Where to Go Skiing This Summer? 10 Amazing Ski Destinations

With summertime approaching do you feel you are not ready to put away your skiing equipment just yet? Well, we are here to tell you that there is no need for that since there are plenty of places where you can still enjoy yourself on the slopes in the summertime. In this article we offer you the world’s best southern hemisphere and glacier ski resorts, so check out these 10 ski destinations for summer.

Amazing Ski Destinations

1. Riksgransen, Sweden

Ski Season Duration: until May 24 and then starting with June 18-21

Riksgransen is one of the most northernmost ski resorts in the world. It is located above the Arctic Circle, occupying the spot where all the mountains of the three Nordic countries of the area (Norway, Sweden, and Finland) meet. Despite the fact that the season technically ends on May 24th, around mid-June the ski resort is accessible from 10 pm to 1 am for a few days. This is the best place for the visitors to enjoy white nights, meaning when the sun does not set for the whole night. Thus aside from skiing and having fun on the mountains, there you’ll also get the chance to admire the miraculous white nights. Also it is notable that although Riksgransen is famous among well-experienced skiers, it is usually crowded with beginners as well, which means that skiing on that area isn’t as hard as it seems.

2. Tiffindell Ski Resort, South Africa

Ski Season Duration: until the end of August

Skiing and Africa seem to be contrary to each other. However that’s only a myth. Tiffindell is the best place for you to ski in Africa. Located in the Southern Drakensberg, 9222 feet above the sea level, Tiffidell is the only ski resort in South Africa. Tiffindell offers you 57 acres of skiable terrain, brand new renovated snow-making machines and a little over a mile of piste! That’s not all! Another great thing about Tiffindell is that it’s surrounded with restaurants, ski shops and even has a ski-school offering lessons for beginners.

Amazing Ski Destinations

3. Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada

Ski Season Duration: until May 18 and then June 20-July 26

What is so special about Whistler-Blackcomb you ask? Well how about the fact that it is the only lift served glacier in North America boasting the legendary Horstman Glacier, hence the long duration of the season (nearly until the end of July). Whistler-Blackcomb covers almost 8,200 acres of skiable terrain, supplied with super fast lifts and of course tons of natural snow from the skies above. These components make the resort best suited for advanced or intermediate skiers. And we just have to add that the 27th annual SKI Magazine Reader’s Poll has named Whistler Blackcomb the No. 1 overall best ski resort in North America.


4. Tignes, France

Ski Season Duration: until May 10th and then from July to August

How about hitting the beach and the mountains on the same weekend? Tignes is the right place for you! Located on Grand Motte Glacier in the Northern Alps and only 300 mi from the French Riviera, and surrounded by beautiful landscapes this skiing place reopens for the summer season in July and runs through August. At Tignes you get an old-school funicular train, which takes you to up to the 11 335 feet above the sea level glacier with chairlifts and T-bars, 12 mi of runs and a 2460 feet vertical drop. It is not accidental that this beautiful place was the freestyle skiing venue for the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Amazing Ski Destinations in summer

5. Gassan, Japan

Ski Season Duration: until late July

Located in Nishikawa town, Gassan is considered the perfect place for skiing in the summer season. However the six miles of run and lone double chairlift (and two T-bars) of Gassan are not in any way accessible until April when the resort finally opens for the fans of skiing in summer: this is due to the heavy masses of snow covering the resort.

6. Treble Cone, New Zealand

Ski Season Duration: until September 27

Treble Cone is the biggest ski area on South Island in New Zealand famous for its terrain diversity. It also appears to be the choice of many national ski teams looking for off-season training ground (like Austrians and Norwegians). Only 10% of the 1359-acre terrain is suitable for beginners while the rest of it is a challenge even for professionals. The resort offers soft and fluffy snow all year around, making it a great experience with fewer injuries.

Amazing Ski Destinations

7. Perisher, Australia

Ski Season Duration: until October 5

Perisher is definitely one of the most popular skiing destinations in the whole world. Perisher is the largest ski resort in Australia (3076 acres), however snow is in shortage there. One shouldn’t worry much about the snow, since there is an average depth of six feet and some serious snowmaking equipment. It offers 7 peaks, 5 terrain parks, 47 lifts including an eight-seater. Perisher is also well known for its great deals as it has the best suit offers for those of you who are looking for a way to spend less time and money during their stay.

8. Portillo, Chile

Ski Season Duration: until October 3

Portillo offers a very unique ski experience. This “isolated” resort in the Andes Mountains gained its fame in 1966 during the World Skiing Championship, the first hosted event of the kind in South America. By “isolated” we mean no eventful evenings or any other kinds of fun are offered there other than skiing. On the bright side the lift lines are empty. The resort has 1200-acres of terrain, which the US ski team enjoys along with other professional skiers. Also we have to highlight the fact that this place has a rich historical background, as famous skier Jean-Claude Killy won his first gold medals there, in 1966. So it also has a historical value. Portillo also has a ski-school offering lessons for beginners. So if you want to be taught how to ski this is a great skiing destination for you.

Amazing Ski Destinations

9. Las Leñas, Argentina

Ski Season Duration: until Mid-October

Although Las Leñas is being labeled as an “extreme skiing destination” and is considered ideal for extreme skiers, that fact shouldn’t discourage you from visiting this ski destination if you are a beginner. It offers 43,000 acres of terrain and 29 official runs for skiers of all levels. The experience is much worth it. Besides we all need some adrenalin every once in a while, don’t we? So think about it!

10. Zermatt, Switzerland

Ski Season Duration: until November 27

Boosting for its 12,500 feet height and 15mi of groomed runs, Zermatt results in being the biggest and highest summer skiing resort in Europe. It is also considered to be the favorite training spot of European national ski teams, more specifically for its Thedodul Glacier. Now if you’re a beginner and you think it might take a long time for you to start learning skiing, then you can enjoy the beauty of the village, the picturesque landscapes and the eye-catching brown chalets and winding alleys that are very typical of the old times. Also another interesting fact about this place is that it’s a car-free village. So you either have to walk or take electric vehicles to explore the village.