The Divine Maldives: Things to Do In The Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is an island nation, a pretty rare phenomenon nowadays. The sunny, hot weather is not bothering at all. It’s even joyful and promising. Some of the beaches are packed with tired Europeans who are finally drowning into relaxation. Many of them are excitedly looking forward to the evening parties and clubbing. The local people, being accustomed to a lot of foreigners inside their homeland, are sweet and nice to everyone. The nature is amazing, with its exotic trees, delightfully scented flowers, healthy vegetables, yummy fruits, and (above all) exotic animals! Yet, the materialistic surprises are not all that the Maldives has for you, my friend.

The Divine Maldives: Things to Do In The Maldives

It also has a rich history and a nation worth of respect. This tiny island, though being a center for international fun and entertainment, has managed to attain many of its historical culture, which, in fact, dates up to 300 BC! What’s that, you want to know how to get started with exploring this amazing place? No worries, we will show you. Check out the top things to do in the Maldivesto make your vacation on these heavenly islands unforgettable for the rest of your life!

Male: The Agate Lamp

Male Maldives

The agate lamp of the Maldives – its capital – Male, is full of amazing and entertaining things to do. As in traveling usually, places like the National Museum are worth being visited first. Though the museum is not perfect yet, there still is a lot interesting to take a look at. There are pretty amusing sections with traditional ways of life like tools or implements, marine life, a section on police. The latter is accompanied by a police officer with well-spoken English – to tell interesting facts to the visitors. Next, you can head to the Grand Friday Mosque, which is a great place to get acquainted with the religious history of the country. But do not forget to dress appropriately – no extra seductive clothes, ladies! In many countries religious offenses are the worst, and if not for the sake of respect, than for the sake of not getting into jail, dress and act like a local.

Grand Friday Mosque

Another mosque definitely worth a visit is Hukuru Miskiiy – the Old Friday Mosque. Being established in 1656, it’s not just the oldest mosque in the capital but it’s also the oldest in the country. The Hukuru Miskiiy might be of big interest to those who are into cultural issues and history. Not to spoil the whole fun for you, folks, we will only mention that the sophisticatedly carved tombstones come in two shapes – those with a rounded top and those with a pointy top. Now, when you get to the Maldives, visit Male, and head towards the Hukuru Miskiiy, you will find out why does that difference exist.

Old Friday Mosque, Maldives

Also, do visit the Mulee Aage. It is a very intriguing building, and though you cannot enter it, the knowledge of its history (it has been used for vastly different things over the past 90 years) and the nice look from outside will be no less satisfying. Do not forget to see the Tsunami Monument – it’s kind of paying your respects to those who died because of the wave of 2004.

Mulee Aage

Do go to the Male Fish Market and the Male Local Market. The former is a great place for finding exotic fish, and eventually cooking on your own, a soon-to-be delicatessen! The latter is the right place if you’re already going back and want to take something yummy for your homies.

Maldives Pristine Beaches!

First and foremost, visit the magnificently breathtaking beach that glows in the night. No, we are not kidding you! A Taiwanese photographer William Ho took his extravagant pictures while traveling through Mudhdhoo Island. Turns out, the reason of this glow is the tiny organism called ‘ostracod crustacean’. Or, to be more precise, hundreds of them! These luminous tiny creatures will make your day by creating an unbelievable view.

Kanuhura is the luxurious and virgin-clean beach with its amazing serenity, friendly dolphins, and the enormous lagoon, perfectly comfortable for games and fun. This quiet and peaceful place is the ideal match for those seeking relaxation and nirvana.

Kanuhura Maldives

Reethi Beach – this astonishing place will knock you down with its gorgeous beaches and deliciously yummy food. If you love exploring the world, get ready! This beach has something better for you than Discovery could ever suggest. Snorkeling and diving, which are at their best on Reethi, provide you with breathtaking memories and picturesque views better than any HD DVD!

Reethi Beach, Maldives

Angaga is the classical Maldives just like you would imagine them. Cute palms, one the best diving bases, the chance to go to snorkeling with the playful and slow turtles. This is just the typical beach from a Hollywood movie – the dream beach!


Soneva Fushi is the place for those who appreciate their mind and body. Also, visit this beach if you choose to go green, and love gourmet food and wine.

Soneva Fushi

The Alimatha Island offers one of the best places for fishing in the Maldives. Does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner, the nice and sweet workers will patiently show everything to a beginner and teach some new tricks to an experienced fisher.

The Alimatha Island

Sun Island Beach is a great place for those who love wildlife and nature. You can, in fact, try and find out how feeding an actual and real shark feels like!

Sun Island Beach

The Biyadhoo Island is a calm place with sparkling and clear water. A great place for you, yoga-maniacs! Another calm place is the uncrowded Hulhumale – a great choice for tired employees who want to run away from their daily routine.

The Biyadhoo Island

Bodu Mora on Vaavu Atoll, just like Velingandu, is the idyllic island that you can imagine. The beautiful views and the high quality service will provide you with a rest that you did not even count on.

Last, but not least, the Artificial Beach is an amazing choice for those who want to look at the great achievements of the human mind. The beach is artificially created by people, and we assume there is another reason to call it ‘artificial’. You see, the beach is Muslim so there are no bikinis in here. A beach with no clothes – that is artificial!

More Fun for Me!

If you love a touch of extreme, go ahead and cheer, because the Shark Diving School Maafushi has an offer you can’t refuse! A dive along the sharks – that is highly extreme, my friend. To see some whales, head towards the Oasis Dive Club, and if you want to feel like a hero from a 18th century adventure story, go for a submarine tour and visit the Whale Submarine Maldives. For scuba and snorkeling go to Maldives Passions. And, of course, don’t you dare to miss water sports like surfing or jet skiing!



Dive There, Bruno

First and foremost, visit the Maldives Victory. The title, of course, is very confusing. Despite its name, this shape sank in 1981. Undeniably, that’s an unlucky and tragic event, but due to it that area is now one of the most exciting places for diving. The Banana and HP Reefs are a no less beautiful and fantastic places to dive. Another heart-warming place is the Manta Point. But sadly, it is aUNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the number of visitors is being strictly controlled. So do not forget to book a visit so you can enjoy seeing these rear animals in an impossibly close distance.

Drown in Nirvana

The Veli Spa at Kurumba Maldives will bless you with heavenly recovering treatments and massages, and the Dunije Spa at Male gives you the chance to enjoy the amazing procedure we call Over-the-Water spa. Want to know what it is? Visit and find out! The Azmaara Spa at Male gives it visitors a free welcoming massage, the Devarana Spa is like a whole new planet that makes you a different person, and the Banyan Tree Spa is a great place to enjoy traditional treatments.


Staying in the Divine Islands

If not its amazing weather and pristine beaches, then the out-of-this-world Maldives hotels will definitely tempt you to visit these paradise-like islands! Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is the ultimate paradise for those who love having a wide space at their service. You get a whole villa just for you, and the villa attendants are like wizards – everything’s always perfect and clear, yet the stuff never bothers you and you rarely see them. The Cocoa Island is where the enormously wealthy people stay, or where the ones who were saving up celebrate their honeymoon. A perfect and idyllic resort with all you need or want! Just by staying at Constance Moofushi you already enjoy the most spectacular and breathtaking views ever, and Baron Maldives is pure paradise with water clear as diamonds.

More affordable ways of enjoying your stay in the Maldives are the lovely Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa with a high-quality service and professional stuff, the fabulous Kuredu Island Resort & Spa (maybe the cleanest one on Maldives!), and the beautifully delightful Kandolhu Island with great accommodation and little communication – perfect if you’re tired of crowded megapolises. Of course, you can find a local who would be glad to take you to their house for a symbolic pay, but what are the odds of that happening? It might even turn out dangerous. So better pay a bit more, but be safe and happy!