How to Pack When Traveling With Kids

If you want to take packing for family to a new level and do it as a professional, then our tips are exactly for you. You should never worry about packing when travelling with kids, because we’ll help you to stay organized taking the worry out of remembering every detail for your trip. Of course your packing list will depend on your destination and the weather, but there’s still a list of basic things you’ll definitely need wherever you go with kids.

How to Pack When Traveling With Kids

Knowing your baggage limits is the first thing to think about. Of course the variant that you go to an inhabited island with your kids is very rare, so you don’t have to panic in case you forgot anything, because many things can be found in your new destination quite easily, but that will cause extra expenses consequently.

Passports, tickets, transport details truly matter, so they should be packed beforehand together in a light backpack. Then comes your wallet, phone with the charger, medication and painkillers and an international adapter. However, for kids the most important things are their stuffed animals to sleep with, so to ensure their comfort, you have to take into account this fact too.

Packing cubes will decidedly save your time and energy, because organizing things in this way helps you find everything you want quickly enough. Make sure you label the cubes not to spend extra time unzipping them every now and then.

Infant supplies, snacks and water bottles, together with entertainment for kids (pencils, coloring books, card games, etc) should be packed in another backpack with convenient pockets. Pajamas, toothbrushes and toothpaste together with an extra pair of clothes are also a must.
The risk of losing your expensive jewel is rather high, because you focus on the kids most of the time, so it’s reasonable to take only comfortable clothes leaving out other sentimental stuff. Raincoats and galoshes are a must in case of a rainy destination. A second pair of pajamas, bathing suits and your soap and shampoo in resalable bags should also find their place in your checked luggage.

To avoid the risk of over packing do a double check and leave out the items, which you think are not very essential. Medicaments and first-aid essentials including anti-itch or antiseptic cream, plasters, thermometer and other prescription medication should be on the first place. Baby supplies and food with reasonable quantities are allowed despite carry-on luggage regulations, most airlines even don’t require an extra charge for cribs or strollers, but our advice is to check this to be on the safe side.
And finally before doing all these steps make a list of indispensable stuff and stick it on your front door to check it out just before leaving the house.