Rome: The Elegance of the Eternal City

Rome… so many beautiful associations come along with this four-letter name – all-mighty power, history of wealth, culture, world-conquering emperors, the motherland of Renaissance with all its splendor, grandeur and glory, the religious cradle of all Catholic Christians and a modern-day high spot of fashion, tourism, and entertainment. Already at the beginning of recorded history, it was called the Eternal City, where everyone cherished a desire to appear at least once in a lifetime. After the “darkness” of medieval times, with the resurrection of culture, humanity, freedom of creation and inventive mind, people’s interest has been increasingly augmented towards Rome: one can never satisfy his thirst of touching Roman beauty.


Whether you prefer active or passive manner of spending a vacation, Rome is one of the best European travel destinations for you. It will leave any person satisfied, starting from the most inquisitive interested in learning to those who wish to gain the utmost of their holiday period having a perfect rest. Therefore, before visiting the Citadel of Art, we sincerely recommend that you prepare duly for the amazing experience awaiting you anon! Rome isn’t only breathtaking architecture, as there are so many things to do in Rome that you’ll have the desire to be back to the Eternal City over and over again!

Where to Stay in Rome

hotel in rome

First, make sure you find a fitting place to stay in Rome, one that meets your budget and corresponds to your essential needs. There are hotels available offering both luxury and comfortable stay. One of the most wonderful hotels in Rome is Barocco Hotel with a magnificent view of Piazza Barberini and the peculiar Triton fountain constructed by the talented architect Bernini. It offers a friendly service, free breakfast, and Internet connection and is most popular with families, who are interested in seeing Rome’s sights, going shopping, for a walk and having fun! Other good choices of a hotel offering almost similar services are Hotel Campo de Fiori in Navona, and Artemide Hotel.

For more affordable variants, you might consider Albergo del Senato, Hotel Santa Maria, and Palm Gallery Hotel. Nowadays the Internet provides with an enormous amount of information and opportunities to book tickets and hotel rooms beforehand. So, if you are up to a great trip to Rome, be sure to choose the right place, which goes with your time and money!

Best Time to Visit Rome

margutta street

When traveling all of us wish we acquired the paramount pleasure possible. Naturally, there is the best time of flourishing for every single area on our planet. Rome is not an exception. It is impossible for one not to fall in love with this incomparable city combining the legacy of ancient times and modern-day peculiarities. However, to be left with those deep impressions you certainly should choose a time another than August. This is the very time for Italians to travel too! Thus, you will meet only newcomers from other countries and stay in the dark of what it says “the subtle soul of veritable Italy”. Besides that, when traveling to Rome, one should be out surveying every inch of the city’s architecture, shopping centers, parks, and squares. Choose some days at the end of spring, at the beginning of summer or autumn, so that the hot summer sun of Rome does not keep you from being outdoors.

Immersing into the Ancient Beauty

No one can say that they have been to Rome without seeing its magnificent squares, basilicas and other creations of legendary architects like Bernini, Michelangelo, Leonardo and others! And to make the most of the attractions, it might be a good idea to book your tickets online, e.g., from, which provides excellent deals and service.

The start of your acquaintance with this friendly fleshpot may be right from the St Peter’s Square. Special interest attracts St Peter’s Basilica under the main altar of which one can find the tomb of St Peter – one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, also considered as the first Pope. Besides, there is an Egyptian obelisk right in the middle of the square. Here is a cunning hint: in case your watch is missing, you can learn the time by checking on which of the stones circling the square the shadow of the obelisk falls. Being here will set the foundation of your never-ending affection for the eternal city. Hurrying to warn you that St Peter’s Basilica is not a cathedral. That honour genuinely belongs to St John Lateran, where you should certainly go as well.

St. Peter's Square

St. Peter’s Square

Afterwards visit Castel Sant’Angelo, which has a very peculiar history of being at first a mausoleum built by the Roman emperor Hadrian for himself, then a cathedral, fortress and now a museum. You will learn a lot about the events that took place during its existence, legends explaining the origin of its name and establishment, and be positively amazed by the complicated solutions of thegentle architecture of this sumptuous ensemble.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo

Another starting point in your explorations of Rome could be Piazzo del Popolo. This would be extremely accomplishing for those who have earnest savourof inspiring revolutionary stories and personalities, inasmuch asa short way off the square stands the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo-the place where monk Martin, the later renowned Martin Luther came out of. Visit also Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Pantheon (also known as Santa Maria Rotonda). The latter has always aroused the interest of many men-of-arts because of the idiosyncratic structure andgrandiosity it owns. Besides, there are located the tombs of not only many popes, but also artists. Special attraction belongs to the tombs of Rafael Santi-the king of all artists, and King Victor Emmanuelle II – the unitor of Italy.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

A whole day of expedition should be spent on visiting the Roman Forum, walking along the Via Sacra (the sacred way), looking at the ruins and Capitoline, which is an irreplaceable experience of falling deep in thoughts. One particularity of Rome is that all historical buildings have legends attached to their histories. Thus, when visiting them, make sure you learn about them embellishing the rich imagery and knowledge you gain.Good news: all of these have free entrance! However, there might be additional fees for separate halls and parts of the buildings.

Via Sacra

Via Sacra

To know the country entirely one should as well learn how it is governed. Quirinal, an exquisite example of Barocco is an ensemble constructed by Michelangelo’s sketches.The presidential palace of the present-day Rome stands right in the midst.The scene gives indescribable emotions with its beautiful green gardens and breathtaking overviews of the whole city. Once seen Quirinal you should certainly visit The Altare della Patria-the symbol monument dedicated to King Victor EmmanuelleII on the event of the reunion of Italy. If in ancient times “all the roads led to Rome” now all the roads of Rome lead to The Altare della Patria.

The Altare della Patria

The Altare della Patria

Colosseum – The Allegory of Rome

The very monument that we all associated with Italy as a child is Colosseum. As it can be supposed from its name, Colosseum is colossal, grand and majestic. The multiple movies depicting the life in ancient times of Roman Empire always portray scenes with gladiators, their fights that took place in Colosseum. To feel the spirit of enormous power many tourists are ready to wait in long queues in front of the box offices, which sell entrance tickets. To avoid waiting, and to get good deals, it is a good idea to book your tickets online from



As everywhere in Europe, there are hop-on-hop-off buses in Rome, which drive past the main places of interest in it. The sights are noted with red and blue marks, and you can get off the bus in every station, watch the monument and then get back to the station to catch the next number. Daily there go multiple expeditions and excursions through the city during which one can easily choose the language, the guide, take amazing photographs from the bus.

An Evening Stroll In the Streets of Rome

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

After a long and accomplished day, it is the very time to have some rest. Evening walks along the modern-antic streets of Rome, having some picnics in its parks, observing the stately squares can be so enjoyable! Piazzo di Spagna is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, where you can spend a pleasant evening, meeting many people from both neighborhood and abroad. The chats, heartwarming musical performances of strangers with guitars, mild lights around the fountain under the long staircase leading to the Spanish embassy can be fantastic! In addition to all these, you will be thrilled to learn that such common-or-garden historical figures as Wagner, Stendhal, Badner, Casanova and Berlioz were once the residents of this very vicinity. Do take a jacket before going out in case the naughty wind starts blowing all of a sudden. Already obsessed? It could be anticipated. In that case, walk to Trevi fountain-another unprecedented creation of genuine architectural mind. They say, if you stand backwards and throw a coin into the water of fountain, you will return to the Eternal City! Who knows? Maybe this will help you meet your beloved Rome at least once again.

A Refined Touch to Roman Cuisine

For many a traveler food is an indicator of national identity. Consequently, when in Rome you should definitely try their national foods and meals. The traditional Italian breakfast is quite plain – coffee-cappuccino with bagel, which is available in every bar and café of the city. The same cannot be said about dinner. When talking about Italy the second association that comes to the mind after Colosseum is Pizza and Pasta. Rome is spread with high-quality restaurants where one can get innumerable dishes of Italian cuisine. Whether you want simple fast food at affordable prices or some refined delicatessen to treat you and your family on a special occasion you choose between ristorante, trattoria and osteria. These eating institutions differ in their level of formality. Most fashionable ones are located in Campo de Fiori neighborhood.

Italian Pizza

Here are some tips for a traveler to receive the exact food he wants: for the real heart and soul of Italian cuisine, you would rather choose trattorias-special dining places located a little far from the city center but serving both affordable and high-priced dishes. Pizzeria Langella is one of tourists’ most favoriteplaces to dine out. The best pizza ever madeis said to be served there and at reasonable price ranging from 10-20$. A proof that quality can be gained without immense amounts of money!

Among other most popular restaurants in Rome are Vicini Bistrot, Pizza Rustica Ai Grachi, Panino Divino, La Porta del Principe and others. Those who wish to experience a subtle touch of delicate splendor are recommended to eat at Volee and Ristorante Un 2 Tre. From Italian traditional dishes, you can order Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti with Pork Bolognese, Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna, Brown Gutter Gnocchi and Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini, which are absolutely marvelous.The prices for the dishes range from 30-50$.

Still desirous? Then Ad Hoc one-day food toursare exactly what you are looking for! During those trips, even the most outrageous cormorants will be contented with multiple excursions to local markets trying delicious fresh tomatoes, cheers with tiramisu toasts and yummy street food like Suppli and Panino con Lampredotto. To make the exciting event even more precise and thrilling, go for wine testing in multiple wine cellars, which date back to 80 BC!

Nightlife in Rome

Nightlife in Rome

The day has ended; therefore, it is high time for you to have some real fun at famous nightclubs in Rome. Get ready to paint the town red! No matter, if you prefer extreme, active entertainment at discos or a little passive pastime at a nice bar with beverages and good music, you will find Rome’s nightlife mind-blowing. For wild and crazy nights go to Via di Monte Testaccio street, where you will find Rome’s best night-clubs: Akab, L’Alibi, Radio Londra. For a more laid-back variant, consider going to Storico Centro square and attend bars Salotto 42 and Fluid, where you will be left speechless from aperitivo done up in Dolce Vita style.

Rome – World Capital of Fashion

Once you have come to know Rome’s history, art, daytime mayhem and nightlife, the time has come for you to open a brand new page in your book of impressions from Rome – Fashion! One cannot lose the chance to admire the style and beauty of Roman trends as it is, fairly enough, considered aworld fashion capital, the fourth after Milan, New York and Paris beating even London. Those addicted to the fashion industry will gain the ultimate pleasure attending fabulous fashion shows of such world-famous brands as Valentino, Fendi, Laura Biagiotti and Bulgari learning the fact that these major fashion houses and jewelry chains were founded in this very city. An inimitable complement to the experience will be shopping in the prestigious street Via dei Condotti, where the precious boutiques of major brands Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Armani are located.


When talking about fashion appropriate consideration should be taken of packing your clothes. They say, when in Rome, do as the Romans! Taking a look at the locals, we commend that you take these essential items for your wardrobe: a light-colored t-shirt (when visiting Basilicas and churches you are not allowed to enter with naked shoulders and legs), a pair of jeans, several cotton tank tops, shorts, a dress for an evening-out (better be it black, as Italians consider that color extremely elegant) and sandals both casual and formal. Do not bring a hat with you, because you will probably buy one there (white with black ribbon is almost a symbol accessory of Italian fashion for women). Finally yet importantly, do not forget your swimsuit. Ostia, located not far from Rome, is a perfect seaside area for a day-trip.

The famous saying implies, if you have been to Rome for a day, you have seen it, for a couple of weeks – you have learnt it better, but if you live here, you will never know the depth of it. So let us try it and drown in the timeless mysteries of ambiguous, nostalgic, noble and gentle Rome, which will open new wonders of it with every second of breathing there.