10 Of the Most Expensive and Coolest Night Clubs In The World

Human life’s 1/3 goes to the dormant state, we work during the days and sleep during the nights. Thus, we don’t have enough time for fun during the daytime and many of us prefer sleeping at nights for a full rest. But wait! Have you ever thought about night fun? Sometimes sleeping is not the best idea. Active night is as relaxing as sleeping and here come the nightclubs to prove this fact. After a long and heavy working day, you can always plan a goods relax by dancing, drinking and talking with your friends. So, the nightclub is the most suitable place for your plans. It’s the best place to forget about your hectic day and get rid of your numerous problems at least for an hour. Today the nightclubs develop day by day and get filled with new technology. So, how developed the nightclub is depends on how expensive it may be. But believe it, it’s really worth your money to feel that pleasure at least a once in a lifetime. We’re going to discuss the most expensive, the richest and the most popular nightclubs in the world. Enjoy!

1. Club Aquarium, United Kingdom

When visiting London you should never spend the unique time in vain. Spend your daytime exploring the most popular monuments of United Kingdom, but don’t forget that nights are important for travelling too. Well, the most popular nightclub of London is the Club Aquarium, which is also considered to be the richest nightclub in the entire United Kingdom. Of course, you need a lot of money to have a crazy night at Club Aquarium, but it’s really worth that. It’s an incredible place, where you can dance like it’s the last time, jump into the swimming pool or enjoy some unique cocktails at its bubbly Jacuzzi.

Club Aquarium, United Kingdom

2. Pangea Club, Singapore

The most luxurious and the richest nightclub of Singapore is the Pangea Club, located at the Marina Bay Sands. If you want to feel what means the luxury night, it’s the best place to visit. Just imagine, when entering the Pangea Club you would pay $20,000 only for reserving a table. Can you imagine how much money you should pay to have a great party? Surely, many of us will get amazed now, but it’s the main condition to have an unforgettable night.

Pangea Club, Singapore

3. Chlosterli Club, Switzerland

Chlosterli Club is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world. You can find it on an old mountain retreat in the Swiss Alps. There, you’ll feel the severe cold of the Swiss Alps, but at the same time the warmth and comfort of the club. Inside, you can see the synthesis of luxury and comfort, which gives you a warm atmosphere, where you can dance, drink and have a full rest. Besides, during the daytime, the club transforms into a restaurant, where you’ll always see a lot of locals. But the nights… they are for tourists just like us!

Chlosterli Club, Switzerland

4. LIV Club, Florida

With the floor area of 30,000 square feet, LIV club is one of the largest nightclubs in Miami. Located just along the Miami Beach, it’s a wonderful place to spend the night and dance to the music or stroll along the beautiful beach. So, it’s a very comfortable place to have a good night and never forget about your days spent in Miami.

LIV Club, Florida

5. Cocoon Club, Germany

Cocoon Club is one of the most popular nigh clubs in Germany. It’s unique with its incredible interior decorations and high technology, which provides the club with amazing video effects. But note that it is very difficult to get into the club despite the fact that it has a capacity to host 1200 guests at a time. By the way, you’ll always meet many famous and rich people there, who don’t mind paying up to thousands of dollars even for a bottle of champagne.

Cocoon Club, Germany

6. Halikarnas Club, Turkey

Another luxurious nightclub is located in a Bodrum, the famous resort town of Turkey. It entirely breaks the stereotype that Turks don’t know how to party. This huge club can hold up to 10,000 people, so, it’s always crowded. Besides, it’s situated next to the beach to let you rest off the crowd and music. By the way, entering the club you’ll be amazed by the amazing interior, which is reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Thus, you can party like Emperor Caesar, only if you’re ready to spend too much money for your fun.

Halikarnas Club, Turkey

7. XS Club, Las Vegas

As we all know, Las Vegas is one of the most expensive cities on Earth, where you can have a great time spending a huge sum of money. Therefore, the XS Club is one of proofs of that fact. It is the poshest nightclubs in Las Vegas, which attracts visitors with its remarkably attractive interior. At first you should pay attention to a very impressive list of drinks that cost more than a few thousand dollars. Thus, the XS club is one of the most attractive destinations in Las Vegas, where you can dance, relax and spend all your money on partying.

XS Club, Las Vegas

8. Cavalli, Dubai

The Cavalli nightclub is one of the most luxury nightlife venues in Dubai, located in the Fairmont Tower hotel. It’s one of the remarkable masterpieces of world known designer, Roberto Cavalli. The club is known for its unique interior with 356,000 Swarovski crystals and the bar’s extensive list. The crazy atmosphere of the club is provided by the world-class DJs, who do their best to make visitors dance with all their energy.

Cavalli, Dubai

9. La Fira Club, Spain

When visiting Barcelona, you can’t resist the fervent atmosphere during the nights, as nights in Barcelona are always on fire. The best proof of this fact is the most popular nightclub of the city, La Fira Club. It’s unique with its incredible interior, which combines antique furniture with modern atmosphere. Every wall is decorated with mirrors, which make the club more interesting, especially when they distort the bodies of the people dancing on the floor. It’s also worth mentioning the unique bar of the club, which is full of branded drinks, old champagne and other types of drinks.

La Fira Club, Spain

10. Hakkasan, Las Vegas

As we have already mentioned, Las Vegas is the most expensive place full of many luxurious destinations. That’s why we turn to this city the second time in this list. The Hakkasan, similarly to XS club, is an attractive and really expensive nightclub, where you should visit with a huge sum of money. Just like the XS club, a bottle of champagne costs several thousand bucks there. This club is especially for those visitors, who don’t mind to spend $100,000 in a single night. Anyway, you won’t even save your money when you decide to visit this club, as you’ll never regret for your time spent there.

Hakkasan, Las Vegas