Immersing In The Wonderful Culture of Jordan

Jordan is a country located in the Middle East offering exciting scenes and warm atmosphere. In contrast to the neighboring countries this one is a safe place for travelers. The climate is awesome and the locals are always there to help you out. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has interesting neighbors including Israel, the Palestinian Authority areas, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and it also has access to the Red Sea. Though the state is occupied with deserts in most of the parts, here you can still enjoy the warm weather and get a chance to feel the charm of the oases.

Immersing In The Wonderful Culture of Jordan

Amman, which is the capital of the country, is a young and modern city, though the spirit of the ancient times is still significant. The city is built on seven hills. This is one of the cleanest and safest cities among the Arabic countries. The central part of the city hosts the Old Roman Theater, the Archaeological Museum with its reach collection of Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as the ancient citadel. Among the other places to visit in Amman one should necessarily mention the Governor Palace, Ragadan Royal Palace, the Museum of Royal Cars and Museum of Coins. It’s interesting to mention that the city is combining two cultural heritages, that is here you will find typical Islamic masterpieces, while the Roman relics still remain integral part of the Jordan culture.

Immersing In The Wonderful Culture of Jordan

Immersing In The Wonderful Culture of Jordan

Not far from the capital, there is a historical town called Salt, which used to be the ancient capital of the country. A bit further is Madaba, which is known as the “City of Mosaics” among the locals. The ruins and the preserved old buildings stand out with the typical Roman culture featuring mosaic floors and panels. St John the Baptist Cathedral and the Church of the Prophets are the most majestic sites in Madaba. There’s also a great archaeological park, which can be visited by the family. Around 20 kilometers from Madaba you will find another amazing city, called Mukawir. There used to be a prison here next to a royal palace. According to the legend Salome has danced for the king here and got a chance to free John the Baptist. The city is not only a local treasure, but also a good place to have a view at Jerusalem and the west coast of the Dead Sea.


Around 70 kilometers from Amman you will find therapeutic mud and thermal waterfall spa complex, which is known for its healing qualities. The complex is called “Ishtar” and it’s rather affordable if compared with similar high altitude mountain complexes.

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Another historical city in Jordan is Petra, which can be called “the pearl” of the country. It hosts one of the most tempting fortresses. You get a feeling that it’s hung in the mountains, as the only way to get connected with the outer world is through a narrow gorge. The place is full of various old buildings and amazing architectural details, including reservoirs, typical Arabic baths, places for worship, as well as numerous public buildings, shops, where you can find small samples of local handicraft. And all of this is rolled up in a rocky mountain of very untypical pink color shade.

Immersing In The Wonderful Culture of Jordan

Jordan is also popular for its valuable castles of the Crusades era. The most well-preserved one is the Kerak Castle, which is around 150 kilometers from the capital, though you will be able to find similar buildings almost all over the state in various cities and towns. As for the natural monuments in Jordan, the best one is Wadi Rum, for sure. This is a well-deserved desert with its colorful sandstone hills and red-pink color scenery. It’s obvious that the place has a large list of oases locations, where you can rest and enjoy the reddish sunset. The place combines the typical desert scenery with various rocky mountains and hills. Most of the visitors prefer to camp here or try horseback riding on the Arabian horses.

Kerak Castle

The southernmost city in the country is Aqaba, which is a young resort on the Red Sea. The place has a good tourism infrastructure, while the natural conditions are also amazing, including crystal clear water and the blowing breeze. The city is located on the border with Israel and is a good place to get tan. The clear water allows the fans of water sports to snorkel or dive.

Jordan is a very nice place for a long-term vacation. And if you compare the prices of hotels and overall service, you will definitely choose this location: it’s pretty cheap with a top-level service.

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