Sense the Romance and Beauty of Paris

Being the capital of scarves, leopard print, and, of course, romanticism, Paris is one of the most popular places to visit nowadays. And you can clearly see why! Paris is the dream of every girl due to its beauty, elegance, and fashion. It is also a truthful bliss to those who can appreciate high art. The capital of France, the homeland of croissants, the heaven for gourmands, the city of delicate murmuring instead of speaking – Paris is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays. There is so much history, so much art, so much fun inside this city left to be explored by you! And even if you are short of time, you still can enjoy the most splendid and majestic sights, go for shopping, and return home happily.  So let us explore the best places to visit in Paris, and get some useful travel tips on how to survive in Paris.

pont alexandre iii

Paris – A Museum-Chain

When in Paris, visit the Museum of Louvre. Of course, everyone has heard about this museum, but what you might have not heard is that the museum is really cramped with visitors, and it’s literally enormous, thus you cannot explore the whole of it in a short time. So you better decide what exactly you want to see, find out where those pieces are located, and visit those sections first. We recommend that you necessarily included in your list gigantic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa.

Museum of Louvre

Musee de l’Orangerie, though less packed, is a no less worthwhile place to visit. The exquisite works of Degas, Renoir, Picasso, and even the world-famous Water Lilies by Monet are located at this museum.

Musee d’Orsay is an amazing combination of high and specific art located in a beautifully constructed building. Musee Rodin is another historically shocking place to visit, especially taking into account the fact that you might get to see the tomb of one of the greatest leaders in human history – Napoleon.

Musee d’Orsay

The Centre Georges Pompidou is the perfect pitch for an amazing blend of vastly different art and literature forms. It combines the ‘uncombinable’, and if your tastes are mixed, weird combinations – visit this place!

And one last thing, don’t you (under any circumstances) miss out the Palace of Versailles! This magnificent and gigantic construction, towering in the Île-de-Franceregion near Paris, is breathtaking and seems to be designed for the all-mighty gods!

Constructed Then, to Be AdoredNow

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Pairs is surely one of the most astonishing churches built by the mankind so far! Oh, and while enjoying the architectural genius of the French people, do not forget to pay attention to the monument near the front doors that marks the literal center of Paris. Also, visit the Saint-Chapelle – the gorgeously designed windows will make you admire, or even worship, the people standing behind them. And the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris or Sacre-Coeur as it’s better known, constructed by the outstanding architect Paul Abadie, is definitely worth taking a look at.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Arc de Triomphe is another jewel of Paris, though a bit of a challenging one to those who do not like physical activities. You have to walk all the way upstairs, but in the end you get the magnificent view. It towers at Champs-Élysées – the boulevard of the most significant governmental residencies of paris. You absolutely should visit the Eiffel Tower, despite its crowdedness. It is not just a tower, but an actual symbol of Paris, a grand achievement of the humanity, and letting it go would be unforgivable.

The Arc de Triomphe

Another sightseeing place – named after Tzar Alexander the 3rd, Pont Alexandre III is one of the most exciting and monumental bridges anyone has ever seen! Take a look at it, and do not forget to take a couple of awesome pictures with the bridge on the background. Last, but not least, the right place to catch some music is the Palais Garnier – Opera National de Paris. With its jaw-dropping sizes and majestic views, it suggests a no less majestic sound and quality.

Nature in the City of Love

The Ille de la Cite – the City Island – was the very start of Paris. From this small area, the city started expanding wherever possible. It’s highly pleasant and easy to walk around the island and explore it. So, take some food, a jacket and go for a picnic! And while it is pretty obvious that the physical heart of Paris is the Notre Dame, the true nature of the city is represented by the River Seine. It is not only the most significant commercial waterway, but also the river that gives Paris half of its utilized water.

Luxembourg Garden

Another absolute must-see in Paris is the Luxembourg Garden. Being one of the most beautiful green areas on the planet, the Luxemburg Garden covers 23 hectares. Not only is the air really good here, but it’s also one of the most picturesque parts of Paris, the Fountain of the Observatory being the most intriguing part of it. The fountain is the result of the efforts that four great sculptors put in it. The pedestal decorations were designed by Louis Vuillemot, the idea to bring up the zodiac and the globe belonged to Pierre Legrain, Emmanuel Fremiet carved the underwater animals and the horses, and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux sculpted the nude women who support the globe. As a result of the collaboration of these four geniuses a very beautiful work of art is now towering at the Luxemburg Garden. And you simply cannot miss the opportunity to admire this masterpiece!

Knowledge and Fun

When in Paris, do not miss the opportunity to learn cooking from the pros. For instance, La Cuisine Paris and Cook’n With Classes might be a good start. If you are short of time but want to shop a bit, visit the Rue Saint-Honoré. You can find every luxury boutique on this street, even the ones you have never heard of before! Did you know that those cute, colorful cakes we all love so much are a whole brand named Ladurée? Next, try visiting the malls such as Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette, and Printemps. And if you are haunted by vintage, visit the Killiwatch. Here you can find everything a ‘vintageoholic’ dreams of (including the vinyl discs!). For the youngsters with raging hormones, and not only, Paris has the Rex Club. For now, it has been for over twenty years that this club has been throwing the most grandiose and impressive parties, and even the dullest day at this place is still better than hundreds of bars!

Galeries Lafayette

But if you, nonetheless, want to visit some other places for fun, try Le Bonnie and Clyde or Le Zorbaw, which are one of the best after hours bars. For those who are short of money, Aux Folies and La Cordonnerie are great places to enjoy your time. If you like to dance – visit Le Zero Zero and La Villette Enchantee. Enjoy live music? Than L’Espace B and Le Motel must be the right bars for you.

And, of course, you cannot go to Paris and not try wine. That is why wine bars like Le Baron Rouge and Le Leche Vin exist. Taste the amazing flavor of French wine while enjoying French company. And for those seeking less juvenile pastime for the evening, Pont des Arts is a very beautiful place to hang out with a bottle of local wine and the accompanying music that usually is played there.

A Handful of Geeky Stuff

For those who appreciate the art of comics, France is also a great place to visit. Try visiting the Nickel Editions (the publisher of the amazing non-conservative comic the ‘Requiem Chevalier Vampire’) and the Dargaud (the publisher of the art-house-styled and mind-blowing comic the ‘Blacksad’). Maybe, if you get really lucky, they might tell you something intriguing about the comics or show you the publishing house. If not, you might want to get some gifts from these publishers for your friends who love comics. We are sure they will appreciate your effort and enjoy the present.

Oh La La…

Moulin Rouge

Fasten your seatbelts, adult fun is coming around! Moulin Rouge – the legendary French cabaret – is full of outrageous fun – especially for its experienced audience. And if that’s not enough fun for you, visit the Crazy Horse and be utterly amused by the ground-braking delight of the shows. Those who seek passion, Paradis Latin might turn out to be the place that’s just right for you. Want to see the world-famous Bluebell Girls at action? Head towards Lido de Paris! And if you respect the masterful mixture of illusion and reality, comedy and sensuality, you should surely visit Michou. Love Brazil? Go to Brasil Tropical and Pau Brazil – the epicenters of Brazilian nightlife in Paris. Do not miss the Cesar Palace – a venue that has been enjoying glory and fame for over 20 years. And if you fancy high and intelligent art, visit the thoughtful cabaret Artishow.

There is also a little something for the kids (or the kid in us) – the Disneyland of Paris. Being the branch of the famous and loved Disneyland, it has everything one needs for happiness! And the tasty stuff that’s bad for your teeth will remind you, grown-ups, of your own childhood.

Disneyland of Paris

Paris – A Gourmand’s Dream

Paris is the perfect place for you, gourmands! A true heaven for a true connoisseur!One of the most delightful places to eat in Paris is L’Arpege. It is a restaurant, which offers dishes focused on vegetables – the best place for you, vegans! And L’Ambroisie, in fact, is far more than just a luxury restaurant. It is an actual temple to gastronomy! The former goldsmith’s store, with its 18th century décor, has an amazing suggestion for those who love to enjoy their meals. But Paris can be tasty even if you do not possess much money at the moment. It’s not just the luxury places that serve high-quality food. Bistrot Victoires, for example, is a really nice place where you can order yummy steak frites. Boco is another amusing restaurant. Five of the most brilliant Parisian chefs, including Anne-Sophie Pic and Emmanuel Renaut, created a list of recipes especially for this place, mostly consisting of organic products.

L’Arpege Restaurant

We all know that to the French quality wine is like what quality bread is to us – having it is a basic human right. Château Margaux is one of the most accepted, loved, world-famous and respected wine-makers ever. Even a bottle of 2010 costs like a fortune to some, but if you can’t decide as on what to spend your extra money – Chateau is the best choice you could ever make. But if you decided not to spend so much money on alcohol you can still enjoy some of the best Parisian wine at Le Repaire de Bacchus.

Another thing you should definitely take home are Parisian macarons (or macaroons). Obviously, the best place for them is Laduree, yet Pierre Herme also serves some delicious macaroons. And, of course, do not forget about chocolate! Tones of the most varied tastes and the most intriguingly brave solutions for chocolate can be found at Patrick Roger, Jacques Genin, and Jean Charles ROCHOUX. The only premise is – do not shy away from whatever might sound or look strange and weird, but rather trust the pros. These guys sure as hell know what they’re doing!


Home, Sweet Home

For those who do not have the energy to be enjoying Paris all day long, there are some good places to chill out and take a rest. The luxury hotel Le 123 Sebastopol and the enchanting Shangri-La are amazing places to stay. But if you are a youthful person, full of energy and readiness to explore the treasures of this city, and who hasneither the necessity nor the money to stay at a luxury place, try one of those that cost less than 200 dollars. Hôtel Buci Latin is an amazing place with a beautiful façade, and Hôtel de l’Abbaye is the best hotel for romantic personalities because of its Middle Ages’ décor.

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