Futuroscope Adventures: Getting Lost In The Future

If you want to escape from stressful life and get lost in a fantasy world full of adventures, then Futuroscope is where you need to go! Located in the picturesque French city of Poitiers and covering a vast territory abundant in green lawns and azure pools, Futuroscope is an other-worldy amusement park of futuristic attractions that has been thrilling visitors from France and all over the world since 1987, making a lasting impression even on the most capricious and sophisticated thrill-seeker! It’s literally a city of the future within an ancient city, which impresses with its pyramids, theatres, modern architecture and huge mirrored glass buildings reflecting the lush colors of the park’s flowers and ponds.

Futuroscope Amusement Park, Aerobar

Designed by famous architect Denis Laming, the 3D pavilions of the park give one the illusion of being in a futuristic city where human powers have been fully replaced by technology. Steel and glass are the main materials used, which give the right dose of futuristic feel to the overall look of the abstract buildings. Apart from the impressive architecture, it’s the fantastic 21st century world that thrills pictured through innovative cinematic technologies, modern special effects and huge screens. Most of the attractions in Futuroscope are based on the use of special effects, ones that are often used in the cinematography of the XXI century. The famous laser show in Futuroscope is sure to plunge you into a real fantasy world, where laser beams are projected on the gigantic screens that is composed of millions of tiny water droplets illustrating giant figures of dancers in shiny clothes energetically dancing to the rhythm of incendiary music amazing all the spectators, who fight for the front rows to catch a better glimpse. Flying in space, traveling through time, meeting the interesting inhabitants of the underwater depths and the sky, experiencing the excitement of taking a ride on the cool attractions and taking part in the interactive shows make Futuroscope an incredible fantasy dream that has actually come true. Arthur the 4D Adventure is fun both for adults and children, when you turn into a Minimoy, get into the flying ladybug to join Arthur in his adventures, while the Dynamic Vienne attraction is amazing if you want to take a sightseeing tour through the Vienne, feeling the speed, water and wind. Especially mysterious is the Journey into the Dark, when you discover different worlds without being actually able to see, instead trusting your senses to feel, touch, smell and hear the world you explore.

There are overall 9 activities awaiting you in the sporting attraction of the park, including timed free-fall slides from the top of 40-feet tall spiral slides, a scrum machine test, a laser course to test agility, Mind Ball for testing your concentration power and much more. At the end of each challenge, players compare their scores with those of their friends’, which only boosts the excitement and adrenaline of getting involved in the activities.

Futuroscope Amusement Park, France

Futuroscope nowadays is more fun and more family-oriented than we expected it to be! The best thing about the attractions that this dreamy theme park offers is that they’re both educational and fun! Offering the strangest journeys inspired by the unlimited imagination of human kind, all these attractions appear to be the most enjoyable way of discovering the world around us! In February 2015, Futuroscope officially opened the doors of a new training center; the so-called Arena fun Xperiences. This arena of the future is featuring new fun games that appear to be a mix of sports and entertainment, designed to impress the visitors of the park.

There is also the amazing “Time Machine”, a project that appears to be the result of the cooperation of Futuroscope and Ubisoft’s production studios. Time Machine will take you to a fantasy world where everything is based on a theme of the most popular video games and video-game characters.

It is worth mentioning that Futuroscope continues expanding its projects up to having all kinds of new exciting attractions especially designed for kids. From adrenaline rides to island explorations on boats, there is a whole range of offerings for you to spend some quality time with your kids.

Futuroscope Attractions

Take a Break Tasting the Best Recipes at Futuroscope!

Futuroscope also offers the best snacks and dishes cooked by the most talented chefs! There are themed restaurants among regular take-away outlets. Isn’t it cool? Among the best places to eat are La Table d’Arthur and Le Cristal. Note that the latter works from July to August. Both are new which makes them quainter than the other places to eat.

Relax at the Hotel

Futuroscope cooperates with 13 hotels that are located near the park. Among the best hotels to check-in to enjoy your adventurous trip are HôtelNovotel, HôtelMercureAquatis, Hôtel Campanile, Hôtel Ibis and Hôtel Jules Verne. All of the mentioned hotels can host from 1 to 4 guests maximum, hence any of them can be a good choice for a family trip.

The park is open every day from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm, or a little longer if there are special laser shows organized. The address of Futuroscope is Avenue René Monory, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France and you can get there by car, taking a taxi or any public transport available. Note that the parking fee is 7 € for the day. Thus paying just 42€ per person per day excluding admission and hotel expenses you’ll get to experience the fun of this crazy theme park!

Futuroscope Attractions