Things To Do In Andorra

Andorra is a small country with amazing landscapes suitable for skiing and great shops for tourists. The national language is Catalonian, but the people do speak English, French and Spanish. And if you know any of these languages then you’re good. One more exciting thing about Andorra is that the country has very little visa or customs control – ideal for tourism. So go ahead, pack your stuff and visit the country of perfect rest! From shopping and skiing to snorkeling and sightseeing, there are so many things to do in Andorra that your stay in this tiny, cozy land will be one of the most amazing experiences you’ve had in your life!

Things To Do In Andorra

Andorra’s Prides

Andorra la Vella – the capital city of Andorra – is one of the country’s main reasons of pride, and is definitely worth a visit. The city fully represents the traditions, habits, and the national art of the country. The Barri Antic – the old city – was the center of the city when Andorra la Vella was merely a village and is a great visual representation of the country’s history. Casa de la Vall, which means the home of alleys, is the residence of Andorra’s government.

Casa de la Vall

Casa de la Vall

We believe there is no need to describe its beauty – the name speaks for itself – a true castle for the ruling class.
Another example of the brilliancy of the local people is Església de Sant Esteve with a Romanesque apse and heart-warming stained-glass windows. And though Església de Santa Coloma hasn’t managed to save its original construction dating from the 9th century, its modified version is also stunning.

Església de Sant Esteve

Església de Sant Esteve

The Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil suggests a great collection of numerous vintage, if not antique, cars and motorcycles. This is pretty intriguing for an automobile-geek! Placa del Poble is one more shining gem of Andorra. With its romantic views of valleys and mountains, this place is perfect for photographers and couples.

Skiing Like A Pro

Skiing Andorra

Now the first place to think of for skiing in Andorra is the Pas de la Casa. Being the country’s largest skiing resort, this place has safe tracks for beginners and unthinkably extreme ones for the pros. But if you want something off the beaten track, try Soldue. Something that the pros like about this place is the black track which is longer than a kilometer. The Pal and Arinsal resorts’ strong point is the absence of wind, which is of huge significance for safe rides. And the Ordino-Arkalis resort attracts those who value the looks. This place has the most picturesque and enchanting views worth enjoying.

Age of Consumerism

Shopping in Andorra

Andorra is perfect for shopping – it’s like a 467 square kilometers of duty-free shops! For economic and political reasons (because the country has no primary products to utilize it is forced to import almost everything), Andorra has very little customs control, and everything is 15-20% cheaper than in any other part of Europe. There are three main avenues for shopping – the PrincipBenllochAvenue, the MeritxellAvenue and the Carlemany Avenue. These streets have the brightest and most exciting shops. And when buying stuff from these shops, chances are, you will get amazingly stylish clothes, accessories, and jewelry for really low prices. Girls, this is your time!

Biological Needs

Andorra Hotels

To satisfy your biological needs – eating and sleeping – take our tips to help you out. Andorra also has some great places to satisfy your biological needs. To get a sleep and eat in Andorra you can try many luxurious or affordable places. A truly fabulous place to stay is the Andorra Park Hotel. With its high-quality service, amazing breakfasts, friendly and nice staff you will get the rest that you deserve. Another expensive but heavenly place to stay is the Hesperia Andorra la Vella. The nicely decorated and spacious rooms and the breathtaking view of many of the rooms are totally worth the money. An affordable place to stay is the Shusski Hotel Andorra la Vella. Nothing astonishing about this hotel – but quite good for its price! Nice meals and caring staff – isn’t this what a young traveler with a limited budget needs?

spa, Andorra
For great meals, go straight to El Crosto. This place is an actual celebration of culinary with its truly spectacular dishes. L’Escenari de Pizzes is a cozy, nice little place for those who love pizzas and don’t want to try anything else – conservatives, in other words. La Botiga Del Te is the right place for the Anglophiles. The amazing collection of teas will tease your mind and energize you so you can handle all the fun Andorra has for you!