number of private companies offer small motor boat rentals as well as windsurfing equipment. Those who lack any kind of experience in water sports will be able to get help from the qualified instructors. They will provide the necessary training to the interested tourists. In the Gulf, you can always go water skiing, water scootering or simply rent a catamaran or kayak.

If water sports are too simple for you, then you might master in golfing. The local fields are just great, annually hosting many international competitions. However, you should be aware that this is a costly pastime.

The national symbol of Qatar is announced to be antelope. There you can see antelope in their natural habitat, visit farms, where those are kept and even feed them with your own hand. Next to these amazing animals, one might also have a look at the Arabian horses. Those are no less beautiful and astoundingly impressive. There you can also demonstrate your skills of racing in one of the local horse clubs. And sure In Qatar one should not forget about the camels. It’s one of the few places, where you can find two-humped camels and experience a typical Bedouin day while crossing the desert on a camel and having lunch at the surrounding caravanserai oasis.

The country’s capital is Doha City. It’s not an old historical place if compared with the other cities of Qatar, but still it has a history of over a century. This is why it’s worth to visit the “old town” part of it. Here you will find a couple of small streets overlooking the broad avenues. Most of them are filled with tiny stores of different specialization, in which you can buy unique crafts and souvenirs. Not far is located the local zoo for wild animals called Al Dosari Zoo.

Around 25 km north of Doha is the famous Umm Salal Mohammed fort. It’s a small snow-white building with two towers and a small mosque with an old minaret. One of the reasons why one should visit this beautiful site is that it’s really contrasting to all the rest of the buildings you’ll see in the country. The place is surrounded with white-sand desert and has typical brick walls protecting the fort.

Going even a bit further in the north you will face the town of Al-Khor. Though there’s also a small museum there, which is almost never open, still the presence of beautifully crafted mosque and old city towers are just a few buildings making this town worth visiting.

Shopaholics will certainly get lost when choosing between huge malls and open-air markets. As in the case of other major cities of the Arab world, Doha is hosting the largest shopping center with the Asian traditions. It’s a great pleasure shopping at one of the oldest markets of Doha that has been traditionally used by the Bedouins. Originally it used to be a place for buying such goods as meat, milk, while currently there you will find mostly gold jewelry, textiles, cosmetics and perfumes.

If you get tired of all of the enhanced historical and cultural places of Qatar, then an escape to the island is just for your, where you can relax on the beach and soak up the warm sun rays. Journey to the sea in the middle of the continental desert gives you an excellent opportunity for an afternoon pastime. Light lunch and swimming in the sea will be a worthy conclusion to your vacation spent in Qatar.